You know I knew dogs did a lot of things humans do, but this one shocked me. We went outside to let him run and play his chase game. Every now and then when I get tired of running, I’ll honestly just fall down and he loves when I do that because he sprints to me and jumps all over me to wrestle. Sometimes he snuggles his face into my neck so he comes over and starts doing that. Before I knew it, we were nose to nose staring at each other until Harry decided to burp in my face!!! For one, I’ve never heard him burp before but it sounded cute. The face he gave me afterwards was priceless. I wish I would have had a camera because I could fill a book in a day with silly pictures of Harry. He will definitely give you and your family a ton of great moments and memories. He is doing so well with strangers now too, but if he doesn’t like you then you’re just out of luck!


For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about Harry working on his socialization and getting petted. He has become way more comfortable with people touching him and showing him love. He actually wants to socialize when we have day room now. It seems like Harry chooses who he likes and doesn’t. If he doesn’t like you, there seems to be no changing that. There’s only a few people he isn’t fond of thankfully. Harry loves to play ball. He gets very excited when he gets the ball and will shake and roll around in the grass with it. If I get down on the ground, he will come jump on me and then roll over for a belly rub!


This week I finally saw Harry’s true personality! It took a little while. He loves to run and play outside. He chases me and when I get on the ground, he will pounce on me and we wrestle. Harry finally started to roll onto his back for me to rub his belly! He loves to play keep away. I’ll take one of his toys and run away with it making him jump and chase me. When I finally give in, I’ll give the toy to Harry and try to take it back, but he will just run away from me so I have to chase him! He is such a happy dog. Harry reached a huge milestone this week! I can put him in the stay position and walk the entire yard before coming back around and telling him OK to come! This is a huge improvement because it’s such a long distance to walk the whole area.


Harry is warming up! It’s like he knows exactly what I’m saying to him sometimes. This week we have been working on his desensitization with touch on parts of his body that he isn’t fond of being touched like having the hair groomed around his mouth. He loves attention from his favorite friends more than anything. I can tell that Harry is getting more comfortable here because he played fetch with a ball and ran his little behind off! He slept like a rock that night! His weekly milestone is getting his belly rubbed and beard touched! When we get up in the morning, it’s about 6:30am and when I take him for his walk, he gives me a look as if to say, “Man, it’s way too early to be out of bed! He’s a really cool dog overall and I doubt he’ll be here too long!


Harry is a unique dog and I’m happy to be able to work with him. He’s one of the most loyal dogs that I’ve ever met. He has only been here one week and has made so much progress so far that it’s incredible. Harry learns extremely fast and loves attention. We are taking it slow with him, but Harry already knows sit, down, shake, place, stay, and come. I think it’s pretty impressive since he’s only been here a week. He loves to play with the other dogs. If I lay down or sit on the ground, he will come jump all over me to play and give kisses.



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