Hank is a big ham! He loves everyone he meets and can never get enough pets. He’s 5 years old and weighs about 65lbs. Hank is working on mastering basic obedience commands and learning how to properly interact with other dogs. Hank’s ideal home would have no other dogs or female dogs. He rides well in the car and is crate trained.


Did you ever see that picture where the dogs are at the table playing poker? They forgot to include my man, Hank! So I had my homeboy, Hank, out on the block with me and a few of us were playing cards. Hank was trying to see what’s going on at the table, but he wouldn’t jump up. He’d stand up to peek and run around. So naturally people start making jokes like, “Oh Hank is cheating. He’s looking at our hands!” The funny thing is he would run around the table and go to each and every person’s seat then come running back to me. #DealMeIn


Since I’ve been dog sitting Hank all week, I really tried to stick to the basics—a lot of walking and auto-sits. Truth be told, he’s a wonderful dog. We need to work on how he responds when he sees new dogs because the way he behaves now will be a complete turn off to anyone who doesn’t know him. He barks and pulls. He’s wonderful with people so we will work on the dog greetings because he doesn’t want to scare anyone off. He wants to meet new dogs, but his excitement is through the roof.


So for the last couple of days, I’ve been dog sitting Hank for my neighbor. Smooth sailing! I never spent a lot of time with Hank until now, but he’s a cool dude. Don’t be fooled by how hyper he gets. He just wants to play. Nothing a little exercise can’t fix. So I let him run around for a bit and by the time he was done, he was too tired to do anything else. Success!


I introduced Hank to Neiko this week. It went alright. Hank wanted to play immediately and Neiko wasn’t too sure about if he wanted to join in or not. I think it’s just a matter of time until they start playing. When staff and inmates see me without Hank, all everyone ever asks is where’s Hanky or where’s Hank the Tank. He’s got a couple of nicknames in here!


Well, I can say that Hank is a whole different dog. We were finally able to introduce Ace and Hank and everything went well. They now play and play nonstop. It seems like Hank is obsessed with his new friend, Ace. Hank is a barky dog. It is not an aggressive bark. It is more like out of frustration because he can’t get what he wants right away. At this point, he gets along with every dog except for Harry. I haven’t let him get close to Neiko yet because he’s still pretty new. The most important thing to me is making sure we see progress even if it’s just a little bit at a time.


Hank had a good week. He played with Dex for a while and seeing them play is pretty funny to me because they don’t seem to realize how big they are. I introduced Hank to Shadow and everything was good until Shadow moved and Hank started barking. They’re getting much better with each other compared to the beginning. Everyone here wants to pet him and play with him. He will do anything anyone asks when he meets new people as far as commands go. I love the fact that he will listen to other people for commands and not just me.


Well, Hank is a really good dog that doesn’t realize how big he is. He thinks he’s a puppy still. LOL! He is improving day by day. He spent time playing with Dexter. We were also able to get near Gracie for a few seconds without a negative reaction. When it comes to people, he meets a different person every day and all he wants is to be pet and loved by everyone. Overall, he had a good week and he’s improving with baby steps.


Hank is improving little by little. I’m really taking baby steps with him because of his anxiety when seeing other dogs. He makes it easy because of his body language. Dexter and Hank seem to be getting along well. Next we’re going to start working with Gracie. Hank has been super good with all people. He always wants to play and get in between a crowd so he can get all of the attention. I have people stop by my door practically all day trying to pet and play with him. Sometimes I have to put the lights out and put the towel on the door to get a little bit of privacy! LOL!


Hank loves everyone he meets and looks forward to being petted. If it was up to him, he would be on top of people all day long. When I bring him to the day room, he is so happy and desperate to get to whomever is calling his name. He is very smart, but we need to work on his behavior towards other dogs. He is okay with Penny and Dexter, but he’s not fond of anyone else yet.


Hank had a good week. He is adapting pretty well. I haven’t gotten him close to any of the other male dogs so far, but he did show interest in meeting Penny. Hank could be next to her all day with no problems at all. He likes her. He’s only been here about a week so far and everyone likes him. He is really friendly and wants all the attention he can get. People who have never spoken to me before come over to ask about Hank so they can pet him. He is crazy about treats which is a good thing because it’ll make training him a lot easier.



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