Hank is a big ham! He loves everyone he meets and can never get enough pets. He’s 5 years old and weighs about 65lbs. Hank is working on mastering basic obedience commands and learning how to properly interact with other dogs. Hank’s ideal home would have no other dogs or female dogs. He rides well in the car and is crate trained.


I woke up this morning to start my day, you know, brush my teeth and wash my face... Hank was on his little bed. When I turned around to grab a rag, he was laid out on my bed like superman trying to take up the whole thing. When I tried to sit down, he would attempt to move his legs where I wanted to sit. It was funny because ultimately he wanted to cuddle. Hank is really sweet. It's funny how these dogs have such a bad reputation when most of the time they are so sweet.


This week while giving Hank a bath, it was kinda hard to keep the shampoo on because he kept shaking. While drying him off, I thought he was happy that I was playing with him. He kept rubbing his head on my sweatpants. Come to find out he wasn't happy to play with me. No...he was drying off on my sweatpants!
When it was time for Hank to eat, a few times he would eat half the bowl then come up to me with those big brown eyes and nudge my hand. So I went to the bowl and grabbed a handful and he ate it like that. Oh, what a big baby.


This week while playing tug-of-war with Hank and working on his release command, he passed gas. When he did, he stopped and turned his head sideways as if to say, How dare you?
I swear that I could see the slightest hint of smile.
I had Hank in the big yard and I stopped paying attention to him for maybe 30 seconds. He started to nudge me and whine as if to say, Look at me, please. I'm adorable.
He kinda is and when he’s got wagging that tail, it eats at my heart.


Early Saturday morning, my bunky took Hank out to use the bathroom, but I guess Hank didn't finish and he came inside. I was making coffee and Hank kept walking back and forth. I walked left and Hank would walk left. I walked right and Hank would walk right. Hank did this for like three minutes so I told him to place on his bed but instead, Hank went to the door and it seemed like he wanted to go out. So I put my coffee cup down and took Hank back outside because I thought he had to use the bathroom, but he didn't. He wanted to play so we played for 30-40 minutes. Then I started to walk back in and Hank began to pull me like there was no way he was going inside. Hank never does that. The thing is that I was wrong when I thought Hank only wanted to play. I started to walk him back to the yard and as soon as Hank touched the grass, he took the biggest poop ever and just looked at me like he was so thankful. Hank pulled me back in himself.


Me and my bunky took Hank out to the big yard and played with him for about an hour. Hank had so much fun as we played soccer. It was like playing real soccer with how I would kick the ball to my bunky and then Hank would take off running towards him like that's my ball. My bunky would kick the ball over Hank's head back to me and then Hank would try to jump to get the ball. It was so funny. But what was funnier than that was when Hank finally did get it. He would run full speed away from me towards my bunky and then when he started chasing him, Hank would run back towards me. At one point, Hank started to shiver from being cold so I took my sweater off and put it on him and then I put the harness over it to hold it in place. Once I did that, the soccer game was on again. When we were getting ready to go back inside, the sweater had gotten a little loose on Hank. So on the way towards the door, he squatted to use the bathroom and ended up peeing on my sweater. I think that was funny. Hank slept all afternoon after that play session.


I was at work a little longer than usual before coming back to the block. When I got to my cell, Hank went crazy wagging his tail and turning in circles like he hadn’t seen me in weeks. Hank was so happy to see me that he didn’t even want to use the bathroom outside. All he wanted to do was play. When we came inside, I dried his paws off and right to my bed he went. When I tried to sit down, Hank would run to the side that I was trying to sit on as if he was trying to tell me it’s playtime. Hank even rolled onto his back like he wanted belly rubs too. When I thought we were done, I tried to sit at the other end again, but here comes Hank... I think he was trying say we aren’t done yet because you’ve been gone all day!


Hank and I were playing in the yard and my pants got so muddy from rolling around in the dirt. It was funny because Hank kept jumping all over me and running around. I was getting tired and Hank didn't even lose his breath.He is very playful.
Hank, another dog handler, and I were in the dog run going over training. I was basically teaching the new handler how to work with Hank and his commands. He got Hank to sit, wait, and lay down. He almost got Hank to roll over but Hank rolled over and stopped halfway with his leg in midair like, rub my belly. So, he started rubbing his belly and Hank was happy. He then rolled over all the way and was ready for a treat!


Hank and I went over commands in the dog run. He did great with sit, lay down, rollover and then we started to play ball. I would run behind Hank and tell him to give me the ball. Once I would stop chasing him, Hank would run back to me as if to ask why are we not playing? He started jumping up on me while he still had the ball in his mouth. So I told him to drop the ball which he did and then I threw the ball and started the game all over again. He loves that game. At one point, I went down on one knee and Hank came over. He dropped the ball and started licking me like he was trying to see if I was ok. So I laid down on the floor outside and Hank stepped on top of my chest with his two front paws. Hank licked me so much it started to make me laugh and the more I laughed, the more he licked.


Sometimes Hank wants to come barreling out of the cell as if he's on fire because he's moving a mile a minute so we're practicing exercises that will help work on self control. I won't put the leash on Hank to leave the cell until he's calm. I don't have to say anything to him. He's picking up pretty quickly that I won't put the leash on him until he's standing still or sitting. It's really beginning to help tone down his initial excitement when our cell door is opened. Hank is a quick learner!


Hank and I spent time going over commands in one of the dog runs this week. He's great at sit, stay, lay down, give both paws, touch, roll over, and wait. Hank loves if you throw the ball and chase him. He is hyper sometimes so it's great to play games with him that will wear him out. When I got tired, I dropped down to one knee and Hank came over to see what was wrong. He was licking my face like he was trying to figure out if I was okay. I laid on the ground and Hank stood on top of my chest with his two front paws. He licked me so much that it started to make me laugh and the more I laughed the faster he licked!


I have been training Hank to learn the place command by using a blanket on the floor because he is starting to take ownership of the bed. The other day I went to sit on the bed and he growled at me so I made him get off and lay on the blanket. A few days later I started to let him back onto the bed and he was so happy! We played for about 10 minutes before I made him get back down onto the blanket. Hank just looked at me with the saddest face as if he was wondering what did I do. So of course, I gave in like always and allowed him back up onto the bed where he sprawled out as if he was trying to say I told you this bed was mine!


This week I worked on socialization with some of the other dog handlers. Since Gracie was adopted and her handler doesn’t have a new dog yet, I let Hank go over to his cell and hang out while I was at work. I also let Hank stay the night with another handler and when he saw me in the morning, he was so happy!!! I have been doing all of this in an attempt to better generalize Hank's training by getting him comfortable with others so that he will listen to everyone and not just me.


I learned that Hank likes snowballs this week. When we first went outside, he was like, “No way, man. Let's go back inside,” but I made it fun for him by making a snowball and lobbing it towards his head. Hank jumped up so fast and bit the snowball in mid air. He looked at me like, “Hello! Toss me another one, please?!” As I was making him another one, he started to roll around in the snow which had me laughing so hard. Anytime I tried to grab him, he would start running around me since I had the snowball in my hand. Once I threw it up in the air, he would stop running so I just started throwing handfuls of snow up in the air and had him barking because he was having so much fun.


We worked with Hank and Neiko on their reactive barking towards each other a few times this past week. We’ve made some good progress so far. We have been able to get the dogs within close proximity with minimal issues so we’re going to keep working on it.


Hank is doing well with everything. I am now working on the command “with me” and we’re working on loose leash walking. I leave Hank with another handler when I go to work sometimes. I think Hank enjoys the company and he gets so hyper when I return. I had two of the officers tell me that I am doing a great job with Hank and it made me feel good.


To show you how much Hank really loves me... I left him with a newer handler for a few hours while I was at work. When I came back, he was so happy. I told Hank to wait a minute and it ended up taking about 30 minutes until I got back to get him. Hank was standing on top of the crate trying to watch out of the cell probably wondering where the heck I was. So I gave the command and off he went. When I brought Hank back to my cell, he would not leave my side even when it was time to sleep. It was like he was making it a point to not let me out of his sight. When I got up to get water, Hank was right by my side. When I sat up in bed, Hank laid his head on my lap as if to say why did you leave me.


Hank got to play in the big yard this week and he wasn’t alone. Harry came with! We call them Double H when they’re together. They play so well together. I wish all dogs could get along the way they do. Hank and Harry ran so much that at one point, they both just sat down and waited until it was time to go inside. Hank started to feel cold so I gave him my sweater and put my hat on him. To my surprise, Hank left the hat on. He usually doesn’t want to wear anything on his head. Once he got warmed up, Hank went back to playing. Harry had other plans though. He was still cold and in no mood to play.
On another note, Hank and Ace played a couple of times in the yard and it went well.


Hank is such a loving dog. When I lay in bed, he will come up to my pillow and lay his head right next to mine. Hank will sleep there all night long. If I move, he will look at me like what are you doing buddy, stay still! He will sleep in the crate if he has enough blankets to make it feel like he has a mattress in there. I know that if I was going home, I would definitely adopt him. I have a lot of love for Hank and I know my wife and kids would love and spoil him.
On another note, I brushed Hank’s teeth and he loved it. After I was done, Hank kept pushing my hand up as if to say keep going. He was smiling the whole time I brushed his teeth.


Hank is truly a great dog. He is very sweet. I have been having a hard week with some personal issues and it’s like Hank knows. I was very sad yesterday to the point of crying. I was sitting with my head in my hands and he came over and nudged my hands as if to say what’s wrong. I tried to tell him to lay down, but his response was almost as if he was yelling NO! He started licking me and jumping all over the place so much so that I had to laugh. It made me get my mind off the problems at home which was good for me. Even when I laid down in bed, he laid right at my head as if to say I’m here for you like you are for me.


Hank gets so happy when I start putting on my sweater like he knows that we are going outside. He starts jumping, wagging his tail, and running in circles. When I tell him to sit, he sits and his tail is still wagging. I have been working on leave it and stay. Hank is doing well with both. I can put a treat in front of him and tell him to leave it and he will. Hank is a great dog. He will lay in the bed all night and not move. You know when he’s comfortable because he rolls onto his back in the middle of the night. He must have been dreaming the one night because his back leg wouldn’t stop going like he was chasing a rabbit. Then out of nowhere, he jumps off the bed and then right back in and went back to sleep. He’s pretty funny sometimes.


Turkey, no mac and cheese but lots of turkey and chicken... Nah, that’s not what I had for Thanksgiving, but Hank and every other dog did! I couldn’t be mad. We had maybe 10 to 15 different people come to the cells to bring the dogs some of their Thanksgiving meal. So I had Hank sitting at the door and every time someone came up, I would give the “shake” cue before he got the food. After 2 to 3 times, dude was trying to shake any hands he could to get more. So one dude walks up and Hank is trying to shake with his left paw and then he would switch to the right. Finally, Hank gave up and the dude is still waving the food in front of my man, Hank. I guess Hank had enough? He gave that excited bark and homeboy dropped his food. Naturally, Hank devoured it. I was laughing because the dude looked like he just saw a ghost and Hank is still trying to shake hands. So I told the dude that Hank was offering a truce! #WillShakeForFood


Did you ever see that picture where the dogs are at the table playing poker? They forgot to include my man, Hank! So I had my homeboy, Hank, out on the block with me and a few of us were playing cards. Hank was trying to see what’s going on at the table, but he wouldn’t jump up. He’d stand up to peek and run around. So naturally people start making jokes like, “Oh Hank is cheating. He’s looking at our hands!” The funny thing is he would run around the table and go to each and every person’s seat then come running back to me. #DealMeIn


Since I’ve been dog sitting Hank all week, I really tried to stick to the basics—a lot of walking and auto-sits. Truth be told, he’s a wonderful dog. We need to work on how he responds when he sees new dogs because the way he behaves now will be a complete turn off to anyone who doesn’t know him. He barks and pulls. He’s wonderful with people so we will work on the dog greetings because he doesn’t want to scare anyone off. He wants to meet new dogs, but his excitement is through the roof.


So for the last couple of days, I’ve been dog sitting Hank for my neighbor. Smooth sailing! I never spent a lot of time with Hank until now, but he’s a cool dude. Don’t be fooled by how hyper he gets. He just wants to play. Nothing a little exercise can’t fix. So I let him run around for a bit and by the time he was done, he was too tired to do anything else. Success!


I introduced Hank to Neiko this week. It went alright. Hank wanted to play immediately and Neiko wasn’t too sure about if he wanted to join in or not. I think it’s just a matter of time until they start playing. When staff and inmates see me without Hank, all everyone ever asks is where’s Hanky or where’s Hank the Tank. He’s got a couple of nicknames in here!


Well, I can say that Hank is a whole different dog. We were finally able to introduce Ace and Hank and everything went well. They now play and play nonstop. It seems like Hank is obsessed with his new friend, Ace. Hank is a barky dog. It is not an aggressive bark. It is more like out of frustration because he can’t get what he wants right away. At this point, he gets along with every dog except for Harry. I haven’t let him get close to Neiko yet because he’s still pretty new. The most important thing to me is making sure we see progress even if it’s just a little bit at a time.


Hank had a good week. He played with Dex for a while and seeing them play is pretty funny to me because they don’t seem to realize how big they are. I introduced Hank to Shadow and everything was good until Shadow moved and Hank started barking. They’re getting much better with each other compared to the beginning. Everyone here wants to pet him and play with him. He will do anything anyone asks when he meets new people as far as commands go. I love the fact that he will listen to other people for commands and not just me.


Well, Hank is a really good dog that doesn’t realize how big he is. He thinks he’s a puppy still. LOL! He is improving day by day. He spent time playing with Dexter. We were also able to get near Gracie for a few seconds without a negative reaction. When it comes to people, he meets a different person every day and all he wants is to be pet and loved by everyone. Overall, he had a good week and he’s improving with baby steps.


Hank is improving little by little. I’m really taking baby steps with him because of his anxiety when seeing other dogs. He makes it easy because of his body language. Dexter and Hank seem to be getting along well. Next we’re going to start working with Gracie. Hank has been super good with all people. He always wants to play and get in between a crowd so he can get all of the attention. I have people stop by my door practically all day trying to pet and play with him. Sometimes I have to put the lights out and put the towel on the door to get a little bit of privacy! LOL!


Hank loves everyone he meets and looks forward to being petted. If it was up to him, he would be on top of people all day long. When I bring him to the day room, he is so happy and desperate to get to whomever is calling his name. He is very smart, but we need to work on his behavior towards other dogs. He is okay with Penny and Dexter, but he’s not fond of anyone else yet.


Hank had a good week. He is adapting pretty well. I haven’t gotten him close to any of the other male dogs so far, but he did show interest in meeting Penny. Hank could be next to her all day with no problems at all. He likes her. He’s only been here about a week so far and everyone likes him. He is really friendly and wants all the attention he can get. People who have never spoken to me before come over to ask about Hank so they can pet him. He is crazy about treats which is a good thing because it’ll make training him a lot easier.



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