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Meet Gypsy! She’s a beautiful, one-year-old, Husky/Shepherd mix, with one blue eye and one green eye. She was super shy when she entered HOPE, but has really opened up the past few weeks. She is doing well with her obedience training, too. She’s a petite girl looking for a quiet home and family that will be able to spend time with her going on walks and watching television.  Gypsy is good with kids, dogs, and even cats!



01/14/22  We are thrilled to announce that Gypsy has graduated from HOPE and will be going to her forever home next week!  On November 24, Gypsy entered the HOPE program as a very scared and timid dog.  Now, Gypsy has learned to trust, love, and enjoy life to the fullest.  She has also learned a  few tricks like “stick ’em up,” “high-five,” and how to steal my beef stew!  While in HOPE, Gypsy brought a lot of joyful moments and laughter to all of us, and we will cherish those memories forever.  We love you Gypsy, and thank you for letting us be a part of your life!

01/06/2022  Gypsy loves to go on her tours around the prison!  This past week she went to see a few different people, and was tired out when she came back.  She also loves to go exploring in the snow!  She’ll run around with her nose below the snow, like a shovel!  Gypsy is doing great with her commands and her fearfulness diminishes every day.  She is definitely the kind of dog that you will never forget and you’ll never regret giving her a chance!

12/28/2021 Gypsy is still amazing!  She has built up her confidence so much that she now goes into other buildings without any hesitation!  She also isn’t as timid as she once was and isn’t longer scared of anything.  She will do great with meeting new people too.  We all are very proud of Gypsy and the milestone she has passed!

We continue to work on teaching Gypsy tricks to help build her confidence too.  We will have to get some good pictures of her antics too!

Gypsy also wanted to give a shout out to all the handlers, as she now works with all of them, and to the staff, but especially Ms D for believing in Gypsy and working with her on her outings to other buildings and areas! Gypsy is truly becoming a social butterfly.

12/21/2021  Prison life can sometimes be RUFF and sometimes the days seem to drag on and on!  But NOT for Gypsy!  She enjoys her days chewing up stuffed animals,working on her commands, and meeting new people.  Every week we’re introducing her to a few new things so that we can build up her confidence.  And speaking of confidence, she made a new friend with Diamond!  They play off leash and enjoy each other’s company…we even think she’s no longer sad about Comet’s adoption.

Gypsy went for a new trip off the block this week too!  This was the first time trip off the block for “good behavior” and we’re all really proud of her!  She learned a new trick we like to call “stick-‘em-up” where she raises both front paws.  Next we’re working on “bang” (play dead), crawling and spin!

12/14/2021 Gypsy is full of surprises!  As she continues to come out of her shell and allow more people to interact with her, she gets super excited when she sees her new friends!  This week was the first time that she went to a new building and interacted with all new people too!  When she gets excited she likes to jump up, sometimes on you and sometimes just jumping up in the air.

This past week we worked on stay.  She can be stubborn sometimes and not do what she is supposed to do but whatever she’s taught, she learns it quickly!  She’s great with sit, down, paw, touch, but is now learning to crawl too!  When we aren’t working, she’s learning to just hang out and play with toys.  She really loves playing and will even entertain herself too.  She does really like to shred her stuffed animals just to get the squeaker out!  Gypsy is just a super chill dog and ready for her forever home.

Gypsy’s handler wants everyone to know that she’s probably going to be shy at first when meeting potential new adopters, but please give her time to warm up to you!  She really is the best dog ever, she just wants to get to know you first, and you won’t regret giving her time! ❤️

12/09/2021 Gypsy had a GREAT week!  She continues to come out of her shell more and more as the dogs move on!  She will now go up to people to sniff them and to let some of them pet her.  Gypsy also had a lot of fun in the dog yard too!  She enjoys playing fetch and loves “free dog play”!  This is when she gets to pick out a toy, or every toy, and play with it for however long she wants to.  She gets so excited playing out in the yard!  And now that she’s feeling more comfortable she likes to jump around and you can just feel her joy and excitement.

She also spent some time with Mason and with Diamond this week too!  Their friendships are slowly growing, but everything in good time.  She even went on a few field trips to other areas of the prison with staff members and other dogs, but she’s still a little timid, so we will continue working that with her.  She’s just such a fun dog!

12/02/2021 We have a Gypsy in the house!  And she definitely lives up to the dictionary definition of being a free-spirited dog!  She is beautiful, smart, and just so much fun work with!  We are surely glad to have her here with us!  On her first day with us she was extremely nervous and scared, but she met a gentleman dog named Comet. The two have hit it off and now have become best friends!  Comet has helped Gypsy adjust to prison and the housing unit.  They often play together in the yard.  Sometimes Comet plays “hard to get,” but everyone knows that Gypsy has the upper paw!

Since the first two days, she’s started to come out of her shell and now plays with the other dogs.  She’s even started getting comfortable with staff and other inmates in the unit.  She’s not comfortable going on outings yet, but she’s still settling in to the housing unit.  She’s still a little cautious on stairs, but overall she’s doing great!  She’s stolen a little piece of everyone’s heart!



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