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Meet Finnegan (“Finn”).  Finn joined the HOPE program on January 13, 2023.  We’re hoping that Friday the thirteenth will be the start of a wonderful new beginning for this handsome lad!

Finn has a sad story.  He was a stray fending for himself on the streets of Philadelphia for about six months, possibly longer.  He was spotted eating out of trash cans and avoiding people who were trying to harm him, even scaling an eight foot fence.

Thankfully, some kind rescuers found out about him, set a kindness dog trap, and were determined to catch him so he could start a new life.  After months of having no luck, Finn finally went into the trap one night.

The rescuers took Finn into their home to work with him on his fear of people.  At first, all he wanted to do was try to escape, as running the streets was all he knew.  But they didn’t give up.  After about two months in their home, he was a different dog–super loving and affectionate and learning to trust people.  At the beginning of January, Finn was neutered and brought up to date on all his vet care and was finally ready for HOPE!

3/17/2023 The luck of the Irish was with Finnegan today, as this is his final HOPE Journal entry!  We wish you the very best Finn!!!

Finnegan’s Handler had a very fond farewell message for Finn on this St. Patrick’s Day…

I am very proud to announce that Finn has found his forever home and I want to thank his adopters. They are going to be getting a great addition to their family. I am certainly going to miss him very very much. I will miss coming back from work and him being so excited to see me, shower me with with kisses and jumping up on my lap and giving me hugs. I’m going to miss him, cuddling up next to me on my bed, laying his head on my shoulder and putting his paws on my chest until he falls asleep. I’m going to miss him rolling on his back with all four paws in the air wiggling back-and-forth inviting me to play. I’m going to miss him sitting right in front of me, licking his lips just hoping that I’ll share my cheddar popcorn with him, which I do every time. I will miss him, jumping up on my bed and sitting beside me and putting his paws on me, it was his polite way of asking for petting.  Yes, I am sure that I taught Finn a few things but he has done way more for me than I ever could for him! Congratulations to Finnegan’s new family. I hope that he brings you even more joy than he did to me. It’s been a total pleasure working with him.

3/10/2023  This week, I think Finn forgot that he was a dog because he acted more like a cat.  Several times this week, Finn was laying on his blanket playing with his toys, when out of no where, he jumped up and “pounced” on me.  He landed squarely on my chest and started giving me kisses.  Then, he laid down on my chest so I couldn’t move and went to sleep. He also likes to nibble on my thumb like a baby does with a binkie.  Finn cracks me up.

This week, Finn and I were out in the front play yard and Jaida and her handler were in the back play yard.  Finn and Jaida were running back and forth with the fence between them.  All of a sudden, Finn jumped up on the “poop can” to try to get up higher to climb the fence to get over to be in the same yard as Jaida.  Of course, Jaida was encouraging him!  I told Finn “off” and he quickly obeyed, and they both went back to running back and forth with the fence between them.

Finn got GOLD STARS this week for his “wait” and “stay” commands.  He also “bowed” six times in a row!

3/3/2023  Finnegan’ s Handler had a couple of proud moments this week!

I’ve got to tell you about Finn this week I was so proud of him! Finn went on his very first outing to other blocks this week.  We took him and his buddy Rocco to O block and R block. Both of them wanted to be in the lead walking, but eventually just ended up walking side-by-side. Finn followed Rocco‘s lead on everything. They said “hi” to everyone and he wasn’t very shy at all. He had such a great time when we got back, he was so gassed he laid down and took a short nap!

After that quick recharge, he started playing with his toys on his blanket.  I figured since he was busy, I’d play some games on my tablet.  Finn had other ideas! He jumped up on my bed, took his paw and pulled my tablet back towards him until it was flat on my belly, and then he laid right down on it and my chest and started giving me kisses. He wanted (and got) all of my attention. Then he fell asleep on my chest. I just had to laugh at him. What else could I do? 

He really did love going out and exploring, he was just taking it all in!  Of course he didn’t mind all of the Pupperonis he was getting either. He loves him some Pupperonis!  I am very pleased with his progress and the dog he has become, someone is going to be very lucky to have him as a member of their family! Finn has another hangout scheduled with a potential family, and we’re hoping the more familiar he gets with them, the more they’ll get to see the side of Finn that we all know and love!

2/24/2023   Hey everyone!  It’s Finn!  I don’t know if you all know it or not, but my girlfriend Bella just moved in next door.  Just like her name, she is BEAUTIFUL!  You see, Bella and I shared the same foster home before we came to the Big House.  I am so glad to be reunited with her!

When I saw her come in to the cell block, I was so excited!  She acted like she didn’t know me at first, but then she recognized me and it was on!  It was playing and hugs and kisses galore!  Who says you can’t find love in prison?!  LOL.

Did you guys enjoy the warm weather we had this past week?  My dad and I sure did.  We were out in the play yard for most of the day.  I really love being outside.  I rolled in the mud and was completely covered and had to get a bath.  But, it was worth it.  Who doesn’t love a good mud bath?!

I love the outdoors as long as it’s not too cold or windy.  If it’s like that, I’m going right back inside to cuddle with my dad!

Finn got GOLD STARS this week for duration and distraction training with good success.  We also worked on his back up and not charging the cell door when he hears the guards’ keys.  They are both going well.

2/17/2023  Hi everyone I’m back! Let me tell you about my week, because I have a new bestie! Since Oreo is leaving me, I’ve kicked him to the curb, and replaced him with… Rocco! We’ve become such best friends. I love to play with him, and he loves to play with me. We get it on! The other day we were out front in the backyard and we played for like EVER! Our handlers said it was more like 30 minutes, but it was the best time! Neither of us wanted to give up playing, and when we got tired, we would lay down for a few seconds, and then we would go again. Then for some reason, Rocco stopped and looked away and started barking at something, I had no idea what or who he was barking at, but I had his back, and I started barking too! I mean what else are friends for? Now that we play all the time he’s learned that I like to dive bomb on his feet and because he doesn’t like his feet touched. He jumps around and pulls them away and it’s just a fun game for me. I haven’t caught his feet yet but I’m gonna keep on trying! Our handlers think that it looks like a weird dance we do together and they just crack up watching us. Alright, fun times done, I got to get back to training. I have a lot more to learn yet, after all, I need to get prepared for my forever family!

Finnegan is currently still interviewing for forever families, and hopefully he’s met his recently, but just in case you can still apply here:

2/10/2023   Hi everyone!  It’s Finn.  I have to tell you something that I did to my dad this week, not once, but twice.  I have a big blanket on the floor where I play with all my toys.  It was getting close to bedtime, and I was playing with my toys on the blanket.  I acted like I fell asleep and waited for my opportunity to strike.  My dad was laying on his bed watching TV.  As soon as he got up to get a drink, I sprang into action.  OPERATION PILLOW was underway.  As soon as he had his back to me, I quietly jumped on his bed, took his spot,  and commandeered his pillow.  I laid my head on it, stretched both of my front legs across it, and closed my eyes pretending I was asleep.  He came back to the bed and told me to move, but I kept up my act.  I opened one eye just a little bit to peek, but he caught me.  The jig was up, so we ended up sharing the pillow.  Look, he didn’t fall for this just once, but twice.  Hey, I love to be next to my dad, especially when it’s night night time.

I’m still working on my commands.  My dad goes over and over them with me so that I’m really good at them, before moving on to new things.

See you all next week!  Finn out.

2/3/2023 Finn had an interesting week! Despite getting himself into a predicament over the weekend when he hurt his ankle and leg, he has continued to do really well with his training. This boy doesn’t let anything get him down for too long!  He was on bedrest for five days because of his leg, and those days were all filled with love and cuddles, so he didn’t get a lot of practice in. Despite his injury, he’s already learned so much and I think he deserved a little rest and relaxation!

After he was off crate rest, he had a lot of pent-up energy that he insisted on releasing! I don’t think NASCAR would’ve stood a chance against him in a race! He was so happy to be able to play out in the yard off leash again! We played fetch with a tennis ball, which he loves, and when he was done, he went to the gate to let me know he’d had enough. Once we got inside, I gave him a bath, then when I dried them off, I went to get my shower. When I got back to the cell, Finn apparently decided he need to give me a bath and he proceeded to lick my arms and legs, any bare skin he could get to!  I guess he figured that if I gave him a bath, he gets to give me one too! After he was done, he curled up beside me, put his paw on my chest and went to sleep.

Even though Finn had a rough start to the week, we still did some work.  He recently learned “sit pretty” and “under”. We are still working on rollover.

1/27/2023 Hi everyone! My name is Finnegan, but my friends call me Finn. I’ve been at the Big House now for two weeks. When I arrived, I as so scared, but my new dad showed me that this place and the people here aren’t so scary after all. I actually find it kind of cool. I’ve met lost of nice people and i have plenty of places to explore.

I didn’t know many commands when I got here, but my dad has been teaching me a lot and I am such a fast learner (at least that’s what my dad tells me). My dad makes learning so much fun! So far, I’ve learned sit, down, touch, paw, target, look at me, stand, front, heel, crate, house, chin, load up, up, and off. Can you tell we’ve been working REALLY hard!!?? After all, I have to catch up to my buddies Oreo, Roxy, Rocco, Bruno, and Hazel!

I really loved the snow this week. My dad and I went out in it and we played and played! My dad made these balls out of the snow, and I would chase them and smash them. It was so much fun. But the best part of playing outside is when we get to come inside and then I can lay on the bed and cuddle up with my dad and go to sleep. I love to cuddle!

This is really the first time in my life (other than in my foster home) when I have felt loved, wanted, and needed. It feels so good.


1/13/2023  Today was the day that Finnegan met his handler.  This is what Finn’s handler had to say before actually meeting Finn:

“I am excited to meet my new boy, Finn.  I know we will get along just fine, both being Irish lads and all.  I don’t know much about him yet, other than he is about five years old and a bully mix.  He likes both male and female dogs, cats, and even children.  I heard he is a big cuddle bug, which I love.  I am sure we will become fast friends.  He looks like the son of my former dog Comet and most recent dog, Russo.  That’s impossible, though, and just weird.  :o)  Yet, he looks like both of them!

Although Finn is about to start his “incarceration,” I’m sure his stay here will be short-lived.  I mean, look at him–he’s adorable!  How could anyone not fall in love with him?!  We’ll work together on what he needs to make him an even better dog by the time he leaves.  Stay tuned for updates on our journey together!”





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