Meet Finnegan (“Finn”).  Finn joined the HOPE program on January 13, 2023.  We’re hoping that Friday the thirteenth will be the start of a wonderful new beginning for this handsome lad!

Finn has a sad story.  He was a stray fending for himself on the streets of Philadelphia for about six months, possibly longer.  He was spotted eating out of trash cans and avoiding people who were trying to harm him, even scaling an eight foot fence.

Thankfully, some kind rescuers found out about him, set a kindness dog trap, and were determined to catch him so he could start a new life.  After months of having no luck, Finn finally went into the trap one night.

The rescuers took Finn into their home to work with him on his fear of people.  At first, all he wanted to do was try to escape, as running the streets was all he knew.  But they didn’t give up.  After about two months in their home, he was a different dog–super loving and affectionate and learning to trust people.  At the beginning of January, Finn was neutered and brought up to date on all his vet care and was finally ready for HOPE!


1/27/2023  Hi everyone!  My name is Finnegan, but my friends call me Finn.  I’ve been at the Big House now for two weeks.  When I arrived, I as so scared, but my new dad showed me that this place and the people here aren’t so scary after all.  I actually find it kind of cool.  I’ve met lost of nice people and i have plenty of places to explore.

I didn’t know many commands when I got here, but my dad has been teaching me a lot and I am such a fast learner (at least that’s what my dad tells me).  My dad makes learning so much fun!  So far, I’ve learned sit, down, touch, paw, target, look at me, stand, front, heel, crate, house, chin, load up, up, and off.  Can you tell we’ve been working REALLY hard!!??  After all, I have to catch up to my buddies Oreo, Roxy, Rocco, Bruno, and Hazel!

I really loved the snow this week.  My dad and I went out in it and we played and played!  My dad made these balls out of the snow, and I would chase them and smash them.  It was so much fun.  But the best part of playing outside is when we get to come inside and then I can lay on the bed and cuddle up with my dad and go to sleep.  I love to cuddle!

This is really the first time in my life (other than in my foster home) when I have felt loved, wanted, and needed.  It feels so good.

1/20/2023  This was the first week that Finn and I spent together, and it has been a total joy!   The changes in him in just a week have been immense.  We he got here last Friday, he was so scared.  It took hours before he would let me touch him.  Then, slowly but surely, he came out of his shell.  By 9 pm that first night, he decided we were besties, and it’s been on ever since.  He truly is a cuddle big and likes to lay right on me.  He wants to explore everywhere and meet new people.   He even conquered the stairs!  He’s made lots of new human friends and loves all of his canine brothers and sisters.  He and Oreo think they are in the WWE.

Finn has already learned several commands–touch, look at me, up, and off.  He’s funny because he knows lay down, but he won’t sit.  He goes straight to laying down.  We’re also working on loose leash walking, saying hi, confidence building exercises, focusing skills and ignoring distractions.

Finn even met some visitors this week from a Swedish prison.  My boy has gone international!

1/13/2023  Today was the day that Finnegan met his handler.  This is what Finn’s handler had to say before actually meeting Finn:

“I am excited to meet my new boy, Finn.  I know we will get along just fine, both being Irish lads and all.  I don’t know much about him yet, other than he is about five years old and a bully mix.  He likes both male and female dogs, cats, and even children.  I heard he is a big cuddle bug, which I love.  I am sure we will become fast friends.  He looks like the son of my former dog Comet and most recent dog, Russo.  That’s impossible, though, and just weird.  :o)  Yet, he looks like both of them!

Although Finn is about to start his “incarceration,” I’m sure his stay here will be short-lived.  I mean, look at him–he’s adorable!  How could anyone not fall in love with him?!  We’ll work together on what he needs to make him an even better dog by the time he leaves.  Stay tuned for updates on our journey together!”





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