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Meet Dozer!  He’s a 5 year old Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix, and littermate to other HOPE Dog, Bailey!  He’s an energetic, curious boy who loves people, even little kids, and other dogs, but would prefer a home without cats or birds.  He was a little too interested in the cat in his temporary foster home, and in his previous home he and Bailey…well lets just say free-range chickens or birds are not safe around them.  Dozer was excited by the geese he saw as he walked into prison, he jumped around as they took off to get away from him.

Dozer is being sponsored by Furry Friends Network and you can apply to adopt him here,

08/19/2022  Watching Dozer go to his forever home will be difficult.  But I know it’s for the east.  I will miss him and so will many others.

Thank you, HOPE, for another opportunity to help a dog find a forever home.

08/12/2022   This past week was an exciting one for Dozer.  He had a meet and greet with a wonderful family AND his sister, Bailey, who was in the HOPE program a few months ago (but now in a foster home), was also there.  I was told the visit went very, very well.  Everything went so well, in fact, that the family wants to adopt BOTH Dozer and Bailey!!  How wonderful is that??  I am so happy for both of them.  I was also Bailey’s handler.  It is clear to me that they really need to be adopted together, as they are very bonded, so this could not be more perfect!

08/05/2022  Dozer was introduced to the new girl on the block, Lacey, this week.  It went great.  It was all play with tails wagging.

Dozer has been playing a lot more.  This week, I got him to chase me around the dog yard.  Then I’d chase him.  He’d come at me, get on his back legs, and we’d wrestle.  It was so much fun.  I also got him to go into the doggie pool.  I’m sure the water felt good to him with all of this heat.  He’s still not a fan of playing with toys, but he does enjoy playing with the other dogs.

Dozer is a great dog and has really come out of his shell.  I’m very proud of him!

07/29/2022   Dozer did great this week.  He’s doing much better with commands.  His anxiety when I am not around is improving.  He is playing more and more but is still not really interested in toys.  He did play fetch with a treat, though!

It’s really fun to watch Libby and Dozer interact.  Libby is so cute and fun to play with–she can really get worked up.  When she plays with Dozer she goes for his legs and ears.  Dozer is very tolerant but checks her when he has had enough.  Dozer did well this week obeying commands.

07/22/2022   Dozer learned to push the laundry cart this week!  He will push it for about 10 feet!  He was very attentive this week for training.  He learned “target,” and learned to give each paw.  He learned these commands in the day room with lots of distractions.  I am so proud of him!

He also played off leash with Libby.  He is so tolerant of her jumping on him and chewing on his cheek.  He doesn’t like the pool, though!

07/15/2022   On Saturday night, Dozer had a sleepover with one of our new handlers and did great.  On Monday and Tuesday, Dozer and Libby participated in the “Dogs Days of Summer” event at the library.  Once again, Libby took the lead going through the gates and Dozer followed.  Dozer reacted a tiny bit to the gates but overall, did well.  Libby helped him feel more comfortable.  Dozer enjoyed socializing and meeting new people in the library.

This week, Libby, Kane, and Dozer played off leash in the yard together.  It was fun to watch!  They all did really well!

07/08/2022  Dozer had a productive week.  His fear of going through the gates has disappeared.  He played off leash with his friend, Libby–  Dozer is very tolerant of Libby’s puppy jumping.  Dozer also went for a walk with Russo.  And. . . Dozer learned how to lay down without a treat.  All in all, a good week!

Heartwarming this week was the evening of July 3.  I heard popping sounds outside, and when I looked out my window, I saw fireworks shooting into the sky.  I called Dozer over to the window, and we both sat and watched the sky light up.  It was so nice to see.  Although Dozer may not have known what was going on, I felt blessed to have those moments with him.  For awhile, I forgot where I was and just enjoyed the time with my dog.

07/01/2022  This week, Dozer and Libby took a trip to R Block.  It went so well!  Dozer was aware that he was going through the gates that frighten him, BUT, with Libby’s presence, he seemed comfortable.  While on R Block, Dozer was a social butterfly!  He took treats and allowed everyone to pet him.

Heartwarming this week was when I woke up to Dozer on my bed and whining in my face.  I was a bit shocked at first, but then I asked him if he needed to go out.  I got up and got the leash, but he stayed in my bed.  He wouldn’t go out.  I tried to get him to lay back down in his bed, but he wouldn’t budge.  I gave up and laid back down.  He laid on my chest and we both fell asleep.

Gold stars this week–Going through the gates and visiting other blocks.

06/24/2022  This week, we worked on preparing Dozer to go off the unit to socialize throughout the prison.  We used Libby to help with his confidence.  We sat by the gate while there was some foot traffic.  He did whine a bit, but once I got his attention with treats or someone coming up to pet him, he was fine.

Most heartwarming this week was taking Dozer to the B side of the Unit and seeing everyone light up and enjoy his company.  Dozer’s presence seems to cheer people up.  When others pet him and give him treats, I can see the therapy taking place.  It is wonderful to watch.

Gold stars this week–Dozer knows sit, stay/wait.  He is starting to give paw and lie down!

06/17/2022 This week was another opportunity for Dozer and me to get familiar with each other.  I want to have him comfortable with me enough to have him go anywhere and not worry about anything hurting or frightening him.  He’s still having trouble with the buzzing sound the gates make, but I’ve noticed if I give him time, he will get closer on his own.

Gold Stars this week–his constant barking has stopped!  I think because now everyone knows he’s here!

Dozer still needs improvement on a lot of basic cues, but most importantly, he walks really nicely on a leash!

06/10/2022   The first few days with Dozer were a bit rough.  He barked a lot, mainly to let his presence be known.  I took time to help him adjust to his new environment, and he has really turned around.  So many people see the change in him since he first arrived.

Dozer has some hesitancy with the opening and closing of the gates.  The buzzing noise seems to scare him.  We are working on getting him more comfortable with the noises and also on his basic commands.

Dozer is a wonderful dog who loves attention and is very loyal.  I see many qualities that he shares with his sister, Bailey.  Like getting on to the bunk–he will put his two front paws on the bed and look back at me for help, when he and I both know he is capable of getting up by himself.

Dozer is definitely a people-friendly dog–he loves to meet new people.  He is easy to walk and loves to give kisses.

06/03/2022   Dozer, Bailey’s brother, just joined HOPE this week.  This week, I tried to get Dozer familiar with the other handlers and staff.   Dozer does bark, which seems intimidating, but he is just announcing his presence.  I just want to let the other handlers and staff know that it is okay to handle him.

Dozer somehow injured his foot, but he went to the vet this week, and it’s all fixed up.  Dozer seems to be sleeping and eating well, so we are off to a good start!



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