Domino’s rescue requires a fenced in yard.


Domino's mind is hungry to train and learn new things, so we have revisited some old training like 'sit,' 'stay,' 'walk nice,' and 'down.' This has helped to keep him focused on training and to not lose focus. Domino has been learning commands with hand signals and is doing really well with that.


Domino and Baxter were six to 12 inches apart in the 'down' position and both stayed attentive, with their eyes on me. I used treats to make sure they maintained. Domino is doing as well as he could possibly do. I am so proud, especially considering where he started. Domino is ready for a home and to make someone's family very happy.


Domino has learned a trotting technique where he trots beside his trainer, as a horse does in competition. Right now, he does it by a short leash. I am working on him doing it on cue. I just want him to go to a home where he is cared for, loved, and given special attention.


Domino does well in listening and has learned to obey all commands. He does well with other people and all animals. He has learned not to guard his toys and plays well. We have recently explored walking nice on the leash because Domino got used to not being on the leash. His has a strong memory and he adjusts easily and quickly. When Domino goes to his adopter, he needs to be given treats. Do not allow anyone to stand over him. People must come down to his level and give him time to adjust and he will do great.


Domino is a well-behaved dog who only wants to love and be loved. He loves attention and will obey commands once he trusts you. Domino and Boomer act like brothers when they're together. He'd do best in a family with older children.


Domino is doing much better with his people interactions and allowing people to pet him. Domino understands 'wanna go with me?' and 'wanna go for a walk?' Domino also understands commands in Spanish, and does tricks on cue each and every time. What a smart boy!


Domino is not attempting to bite anyone right away. He will let you know when he doesn't want to be bothered and will turn away. He does well with socialization when treats are involved. He is learning commands in Spanish and following them. Domino has been sitting on peoples' laps and enjoying being petted.


Domino has exhibited behaviors that are consistent with being unsocialized, so now he needs to get used to being around people again. He does well when he is given treats with commands, and then affection afterward. He loves the sausage treats he gets when we play.


Domino continues to do well, and works on his commands every day. He does well with other dogs, and loves to be held and have his belly rubbed.


Domino loves to eat snow! He continues to work on his cues and commands and has no resource guarding issues. He loves to give you his paw, loves belly rubs, and enjoys playing with his best friend, Jack.


Domino has been having fun playing in the snow! He loves people and other dogs and has been doing great with all of his commands.


Domino works on his cues every day and has even done some off leash walking! He's waiting for a family of his own at this point.


Domino continues to do well and is ready for a family! He loves playing catch and being with other dogs.

“Domino is doing very well and is friendly with everyone. He’s a smart dog who is ready to leave prison and get a family of his own! He’s very playful with the other dogs.”

“Domino gave his handler quite a scare this week when he choked on some cotton from his bedding! Thankfully, the cotton came out and Domino is fine. His handler also says that Domino got a piece of pepperoni and did a back flip, which was really funny! He’s a great dog who really loves everyone, is great with his commands, and is ready for his forever home.”

“Domino has done very well this week. He continues with his mat work and loves running, which he’s done a lot this week. His handler says he’s such a baby. He loves to be picked up and then falls asleep in his lap.”

“Domino is doing great and working on mat training and loose leash walking. He’s very good around people, not a resource guarder, and gets along well with other dogs. Domino’s talent is his love. He really loves people, as well as dogs, and loves to be held and fussed over. He also rolls over and stands on his hind legs for treats. Domino is ready for his forever family – though he’s not best-suited for smaller children.”

“Domino’s handler reports he continues to do great and says he is ready for his forever home.”

“Domino continues to behave very well. He loves people and the new dog, Jack. This week he’s been working on the mat and loose leash walking. He’s achieved everything asked of him and is ready for his forever home. He does need a family that will be firm with him and let him know who’s boss from Day One.”

“Domino is doing very well with his cues. He did some nose work which went really well. He also knows ‘down,’ ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘wait,’ and ‘off.’ He loves to play, look out the window, and be with people. Domino has achieved everything; he just needs a good family that will love him and not give up on him.”

“Domino’s adoption didn’t work out as planned and he is back in the ‘big house.’ This is only his first day so his handler is giving him some time to settle in. Domino is not dog or people reactive, and knows his cues: ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘stay,’ etc. Stay tuned for more updates on Domino!”

Week 18 
“Domino is going to his new home next week. His handler has been busy working on fine-tuning his basic obedience skills.”

Week 17
“Domino continues to play with the other dogs in the program. He is now trusting people to pick him up and put him down.”

Week 16
“Domino is doing very well with people and other dogs. He is ready to go to his home now. All Domino needs is someone to love him.”

Week 15
“Domino’s handler believes he is a one-owner dog. He is doing well with the other dogs in the program, as well as all the handlers. He is a lap dog and loves to be rubbed and touched.”

Week 14
“Domino is doing very well now with ‘stay,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘come.’ He does well with the other dogs, both big and small. He is also very good with people now. People can pick him up and put him down with no problem. He does well walking without the leash. He loves being outside!”

Week 13
“Domino has been working with his handlers on his ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘down,’ and ‘down stay.’ He’s also learning to walk on a leash without pulling when he sees the other dogs. He has started to notice the birds in the trees and likes to give chase.”

Week 12
“Domino is working and playing well with the other dogs and handlers. He enjoys having his belly rubbed. Domino now understands the word ‘jump.’ When you ask him to ‘jump,’ he will get down from your lap.”

Week 11
“Domino enjoys lying in your lap. He still gets overwhelmed with large crowds. We continue to work on all of his basic commands.”

Week 10
“Domino is working on playing well with other dogs. Domino is getting better with his ups and downs to or from someone’s lap or arms.”

Week 9
“This week we worked on picking Domino up and putting him down. He is getting much better but still can be reactive when strangers try to handle him. Domino earned gold stars from his handler on ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. “

Week 8
“Domino’s handler reports that this pup is ‘starting to do as he is told, but we work on the basics every day. When he is around other dogs and people for the first time, Domino is very happy, so he forgets his calls until I correct him. He also is playing with the other dogs more.’ Keep up the good work, little boy!”

Week 7
“Domino is doing well with coming back to me when called, if no other dogs are around. He continues to do well with sitting and staying for longer periods of time. Last week, I worked on him doing this around other dogs. Now, I am working on these cues with other people around. We’re proud of your progress, Domino!”

Week 6
“Domino received gold stars from his handler this week for staying seated in a doorway until he was called. He is working on ‘stay’ as a key word and also ‘let’s go.’ Domino is a great dog and works well one-on-one. When other dogs are around, he tries to do what he likes, so I am working with him on that.”

Week 5

“Domino got a new a handler, so I’m feeling him out right now. He is learning to ‘crate’ (that’s a key word) and ‘stay’ until he is called out. Domino’s aggression level is down, and he now allows you to pick him up. He is also more open to having more people touch him. Keep learning new things with your new handler, little boy!”

Week 4
“Domino’s handler tells us that he listens pretty well to verbal commands and corrections. He goes into the crate on command, and even though he has a little problem with focusing when certain dogs are around, he has good recall. Domino is a playful, lovable little dog. He loves attention, likes to meet new people, and gets along with the other dogs. He will be a perfect fit for a family or just a couple.”

Week 3
“Domino spent his week with a different handler for a few days to help him get used to new people. He seemed very timid at first, but he eventually settled in quickly. He learned his boundaries and the command ‘down,’ and worked on his basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘in’ and ‘crate.’ If you’re interested in ‘Domo,’ you should know that he doesn’t like when you raise your voice. You must always keep your tone childlike. During our time together, he opened up to me and he was very loving and clingy.”

Week 2
“Domino is adjusting well and doing well. He is learning all of his basic cues, and is doing well with everything he is learning. I’m trying to teach him how to play and act with other dogs. He likes attention and giving it. I let him sit in my lap a lot. He loves it. Domino is a fun and active dog.”

Week 1
“Domino started his training this week, and his handler reports that ‘we are really getting to know each other. He’s house trained and doesn’t bark much. I’m working on the basics like ‘recall,’ ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘crate.’ He is a very picky eater and doesn’t eat much right now. He also gets scared easily, but he does have a boatload of confidence. Domino is a good dog. He really likes sitting on my lap and getting attention. I want him to become the best dog and pet he can be.'”

UPDATE 01-4-14
“Domino headed to the big house to start his training with his bud Frasier. This little guy has a lot of potential and just needs some time to relearn the basics and work on his pack manners. He is an adorable, one year old Chihuahua who is available for adoption through A Tail to Tell, Inc.”



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