Diesel is a 5 year old mixed breed dog who ended up in rescue due to no fault of his own. He gets along with most dogs, cats, and kids. Diesel already knows ‘sit’ and ‘shake’, and we’ll be working on more obedience and socialization skills during his time with us. He’s incredibly sweet and has the most stunning coat! He weighs about 65 pounds.


Diesel has found his forever home. I am extremely happy for him. Now I will have my bed back.😃 Seriously, when I would get up off of the bed, he would hurry up and plop down on the top of the bed and lay his head on my pillow. He would then look at me with those big brown eyes and be like what? I would laugh at him every time. All I had to do was tell him to move and he would...that is until I got up again and there he would be. I would let him lay there for a while sometimes so that he would think that he won. I will miss him as he was a great pleasure to work with. He came to me only knowing sit and shake. Now he knows 26 different commands. His forever home is very lucky and fortunate to be getting a great dog like Diesel. I hope they enjoy him as much as I have.


The lockdown is finally over and Diesel was VERY happy for that. I took him out to the dog yard and took his leash off to let him get out all of his pent up energy. After 11 days, he had quite a bit. He just ran and ran for half an hour straight. He would chase me and then I would chase him. If a butterfly or bee would fly up above him, he would chase them instead. After a half hour and a slight rest, I got his ball out and we played fetch for another half hour. It was funny because every time a staff member would walk by, he would grab his ball and parade up and down the fence showing off. When they were gone, he would bring the ball back to me and I would either tell him “give” or “drop it” and he would every time. He finally tired out when it was time to come in. He came right back to the cell and plopped down on my bed. Diesel put his head on my pillow and took a two-hour nap. He also watched the Steelers game with me this weekend. I taught him that every time I said touchdown when the Steelers scored that he would speak (bark once) and get a cookie. He really likes this game! If only they would have scored more than three times. I’m sure Diesel would have liked it even more because he really likes cookies. Peanut butter cookies are his favorite. He will do anything I ask for a peanut butter cookie.


Diesel went for a home visit this week. He went swimming on accident when he fell into the pool. Don’t worry, he’s ok! Diesel was a really good boy when he got back from the visit. He did all the things he didn’t do at his home visit, like some of the commands he knows. It takes him a while to warm up in a new environment, but once he does he is a big ham! I have had him for a month now and he is a completely different dog compared to when I first got him. He learned 'left turn' and 'right turn Clyde' this week. It’s not a standard command, but he responded to it rather quickly. When we are walking and he is right at the end of his leash, all I have to say is 'left turn' or 'right turn Clyde' and he will turn in that direction. I am not sure whether his adoption is going to go through or not, but anybody who does get him will be a very fortunate person. You just have to give him some time to adjust to his new home and you won’t be disappointed. He’s a GREAT DOG!


Diesel got to stretch his legs and run this week. He loved it! We have a fenced-in yard where we can take them off leash and just let them run and play. We ran laps where he stayed right with me. Then we played chase where he would chase me and then I would chase him. He watched me every moment. If I changed directions quickly, he changed right with me. He played fetch with a Kong ball. Diesel would run around with it like it were a trophy, and when I told him to drop it, he would, right away. Diesel listened really well, especially considering he was off leash for the entire time. When I was walking and said 'with me,' he was right by my side. We worked on 'down' and 'stay', too. Diesel will 'lay down and stay' for me from a distance. I walked 20-25 yards away and waited a few minutes. He never took his eyes off of me. I walked back and released him. Time and time again he did this until I walked out of his sight. He would stand and look around the building for me. Now every time we go outside, he wants to go to the play yard. Diesel loves to play!


Diesel has had a big week. Not only did he get a home visit for a potential forever home, but he got a girlfriend! Yep, you heard me right. He and Gia have hit it off! They see each other and just want to play and play. Of course, we let them. Even Khloe wants to join in. We are working on meeting all of the dogs here so that they all can play with him. This week we continued to work on his basic obedience and some other things. He is getting 'down' pretty well. His 'stay' has improved immensely. He has even learned to speak on command. Diesel is such a lovable dog. Every day when I come back from work, he is sitting there, waiting to shower me with kisses. He does, too, as soon as I sit down, and then he grabs his toy bone to play. He has not found a person here who he does not want to say hi to. He does a funny thing now, when he sees the groundhog that lives out back. The first time Diesel saw the groundhog, it ran around the corner of the block to its hole. Now every time we go back there, Diesel goes really slowly to the corner of the building, stops, and then just barely pokes his head around the corner really slowly, looking for the groundhog. I laugh every time he does it.


Diesel and I spent this week getting to know each other. He is a very friendly dog who likes to say hi and give kisses to everybody. I spent a lot of time with him, to find out what he knows and what we need to work on. He knew 'sit' and 'shake,' and that was about it. Now he knows a few more things. I taught him 'look at me,' 'touch,' and 'give.' He takes treats very gently and will auto sit to get them. He likes to play fetch and tug-of-war with the deflated basketballs. As soon as you tell him to 'give,' he will release the ball. He tires out quickly though, but we will work on his stamina. He really is quite anxious to meet all of the other dogs here, but they just are not sure of him yet. He’s a big boy! He came here with Shadow, whom we call the old man, and he likes to say hi to him. Shadow says hi and then he is like, “let me alone junior.” Haha. Diesel does not bark in the cell and loves to cuddle. He is opening up more and more each day and I am discovering new things about his personality every day. When I go to work, he goes right in his crate. When I get back and let him out, his tail wags a mile a minute and he showers me with kisses and grabs one of his toys to play with me. He loves to go outside and explore and just watch what is going on. When playing fetch, he jumps really high to go and get it. He’s a great dog and deserves a forever home. He has a lot of love to give and he enjoys giving it. Who out there wants it?



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