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Diamond’s name truly suits her, as at first glance you see her rough exterior, the excited young pup with A LOT of ENERGY.  Once you look past that, you see this beautiful pup for what she really is…a 1 year old gal, who’s been passed around and let down, never given any instruction on how to be a good family pet.  The good news is that since being in the HOPE Program, she’s learning that good behavior earns her cookies and lots of play time!  She LOVES learning, meeting new people and dogs, and of course running and playing!  Diamond is going to be looking for a very active home, one that likes to walk, hike, has a fenced in yard (preferably not necessary), and a super comfy couch for when she’s ready to crash out for the night.  Diamond is going to one of those dogs who makes amazing progress in the program and we’re all eager to watch her grow!




12/29/2021 Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure to work with Diamond.  Loving, fun, energetic, and a walk through the door cuddle up with you to sleep for an hour or two, it was great!  I’m proud of everything she’s learned and accomplished but the one that stands out to me is her learning how to walk/run on the treadmill!  On Christmas Day, Diamond surprised me with a 12 minute mile!  At onetime she was running at 9miles an hour at a 6% incline!  Diamond’s playmate miss her already, and I’m sure she missed Kane, Gypsy and Mason too!  And I miss her too, but she’s in her foster-to-adopt home now and we wish her all the best!!!

12/22/2021 Diamond has been everyone’s play pal this week, but he BEST FRIEND is Mason.  Even though she’s 45 lbs less than Mason, she plays like she’s a GIANT.  Diamond also loves being around Tonka, but Tonka thinks she’s got way too much energy for him! Diamond also had her first play date with Gypsy too. When Diamond and Gypsy play, Gypsy likes to fake her out by diving to the left or right so that Diamond can’t catch her. Her social calendar is filling up fast!

This week, Kane joined HOPE too, and they played through the fence together.  They run up and down and after sometime even socialized on leash together too!  Diamond’s handler is thrilled that she gets along with all the pups because it gives him some MUCH NEEDED downtime too.

Diamond has learned a lot in her time with HOPE but she still struggles with walking nicely on leash (there’s just too much to see and do) and when there are distractions around, you better bring out the HIGH VALUE treats!

12/15/2021 “What’s better than a Diamond?” How about a Diamond that listens?  How about a Diamond that cares about you, where you go, and what you do? A Diamond who cares?  Yes, a Diamond who cares! I’m talking about a one of a kind Diamond.  One of ONLY one.  I’m referring to Diamond the dog of course! ❤️ This Diamond is a cut above any other, all the carats you want, and clarity no other diamond can rival.  This Diamond needs someone who’s just as unique and special as her.  Everyone deserves a Diamond, why not have a Diamond every day of your life?

Diamond now has a firm grasp on the sit, down, and wait cues.  A LOT of progress with her duration regarding stay too!  Even her non-stop energy is a quarter of what it was just 2 weeks ago!  She still struggles when she gets over excited, as she gets laser focused on something and its  hard to get and keep her attention.  We’ve been working on giving her frequent breaks and then trying again.  She’s definitely making progress and its just amazing watching this Diamond shine!

12/10/2021 “Diamond in the Ruff”  We think of diamonds as the stone we buy our loved ones. What we don’t often realize is those diamonds take a lot of work, time, energy to change that rock into the diamonds we see in the showcase.  Diamond, the dog, right now is that rough cut gem.  However, I see the potential she has to be that “diamond is forever” for someone.  She still has a ton of energy, she’s stubborn, wants fed all the time, and wants to play all the time too!  Sounds a lot like me at one point in my life!  There’s a well behaved, obedient, calm dog somewhere in there and Diamond will become that perfect diamond she is meant to be!

While Diamond continues to improve in her basic cues, she’s also struggling with being comfortable around people when she has toys.  She starts to guard them, so this is something that we’ll be really focusing on in the coming weeks.

12/03/2021 For the two days that Diamond has been with her handler, she has lived up to her reputation!  She pulls REALLY hard on the leash, her handler even has the blisters to prove it!  She’s definitely a ball of ENERGY!  One of the good things about Diamond is that she learns really quickly.  IN just two days,the pulling has significantly reduced and the energy has been brought down a few notches.  The really big shocker for Diamond’s handler is the she gets along with everyone and every dog, even Tonka who isn’t always a fan of other dogs!  It might even be love at first sight for Tonka, but Diamond has no favorites, she’s all about loving everyone equally!  Diamond’s “milkshake” brings everyone to the yard, not just the boys!  🥤❤️🥤❤️



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