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Pixie joined HOPE on March 18, 2022.  She is an 8-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound with the softest velvety ears you’ll ever touch! She may a senior gal, but she’s got A LOT of life and love left to give her forever home. She is sponsored by Furry Friends Network. Join HOPE and Furry Friends Network as we learn more about this gorgeous girl. ❤️🐾❤️

09/16/2022  Pixie had an eventful week.  She had a home visit, a vet appointment where she had a tooth extracted, and oh yes. . . found her forever home.  I will miss Pixie greatly, but the reward is that she finally has a place she can call her forever home!  I am so happy for her!

09/09/2022    Pixie will be losing her friend Lacey this week, when Lacey goes off to her new home.  I’m so glad that Pixie has made friends with the new guy, Rocco.  We all thought they would get along, but we proceeded with caution, nevertheless.

Rocco snd Pixie are playing on leash in the play yard for now, and the next step will be allowing them to play off leash.  This is exciting because Pixie really needs doggie friends!

This week, Pixie mastered the art of bowing down.  She still needs to be used with treats, but with time, all of her cues will be done without treats.

09/02/2022   Pixie had a wonderful week with her new playmate, Lacey.  Pixie and Lacey both love playing tug-of-war with the rope, chasing each other around the yard, drinking out of the water bowl at the same time, and also laying down next to each other when they’re tired out.  Since Lacey is getting adopted, Libby will once again be without a playmate, which is very sad.

I have been working with Pixie on bowing.  She is finally getting the hang of it!

I don’t understand why there has been no interest in Pixie.  She is a great, loving dog.  She can be dog selective, but the dogs that she gets along with, she REALLY gets along with.

08/26/2022  Pixie loves to play with Lacey.  Pixie is four times Lacey’s weight and tries to chase her, but Lacey is just too fast.  However, the two love playing tug-of-war and chasing each other around.  This is great exercise for Pixie, since she could stand to lose a pound or two.

Pixie loves to be under a blanket when she sleeps.  At first she will be completely under the blanket, then she will stick her nose out, then her head.  This goes on until the blanket is half way off of her.  She will then sleep the rest of the night like that.

08/19/2022   Pixie has been helping out with the therapy groups on the block.  In some groups she goes around and greets everyone, sometimes she will just sleep in the middle of the room, and other times she will seek attention from anyone willing to give it to her–which is just about everyone.  Pixie’s best attribute is her really long ears–they act just like a stress ball!

This week, Pixie learned to hold her paw out while she’s sitting, like she’s holding my hand.

08/12/2022   Pixie has had a rough time since her bestie, Kane, went to his foster home, but this past week, Pixie met the new girl on the block– Lacey!  It was love at first sight.  Now Pixie has a playmate and all is right in her world!

This past week, I’ve been working with Pixie and having her sit next to me while I’m standing and asking her to hold my hand with her paw.  It is a work in progress!  I will update you next week.

Overall, Pixie is a super sweet girl who doesn’t act her age.  She’ll be a great addition to an active family.

08/05/2022  Pixie is doing well with the “stay” command.  Even when there’s been a lot of distractions, she’s been doing great with not leaving her spot.

Last week, I told you how Pixie likes to sleep with her nose buried under  something.  Well, she stills loves to do that, but this week something else happened.  I was laying on the floor with my left arm extended.  Pixie laid down across from me and laid her head on my arm.  Then, she nuzzled her nose against my nose.  For an hour, we slept with our noses touching.  That’s just one of the many special moments I’ve had with Pixie.

07/29/2022   Most of the time when Pixie goes to sleep, she needs to have her nose buried under something.  It can be a blanket, sheet, stuffed animal, hand, arm, or anything else.  Most of the time I will put a stuffed animal at her nose, and she will burrow her nose underneath of it and go to sleep.

Pixie is great at chasing flies away.  She has a knack for biting flies in mid-air.  She can’t stand anything that flies and will try to bite it in mid-air or on the ground.  Any flying insect is fair game for Pixie!

Kane’s absence has affected Pixie.  It’s obvious that she misses him.  Despite that, her training continues to go well.

07/22/2022  Pixie has been depressed since her best friend, Kane, went to a foster home.  Pixie doesn’t have anyone else that she likes to play with dog-wise.  Actually, she’s been very grumpy!  Outside in the yard some of the other dogs have tried to initiate play with her, but Pixie isn’t having any of it!  She misses her bestie, Kane!

Pixie is a bit backwards.  When she’s outside, she wants to lay down, but when she’s inside, she wants to play!  I think it’s because of the hot weather we’ve been having.  She likes playing inside where it’s cooler!  She’s the smart one!

07/15/2022   It’s official!  Pixie’s favorite toy is her Nylabone.  She will chew on it even if she’s laying completely stomach up!

Pixie visited the prison library with Libby for the “Dog Days of Summer” event this week.  She did really well!  She loved the new environment and all the new people.  She wasn’t interested in shredding one of the books like Libby was.  No worries, Libby didn’t get into any trouble because the librarian gave Libby permission to shred that book, and boy did she ever go to town!

Pixie loves attention from me.  This week, I was doing burpees on a towel and she tried to pull the towel out from under me.  But that’s Pixie–she’ll find a way to try to get your attention!

Pixie continues to do well with all of her commands.  She just needs a forever home!

07/08/2022  The relationship between Pixie and Kane is amazing!  They love to hang out together all the time.  Their new thing is playing tug of war with a rubber frisbee.  They will play tug of war with each other for half an hour or more.  The crazy part is that Pixie is an eight-year-old hound mix while Kane is a one-year-old Shepherd/Pit mix.  Certainly an add couple, but the play, love, and kindness they show to each other is really cool.  The other day, Kane was stung on the nose by a wasp.  Pixie came over and gently licked Kane’s nose.  It was so cute.

Gold Stars:  This week, Pixie learned to back up and is learning to crawl as well.  As a hound mix, Pixie will do almost anything for treats!

Pixie is grumpy when she is woken from a deep sleep.  So, it’s vital that you call her name and that she fully wakes up before you try to put on her collar and leash or try to pet her.  Kind of like me before my coffee!

07/01/2022  I relish my morning walks with Pixie.  A nice, leisurely stroll where Pixie sniffs, investigates, and of course. . . goes to the bathroom.  This isn’t training time, but rather, a time to reflect and to look forward to the coming day.  The morning may seem quiet but sentiments of gratitude echo loudly in my head–family, friends, good health, and of course, Pixie.  I’m grateful for Pixie, today, tomorrow, and even when she gets adopted.  This is the power of a dog.  The power of a dog like Pixie.

This week, Pixie learned to back up on cue!  It’s the funniest sight, though.  Picture a Penguin waddling to walk.  Now, picture the backend of a dog walking backwards.  That’s Pixie walking backwards!

06/24/2022  In previous weeks, I talked about how Pixie loves putting her snout into my pocket to get treats.  Well, to play a trick on her, I wrapped a pair of my shorts, without pockets, around a bag of treats, so the shorts would pick up the smell of the treats.  So, when I wore the shorts, Pixie smelled the treats and looked for the pockets, but there were no pockets for her to dig her nose into!  Just a little trick for all the times she has slobbered in my pockets!

Pixie also loves getting a bath!  She finds shower time relaxing and just enjoys the moment.

Pixie will resource guard high-value human food like bread, apples, peanut butter, and any type of meat.  Pixie will allow you to get close to her, even pet her back.  BUT you cannot pet her head or reach to try to get the food out of her mouth.  So, Pixie would probably not do well in a home with children who would not understand not to grab high-value items from her.

06/17/2022 For the past 12 weeks that Pixie has been with her handler, she didn’t play with a Kong, or eat peanut butter.  All of a sudden, this week she started eating peanut butter and playing with the Kong!  What changed her mind about either, we have no idea, but we know we are still learning about Pixie’s likes and dislikes and its really a joy to learn more and more about her.

Pixie loves to hang out with Kane or even just hang out, lay down next to him, and just chill out.  They truly are the odd couple!

Pixie is still improving with their separation anxiety,  some days are better than others, but this past week was even better than last week.  It definitely helps to keep her crate covered with blankets, and keep it cave-like.

06/10/2022  Pixie had a fairly uneventful week.  She likes to nap on my bed, but I prefer that she nap in her crate.  When Pixie is in her crate she will give me her sad, puppy dog look with a little bit of her tongue sticking out of her mouth.  It’s so cute that I can’t help it…I let her take a nap on my bed!

Pixie learned a new trick this week called “hide.”  She hides her face underneath my arm.  It’s so darn cute.  Pixie is the perfect mixture or active and cuddle bug.

Pixie’s separation anxiety is improving.  This week was better than last week.  I feel like her barking when I leave is more about wanting “what she wants and/or attention.”  The more tired she is, the less barking she does when she is alone.

Pixie does resource guard high value food and treats.  So a home without small children would be best for her.

06/03/2022   As much as Pixie loves food, she has learned to leave treats alone until she is given the command “yes.”  She will wait and drool until there’s a puddle on the floor, but she will not take the treat until given the “yes” word!  Pretty amazing!

Just like all hounds, Pixie LOVES food!  If she thinks something is food, she will try an eat it.  Case in point this week was a rock.  She hid it under her tongue, but I was able to safely remove it from her mouth before she could swallow it!

Her separation anxiety and barking continue to improve each week.

05/27/2022  This week, it became apparent how much Pixie LOVES people!  She is awesome with people she hasn’t met before and always loves the chance to find someone with food.  With her “hound” nose, you can rest assured that she will find all treats that you are concealing, even those in your pockets.  She will stuff her entire nose in your pocket to make sure no treats are being hidden from her!

Pixie’s separation anxiety and barking have improved this week.  I was able to spend a substantial amount of time away from my cell without her barking.  I feel as though Pixie’s barking is more about “wanting what she wants” and/or attention.

05/20/2022   Pixie’s new game is tug-of-war with Kane.  Both keep pulling for a long time, but Kane is so much stronger than Pixie.  However, Kane is a gentleman and allows Pixie to win all the time!  So cute!  Pixie learned to give “high five” this week, and we’re working on “chin.”  Pixie also loves to cuddle.

Pixie’s separation anxiety continues to be a challenge, but she actually did very well this week when I left the cell and was gone or awhile.  Pixie is food aggressive with high value food and treats.  So, this week I have been feeding her high reward treats by hand only and not allowing her to eat from her bowl.

05/13/2022  With the warmer weather, Pixie has enjoyed some sunbathing time!  She lays on her back, feet up, looking like a possum.  She also loves to have her stomach rubbed!  Pixie is really good at waiting at door openings until released.  Just tell her to “wait,” and she’ll wait until you say “with me.”  Pixie continues to love all dogs and people!  Pixie is still struggling with separation anxiety.  If she’s physically tired, it’s not much of an issue.  Her short term separation anxiety is getting much better–I can be away for 5-10 minutes without much of an issue.  We’ll continue to work on that.

05/06/2022  Pixie loves to play with toys that I put food into.  her favorite toy is a round, rubber toy shaped like a small canister with a pie-shaped wedge opening for food to be put in.  Pixie will kick, claw, scratch, mouth, chew, throw the toy with her mouth, and roll the toy, just to get the treat out.  My favorite is when she turns on her back and uses her two front feet to bring the toy to her mouth.  She reminds me of a sea otter floating in the sea after it just broke open an oyster and feeding itself.  Absolutely adorable!

Pixie is really good at waiting at the door opening until released.  Just tell her to wait and she’ll wait until you say “with me.”  Pixie continues to love all dogs and people.  She just needs to find a person (other than me) who will love her as much as she loves people.

I am still working with Pixie on her anxiety and barking when I am away.  Some days she’s better than others.  If she’s physically tired, she doesn’t bark as much when I’m away.  Her short term separation from me is getting increasingly better.  I can consistently stay away from her for 5 to 10 minutes without much of an issue.

04/29/2022 Pixie is really starting to get comfortable with her surroundings.  Initially, Pixie was not a big fan of eating her dry kibble, but now she is all about food.  ALL ABOUT FOOD!  She will sniff everyone to make sure they don’t have any food on their person.  She will even dig in your pocket just to make sure!  Being so food motivated makes training and learning easier but she can have her stubborn moments too.  The trainers tell us it’s all about finding what motivates her and using that to our advantage.

As Pixie gets more and more comfortable in HOPE, the more she acts like a puppy…which is fun, but also means she needs to learn manners, like not being so pushy and sometimes mouthy when she doesn’t get her way.  She’s a work in progress but you know what they say, when you love what you do, is it even work?

Pixie continues to do well with the dogs in the program, and does her best to overwhelm them.  She’s also great with people and loves everyone, in fact she’s never met a stranger she didn’t love right away!

We are still working on Pixie’s barking when being left alone.  It’s improving, but once she thinks her handler is gone, she manages to stay quite for about 10 minutes, then will bark some more.  Again, she’s a work in progress, but she would make someone an amazing pet.

04/22/2022 Pixie is the perfect dog for anyone who has another dog, is active, but also likes to chill out and cuddle in the evening.  Pixie is versatile in her ability to adopt to any situation she encounters.  It has been over a month since Pixie has arrived in the prison and she’s adapted much better than I did.  She adapts to a routine fast, learns quickly, loves people, loves other dogs, and loves attention.  She’s just waiting for the chance for a forever home.

Pixie seems to love all dogs, even if they don’t love her!  If she wants to play with them she will follow them and bark until they give in!  She also likes to bark for attention from people or when she’s left alone.  It’s improving little by little every day, but its still a work in progress.  When she really wants attention, she can get mouthy, we’ve been trying to interrupt this behavior and redirect on appropriate toys, or by refocusing her attention on “look at me” and “focus”.

04/15/2022  Pixie had a wonderful week.  She has a high energy level for a dog of her age, but we really tempered that by playing with Kane and also running on the treadmill.  Her obedience training is going well.  I have been able to get her to sit and focus when she gets too excited.  Pixie loves all the other dogs in the program, but that is not alway reciprocal.   Pixie loves getting treats that made her work a little, like treat-filled Kongs.  She got a bath this week and looked so cute with her super long ears on top of her head, while she was covered in soap suds.

04/08/2022  Pixie had a great week of training, meeting new people, and best of all, making doggie friends.  Pixie loves all the dogs here, but her best friend is Kane, a 16-month-old, 50 pound PitBull mix who is all muscle.  They LOVE to play together and when they’re tired, just hang out like best friends.  When one jumps on a table, the other follows.  When one gets tired and drinks out of a water bowl, the other follows.  Kane’s handler gets both of them to sit at the same time and go down to the ground together, where they lie face to face–almost like they are kissing each other.  Pixie may be eight years old but she sure doesn’t act like it.  Anyway, age is just a number!

04/01/2022  Pixie had a great week!  She learns new cues each week.  The first week Pixie was in HOPE she learned sit, down, touch, target, and to stay at the door opening until being released.  This past week Pixie learned paw, sit pretty, and my favorite. . . running on the treadmill!  Yes, the treadmill!  Pixie is eight years young and likes to be active!  That’s hard to do with the inclement weather we’ve been having, so the treadmill was the best option.  Pixie is not a sprinter by any means, but she can keep a good 4 mph pace.  If you need a walking partner, Pixie is the dog for you!

03/25/2022  Pixie is the new girl on the block.  I became her handler exactly one week ago.  She didn’t know anything, not even her name.  I don’t know her back story, only that she is about 8 years old, but I honestly think she’s 8 years young!  She loves to play all the time!  She thinks the bottom of shirts, sleeves, shorts, even socks, are toys (need some obedience training there and working on it!).  Pixie loves to run, play tug of war, chew on toys (or whatever she thinks is a toy), and then will snuggle up to you and snooze the next few hours away.  Pixie is also really smart.  In just a week, she has learned sit, down, touch, and to stay at the opening of doors.  Now, we’re working on the sit and wait signal.  A bit harder to do since she has the attention span of a squirrel.  (Must be the Hound in her!).  Did I say 8 years old???  Sounds like I just described an adolescent!  But what is age anyway?  It’s just a number, and Pixie is definitely young at heart!



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