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Courage is a 3 year old pittie mix who joined HOPE on April 15, 2022.  He’s a lovable guy who is looking forward to learning better manners and hopefully some new friends while in HOPE.

Courage lived in a foster home with other dogs, and could potentially do well in a home with other dogs, but he does have a tendency to guard toys and sticks from the other dogs.  Courage is also on medication and a prescription food diet for skin issues.  Courage’s foster family took him to a specialist who recommended the food and medication, and he may need this special diet for the rest of his life.  This is something a potential adopter will want to be aware of and ensure they are able to provide for him.


06/03/2022  I’m still working with Courage to have confidence in the prison environment.  He is comfortable in my cell with me, but outside the cell, not so much.  He struggles.  Because he is not adjusting well to the prison environment, Courage is leaving today to go back to his foster home, where they love him dearly.

05/27/2022   I continued to work with Courage on gaining confidence around others.  This week, Courage played with Kane and Bailey.  Courage even got a paw in his face, but he took it like a champ.

05/20/2022  This week, I worked with Courage on building his confidence around other inmates and dogs.  He is getting much better being around other inmates.  Also, Courage is now playing with Kane, Bailey, and Pixie, which is awesome!  When Courage sees someone he knows, he’s all tail wags and smiles!  He’s improving!

05/13/2022  Courage and I worked on building his confidence being around new people.  Courage is getting better at socializing, but it still can be hit or miss.  I also worked on different obedience commands with him.  He is progressing.  Courage and I spent some time outside.  He is very playful and likes to play tug.  He’s a great dog and is progressing nicely!

05/06/2022  This week, Courage and I worked on building his confidence to allowing other people to approach him.  He is doing better, but still needs some work on this.  I am keeping his circle of socialization small for now.  Courage still does well with the other handlers and staff–the people his sees regularly and knows.  He approaches them with his tail wagging.  All in all, Courage is a very happy dog.  I can’t wait to see him blossom!

4/29/2022 Courage is still adjusting to prison life.  When it’s just us, he’s got all the basics down!  But when we start to add in some distractions (people, dogs, noises), he struggles.  He’s also great with the other handlers and regular staff, but when we try to hang out in the day room with other inmates, he’s nervous and anxious. He does really well with Kane, Pixie, and Bailey!

Initially he did not want to go into his crate, but that is improving and he’s walking well on the leash too!  He’s got a new game now where when I want to take him out to potty before work, he stays in the crate until I get to the cell door, but if I turn around he goes back in the crate.  It’s like a game of hide and seek!

04/22/2022  Courage spent all week getting to know the handlers and staff.  He did very well, even though he was a little timid of some new things and all the new sounds.  Initially he didn’t want to go into his crate at all, I think he just wanted to explore and watch everything around us, but we took our time and got him settled in.  Once he’s more comfortable we will start working on some cues and figuring out what he knows and what we need to improve on.



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