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Comet was the first dog to welcome HOPE back to SCI Camp Hill.  He quickly became a staff favorite and the Block Mascot!  Comet never met a stranger and has loved everyone he’s ever met.  Every homeless dog wishes for a family of their own for Christmas, and Comet’s Christmas wish is coming true, as he’s been granted early parole and will be with his forever family by Christmas!  We couldn’t be happier for the big guy, and even though he will be greatly missed, he will be forever in our hearts.  Good luck Comet!


12/10/2021 Hi everyone!  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  I know I’m a little early, but Santa came early for me and I wanted to share my Christmas joy.  Santa brought me the best gift ever…I have a new family and a forever home for Christmas!!!  I’m going to my new family today.  I’m going to miss my handler/dad and I know he’s going to miss me, but I also know he’s VERY happy for me. I’ve already met my new mom and I know she is going to spoil me. I know I am going with someone who loves me just as much as my “Dad” does, so don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay!  I’m excited and looking forward to my new life.  I know that I will be safe and no one will ever hurt me again!  I hope all my HOPE brothers, sisters, and family here…yes, even Tonka…all get the same present soon. ❤️ All any of us ever want is to be loved and treated like the amazing dogs we are.  We all found that here in the HOPE program, some of us even had that before we lost our families, and I know HOPE will help us find that love again…FOREVER!  Well, my ride is here, its been great knowing ya and I’ll be sure to stop by the HOPE page with some updates too!  THANK YOU EVERYONE! ❤️🐾❤️

12/03/2021 I’m back! Hi everybody, I am so excited this week because Christmas is coming and the gifts keep arriving! I’ve got ANOTHER girlfriend…but sssshhhhhh don’t tell Gypsy!  I met Diamond this week ❤️ I put on my bow tie and the girls just melt in my paws, and I mean both the 2 and 4 legged ladies!  They all love me and I show them lots of love too!  Let me tell you, its hard to juggle two women, especially when we are outside all at the same time.  I play with Gypsy, then I have to play with Diamond.  Man, its hard work!  They wear me out quick, so I just go grab my frisbee and take some time for myself, well me and my handler.  I love when its dark outside and we’re just chilling on the block.  He puts my bed out on the porch and I love to lay on it, play with my bear and watch the neighborhood.  Lots of people come up to say hi, but I always make sure Gypsy and my handler are safe before I say hi to anyone.  Most of the time I fall asleep out there.  I’m just so exhausted from trying to keep up with Gypsy and Diamond.  And that Diamond wears everyone out, even Mason!  I think Tonka likes Diamond and I know he’ll take care of her after I get out of here.

11/26/2021 Hi everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!  Guess what I got for Thanksgiving…a GYPSY!  Okay, not a real Gypsy, but a dog named Gypsy and she’s my girlfriend!  She’s so gorgeous too 😍 The day she got here she was really shy and nervous.  She didn’t even want to come inside, so I went out and showed her it was okay.  I just turned on my charm and she fell head over tail for me! Now we go everywhere together and I love playing with her outside.  I like to play hard to get sometimes, especially when she tries stealing my toys, but it just makes her love me even more.  We will even sit side by side and take treat.  She kind of weirded me out when I was getting a drink and she stuck her head right beside mine and started drinking.  See, she’s always got to do what I do, and have what I have, but I don’t mind.  She even tries to lay down beside me in my bed when we are in the day room, but I take up the thing myself.  Hey, a dog’s got to have something he can call his own.  But I still make my handler share his bed with me, because we all know that’s really mine too.  I’ll keep you updated on my new girl…who would have thought that I’d come to prison and get a girlfriend!

11/19/2021 Let me tell you about my week…Me and Mason played a little bit!  I mostly ignore him though, these young guys need to learn that us older gentlemen just can’t play forever.  When I get tired, I just ignore his young guy antics and walk away.  It is fun though, when he chases his football and I chase my frisbee.  We that in different yards though because he is WAY faster than me and he will ALWAYS steal my toy.  Another thing I’m trying to learn this week is this “down” thing.  My handlers have been trying to teach me to lay down whether tell me to, but I only do it sometimes for them.  I mean I know how to lay down, I do it when I’m tired or when I want to play with my toys. And they want me to lay down, then get up and do it all over again!  That’s exhausting!!  Now, when it gets dark out, and my handler wants to cuddle, I’ll lay down and let him give me all his love so I can soak it all up while I close my eyes.

11/12/2021 Man oh man, this HOPE program gets better and better!  A new friend moved in this week , his name is Mason, so be on the look out for his updates too!  But since it’s all about me right now…I’m so excited to have a new friend!!!  We haven’t played together yet, but my handler tells me that we have to go slow, and I have to let Mason settle in a bit first.  I watch Mason, and I do whatever he does!  If he plays with toys, I play with my toys. If he’s going for a walk, I want to go for a walk.  But besides making a new friend, I learned a new cue this week, and it’s called “wait.”  Any time we get to a doorway, or need to cross a path or intersection, my handler gives me the cue for “wait” which means we stop for a moment so he can make sure its safe to go, then he gives me the cue for “let’s go.”  I always stay by his side when we’re walking about, and if he stops, I stop. Sometimes I’ll even sit down and wait for him to be ready to move again.

11/05/2021 Hello there!  Let me introduce myself, my name is Comet, and I am in prison.  It’s not as bad as it sounds…no pun intended (since I’m completely deaf)!  When I first came into HOPE, I held my head high, and acted as brave as I could…but really it was easy to be brave once I met my handler and got to meet all other handlers.  I’m learning a lot of new things, to include dog sign language! It’s exciting, and I get a lot of treats too!  But most of all, I love all the attention, petting and praise I get from everyone!  I spent most of my life without knowing love, but I know from this point forward I will never feel lonely or sad again!  I love to play tug, and I’m told I get all sorts of loud when I play, but I’m learning that if I want to keep playing, I have to give up the toy so I can chase it again!  Keep checking back as I know I will have a lot more to share!

10/29/2021 Comet was found by a good samaritan who noticed that he lived outside and spent day and night on a concrete slab.  Comet’s life changed forever the day this good samaritan took him home.  Comet received some much needed vet care, where it was discovered that he is deaf.  He was nursed back to health in a home with a young child and multiple other dogs.  Once he was healthy, he came to join HOPE and has shown resilience in all that he does!

Comet’s handler had a lot to say about him during his first week in prison…”WHAT A DOG!  Words cannot begin to convey just how AMAZING Comet is!  He’s such a love bug.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with him being deaf, but it turns out being deaf doesn’t matter to Comet!  He seems to love meeting new people, likes his stuffed toys, and LOVES his frisbee.  He’s probably the easiest dog I’ve ever trained in Week 1!  He isn’t destructive and hasn’t had any accidents.  He even saw the resident geese and didn’t even care!  He’d make an excellent therapy dog, or even just a cuddle buddy.  When he sees me, or other people he knows, he turns into the biggest wiggle butt!  He’s going to be a great dog for someone some day soon!”



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