CoCo is a four year year old, beautiful brindle boy who came into rescue because his owner was physically unable to care for him anymore. We are already falling for this handsome face and his gentle nature. Did I mention his eyes sparkle and almost glow? He has already started to charm everyone he meets! More pupdates to come as this guy settles into the program and starts to show us his stuff!



CoCo had a wonderful week. He was on an outing on Sunday and met a new friend. We also had some okay weather and we went out in the yard running wild. He's learning real well. We worked on walking on a short leash and sit stay.


On Friday CoCo and I went to the yard. I let CoCo run wild! I could see he was having fun and I went to get the ball. He loves running after it! And he is gentle, doesn't try to bite at you when he gets excited. A funny and heartwarming thing he did this week was when he had to go outside so bad one morning and I was still asleep. He pulled the covers off of me to make me get up and take him out. I had to laugh. The other dog handlers are playing a big part in helping me out with CoCo since he's my first dog.


I was so happy when I got CoCo. This is my first dog as a new handler. It took me months to actually have a dog of my own. The very first day we went out for a walk. He already seems like a happy boy, with his big head a waggy tail. So far I can see he is a very loving dog and I think he'll be a wonderful house dog. He listens and seems really calm. I don't have to ask him twice. If you are looking for a love dog, adopt CoCo so you can experience it for yourself. For me it was #LoveAtFirstSight



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