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Chloe is one of the sweetest dogs around and super cute, too!  She is about 3-4 years old and full of love!  She loves humans but other dogs, not so much.  Chloe was rescued by CPAA from the high kill Philadelphia shelter in April 2021 with several injuries.  She had a large hernia and an ACL tear.  Both were fixed by our awesome vets.  Chloe is all healed and doing great!

Chloe is afraid of strangers, so she needs a few minutes to warm up to new people.  Her foster home has worked with her on this fear, and she is doing so much better.  Once Chloe recognizes you as one of her “people,” she will shower you with so much love and many kisses.

The best home for Chloe would be one that is fairly quiet, without a lot of comings and goings of new people.  Chloe is not much of a walker–she likes to go outside then come right back in.  So if you’re not expecting a walking or running buddy, Chloe would be a good fit for you!  She is very happy being a couch potato and getting all your affection! CPAA is offering FREE lifetime training support for anyone who adopts Chloe.   Don’t pass up this sweetheart!



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