Calvin is an 8 month old lemon beagle mix who was found with his brother as a stray, and he was bone-thin, starving, and cold. He came into rescue and then foster, before he made his way to the HOPE program to polish his basic manners and socialization. Because he was bonded to his brother and they were living on their own, they had very little human contact prior to being rescued. You would never guess his history if you met him today. This little guy thinks he runs the prison! He knows over 30 commands and is quite the socialite. Calvin will only be placed into a home where he will live with another dog.


This was Calvin's last week in the HOPE program. He has excelled with his training and is going to live in foster care until his forever family finds him. We are going to miss our little 'Unit Manager,' but we are very proud of him and know he's going to make someone a great friend!


Everything is good in Calvin's world! This past week he played in the pool, which is cool because he didn't like being in it when it first arrived. He also played with his friends Chloe, Zoey, Gigi, and Ollie.


They say every dog has their day, and Calvin is patiently waiting for his! Meanwhile, he's enjoying a few adventures inside and outside Camp Hill prison. Normally, he exercises in the morning, hangs out in the afternoons, and plays the rest of the day. His favorite games are 'Find It,' where he uses his nose to find treats, and 'Fetch,' where he gets to chase a ball. He also likes to chew on his ball. He's such a fun dog to play with and I know it's just a matter of time before his new family is found.


With temperatures in the triple digits, Calvin still managed to have a great week! He was introduced to the swimming pool, but didn’t really seem to like it. He had a good time in the A/C, playing with some new toys. Despite the warm weather, he still got out to practice his tricks and commands. He’s doing a good job with these. Calvin also met Mr. Bumble Bee. I don’t think the bee got him, but it gave him a good scare! He pounced away with a sneeze and a shake! This little guy is so much fun! I love having him here, but I’m also hopeful some lucky family will give him a forever home soon!


Hi everyone! This is Calvin's handler. Calvin has been extra busy playing with all the new dogs so I will handle his journal this week. I'd love to tell you all about him! He's an amazing, smart dog! He learns really quickly! This week we've been working on his long distance stay. I left his leash on and taught him that once I give him his release command and tell him to come, he will pick up his leash and bring it right to my feet. He has also learned to climb the steel, see-through stairs that he used to be afraid to climb. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff once he gets to the top and starts to prance around! This guy makes us laugh every single day!


Hi everyone, it’s Calvin! Man, was it ever hot this week! The mornings weren’t too bad, though. That’s when I got a lot of time outside to play with my buddies, Gia and Ollie. My handlers had to go to work and another handler took us out to the yard, where we got to run wild without our leashes. In the afternoons I have been working with one of my handlers. He tells me to sit or lie down, and then to stay. He drops my leash and walks away. Sometimes he goes really far away! But it's been really hot, so who feels like moving in that heat anyway? I just stayed right where he told me to. Then he would say, 'Okay' and I would pick up my leash and run as fast as I could to get to him. He would tell me, 'Good job' and give me a cookie! I’ll stay all day in the heat and not move, but to get a cookie out of it too?! Bring it on! I love cookies, especially the Cowboy Cookout cookies! Well, until next week, stay cool friends!


Hey everyone! It's me, Calvin, again! It's been a great week here in Camp Hill. I've been playing a lot of fetch with my handlers, and I made a new friend. At first, I was so shocked to find this guy in my old buddy Stewie's cell! I raised my hackles and howled, 'What did you do with Stewie!?' But then my handlers told me that we are distant cousins and I need to try to at least be civil. Well, I thought about it for a while, and they kept encouraging me every day. They gave me and Ollie treats and told us we are good dogs. Finally, I decided to give the new guy a try. He's got some big floppy ears and some really long legs, so I started trying to wrestle him and see if he could hang. Guess what?! He's an okay dude and we've been playing a lot more. I guess he can stay.


Hi everyone! It’s Calvin! I’ve got some news for you! My buddy, Stewie, has disappeared! He’s gone! My handlers told me that Stewie finally found his forever home. I really liked playing with that Stewie, so I’m kind of sad. We did get to wrestle one last time before he left. He’s getting better at wrestling, but I can still take him down. My handlers also told me that I’m going on a home visit that might turn into my forever home. I hope so! Nothing really crazy happened here this week. I’ve been training and playing hard. I guess, there was this one thing… All of us went out for a potty break and there were these people who sort of looked like our handlers standing way up high on top of a building! Yowza, were we freaked! I don’t know who started it, but all of us doggos here in the prison started howling and barking at them to get down from there! They didn’t listen to us, but we sure told them what we thought!


It’s true! Aliens are real! This is Calvin and have I got something to share with you! This week my handler and I were out back. My handler let me off my leash and I was so excited! I thought we were going to play fetch with my favorite ball. Boy, was I wrong! I was looking around for my ball when all of a sudden this flat, green thing came flying out of the sky! It was going pretty fast, and I’m thinking, 'Wow! UFO ya’ll!' I was pumped, so I ran after it as hard as I could. It landed in the grass and I was on it immediately! I picked it up and zoomed it back to my handler, to show him that I had saved the world! I made sure no aliens escaped! Well, the next thing I knew, that thing took off again! I was after it and I caught it before it landed this time! Oh my gosh! It attacked! It tried to land on my head! Oh no! I wasn’t about to let that happen! I moved real quick and it crashed! I grabbed it and shook it real good! It took me a couple more times, cuz it kept taking off on me, but the world is safe now. Man, chasing UFOs is really tiring. Was I ever beat! I’m just waiting for it to show up again! I love chasing my ball, but catching UFOs is my new mission. I’ll protect you all!


Hi! I’m back again! It’s Calvin! Actually, I’m changing my name. Everyone says that I’m so smart, but I was watching some TV with my handlers and there was this thing on there about a really smart man. His name was Albert Einstein. Since I am so smart, I think my new name should be Albert Calvinstein. Do you like it? This week was not a whole lot of fun because there was so much water falling from the sky all week, and I didn’t get to go out and play as much as I wanted to. My favorite game is 'fetch the ball' and it’s best when we play it outside! We did get out every day, but not as much as we like to. But me and my buddy, Stewie, went out with Ms. K for a day trip. That was fun! My handlers asked me where I went, but I’m not telling them. I like to have my secrets! I did learn a new trick this week. It’s called 'Bang!' I lie down and my handler says, 'Bang!' Then I act like I’m dead and he gives me a treat for this! Maybe the treat is to make sure I’m not really dead. How cool is that? I could play this silly game all day long! It’s too easy! Well, I’ll see you all next week. I’m going to go play dead now!


What's up ya'll? It's me, Calvin. I'm giving you my country twang. Yep, I like listening to country music. It soothes me and makes me sleep real good. Hey, remember when I told you last week that I couldn't wait to go swimming, because I like water? Guess what! We got a real pool this week and I was the first one in it! It's been hot out this week and that water felt real good! Some of my other buddies weren't too sure of it, but not me. I like to try new things! I learned a few new tricks this week too. In case you didn't know, I like to get up and sit on my handlers' laps and give kisses. Now I've learned to give them hugs when they ask too! Isn't that cool?! There were some weird things that happened this week that I've never heard before! My handlers told me it was a thunderstorm. They thought I might be scared with all the loud booms and flashing light, but me and my buddy, Stewie, we weren't skeered! Every time it boomed, we boomed right back at it! It's the one that ran away, not us! So who is scared now, huh? So now me and Stewie aren't just buddies, they call us the thunder buddies! Ha, ha! We have some fun! See ya next week!


Happy birthday to me! I've been told I turned six months old this week, and I was treated to a week of luxury. I had myself a spa treatment! It all started on Saturday, when I was out for a day trip with my best buddy, Stewie, and Mrs. M. I had my nails done while I ate popcorn. This does make it harder for me to dig big holes, but it was worth it. Then, because it has been so warm, I got my first outside bath. Now that was good fun! I can't wait to try out swimming, because I love the water! My handlers told me they are installing a pool here at the prison and it's just for us dogs! I also learned to stand on my back legs and walk like a person. I can't get too far yet, but it's a pretty neat trick, don't ya think? I'm not giving up. I can do it! Everyone tells me how handsome I'm looking with my nails done, and I've shed my heavier winter coat. After my bath, I am bright and shiny! I like showing my coat off and these days I'll even ask you to pet me because I love affection now! My handlers tell me I'm perfect!


Okay people, I know I'm not really a Great Dane, but I might be a bull, a bucking Brahma bull! At least that's what my handlers say, because of the way I was jumping around and kicking my legs out. The sun was shining and the grass was green! I even nibbled some of it with my buddy Dexter! He and I are strong like bulls! Well, he sort of looks like a cow, but anyway... Dexter is the biggest and strongest dog we have in here, at least that's what he thinks. He was walking with his handler, and I was walking with mine, right behind him. His handler dropped his leash to the ground and Dexter was still walking right beside him. I saw my chance! I hurried up to pick up the end of his leash in my mouth and started to go the other way. Guess what?! I pulled big, bad Dexter right with me! I took that dude for a long walk! Who is the strongest bull-dog now? Yep, that's me, Calvin. Everyone says I'm so cute and adorable, but I also run this place! Adopt me, and I'll be running your place too!


Hi! It's Calvin again, your favorite Great Dane. My handlers tell me I'm a beagle mix, but I don't believe them, cuz I like to run with the big dogs! I've had a busy week learning to do this thing my handlers call, 'Stay.' Do you know how hard that is to do when there are so many things going on around here? I'm getting it, but it's very hard for me to do. I like to watch everything going on around me. I'm turning five months old this week, so there's still a lot I don't know about this world! For example, we were outside working - and playing a little, too. Anyway, I was practicing 'stay' when I noticed this brown, furry thing around my size on the other side of the fence. My handlers call it a groundhog. I saw that he was eating the green stuff that I like to play and roll in. Since I like to do whatever I see my friends doing, I tried to eat some of what they call grass, too. Then I saw him digging up the green stuff, so I went at it also! Hey, that was fun! My handlers decided that was a bad idea though, so I didn't get to finish and we went back to working on 'Stay.' In other news this week, I went on a car ride with my bud, Stewie, and Ms. M. It was really fun, cuz we got to go to a store, and get treats, and give people kisses! I was so tired when I got back! I went straight to my crate and slept most of the evening. My handlers tell me I get to do it again next weekend! I can hardly wait! I used to be so scared of new people, but now I love meeting them!


Hello everyone! This is Calvin again and another week has passed since I've been in HOPE. Guess what I've learned?! This week I learned how to dance, give high fives and shake paws. I like to dance the most! Know what else I like? Sneakers! But my handlers won't let me have any. Sad face. Other than that, I'm doing great and I'm no longer afraid of the big, loud trash cans. My handlers helped me understand that they won't hurt me. If anyone is interested in making me part of your family, I promise I will be like your best friend and snuggle buddy!


Hello Everyone! I'm Calvin and I run this place! This past week my handlers have been working with me on 'sit,' 'down,' 'stay,' and 'recall.' We also played fetch! This is my favorite game! It's fun and I got a lot of exercise. Speaking of exercise, I even went with one of my new handler friends on a little jog. All of this has made me feel quite comfortable here and I've started to meet a lot of the other fellas on the block. I've been getting treats and belly rubs every day! I've also been out to play with my best bud Stewie, romped around with Reggie, taken a walk with Trevor, sniffed and sat next to Angel, and hung out some with Dexter. Stay tuned for next week! I'm a fast learner! I bet I'll learn new tricks!


This week we welcomed a new dog into the program! His name is Calvin and he is a 4 ½ month old lemon beagle. He is a sweet, adorable, well-behaved pup. He arrived at the prison on Monday, after a long ride from Kentucky. We haven’t had much time with him, but he warmed up to us quickly. He has that beagle bark that he’ll share with the block when a passing train blows its horn or when the 12 o’clock whistle blows here at the prison. We are working with him on loose leash walking, sit, down, touch, come and look. We are also throwing in a few tricks, like roll over and army crawl.



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