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Bowser is joining the HOPE Program from Canine Rescue of Central PA.  He is approximately 6-7 years old, with a lot of life left to give.  He’s an active boy who LOVES to spend time with people, outside, and learning everything he can.  He would make a great jogging buddy, once he gets to know you and learns to trust you.  We look forward to learning more about him while he is with the program.

4/28/2023 Sometimes dogs come into the program and they don’t adjust very well.  The prison environment can often be loud, overwhelming, and over stimulating for many dogs.  Bowser happens to be one of those dogs, so he was returned to his rescue, Canine Rescue of Central PA.  But once a HOPE Dog, always a HOPE Dog.  We are working with his rescue to network Bowser and we hope one of our supporters will step up to foster or adopt Bowser.  He needs to be an only dog, and no cats eithers.  You can read more about Bowser here, Dog for adoption – Bowser, a Pit Bull Terrier Mix in Dillsburg, PA | Petfinder

4/21/2023 Hello, my name is Bowser and I’m supposed to tell you all about my time in the HOPE Program.  Its all been kind of a blur at first, but overall pretty awesome!  At first I was little apprehensive because the lady that walked me into the “Big House” told me I was going to meet my new “handler” today and introduced me to a bunch of guys.  Everyone had treats and seemed happy to meet me which was nice.  After a little while, she handed over my leash to one of the handlers and I hung out with him while she talked to all the other handlers.  Which honestly, I was glad because that was boring and I really wanted to explore.

The new guy that had my leash walked me all over and kept trying to get me to go into a “cell” which is like a small room.  It was new and different, so I told him he had to break out the treats for this.  The cell kinda reminded me of the kennel I came from and I didn’t really like that too much, so I wasn’t too sure about this cell.  But then he told me that he lives in there with me and I don’t ever have to be alone again.  That sounds AWESOME!

I think my handler and I were both nervous of each other because we were both giving each other some space.  Eventually he laid down on his bed and I explored the cell for a bit then made my way over to him.  He seemed happy that I came over, so I jumped on him and gave him a bunch of kisses.  I think that made us BOTH happy!

After that I got to meet my handler’s neighbor, I’ll call him Funcle, short for Fun Uncle.  He seems great too, and he always has treats on him too!  This place might not be too bad after all.  Funcle lets me play all the time, and my handler makes me learn stuff all the time.  Its the best of both worlds.

I’m being told its time for bed now, so I’ll update you guys again next week.

4/14/2023 Bowser joined the HOPE Program today after spending MONTHS with his rescue and getting little to no interested adopters.  We’re hoping we can change that!




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