Biscuit is a two and a half year old coonhound mix, weighing about 60 pounds, who lost his home when his owner moved on without him. He is now living with a trainer to help him learn how to greet people.


Biscuit is in forever foster care.


Biscuit is a vocal dog and is making progress in greeting new people. He's still a fence gangster, and makes lots of noise, barking at people through the fence. I am working on counter-conditioning and re-directions until I'm blue in the face. We're making progress. Aside from that, Biscuit is well behaved, learns quickly, and he's good company.


So it turns out that silly Biscuit is a smart dog! He has high energy and he's smart! If unchallenged, dogs with this combination are easily bored and can get themselves into mischief. On the other hand, they are great fun to train! You just have to keep training interesting. Biscuit has been meeting lots of new people and he is slowly showing more confidence. He has a solid command of sit, stay, watch, touch, down, up, off, shake, other paw, back, leave it, speak, house, spin, through, side, front, sit pretty, and out. He has some separation anxiety, and this is something we are monitoring and trying to help him work through. As he gains confidence, he will also improve on greeting new people.


After a full week Biscuit has settled in a bit and I’ve had more time to observe. This is a very cool dog. He has a lot of personality and is a talker. He isn’t a mindless barker, but socially expressive. He’s a young dog, with lots of energy, and is getting along well with the other dogs. He enjoys playtime and a ball! He is a quick study and is picking up basic obedience skills quickly. He’s good company. Biscuit does have some fear when meeting new people, and he has some anxiety. We will continue to monitor that.


Biscuit is our newest member of the HOPE family. He’s a young dog, around a year and a half old, with long legs, almost like a greyhound, but a very pretty biscuit and white coloring. He has only been here a few days but I haven’t noticed any glaring or troubling behaviors. He was a little nervous, which is to be expected in a new and noisy environment. We are going to build his confidence, polish his manners, give him lots of love, and he’ll be fine. Today in his first training class Biscuit proved he will sit on command, and then we worked on some skills that require shaping behavior. Biscuit has good focus so far.



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