Big Lou “Louie Lips”

  • Big Lou aka “Louie Lips” is a large, two year old tree walker hound (mix?) who weighs around 85 lbs. He’s a mellow sort and enjoys loping walks and lots of snoofs. He is being examined for possible hip displaysia and won’t be available for adoption until we can get him sorted. Until he goes through the medical processes however, he will be with us, living the prison life of a dog. This means lots of love and attention, short walks, plenty of training treats, and a soft comfy bed which he fills completely! His training will be kept to those skills that he’s physically comfortable doing.


Big Lou had a great week of eating & eating & eating. His weight has come back slowly, but he looks and is acting like he's feeling better. Big Lou's favorite past time is sleep. We worked on touch and loose leash walking this week. Both are coming along well. When Big Lou gets bursts of energy and playfulness, he takes off running like a horse, galloping around a pasture.


Big Lou has had a great first week. He has learned 'sit' and we are working on down and paw. He needs to pack on a few pounds so we aren't counting his ribs all the time, but this shouldn't be a problem because he loves food! Lou is super duper big to try sharing a bed with, but he insists on it so now the bunk is 'our bed.' He spent most of this week sleeping and eating, just relaxing into his new digs. He is dog friendly and met some of his other HOPE mates. Spudz thought he wanted to play, but Big Lou just gave him a look. Spudz decided his new friend might just be a little too big for all that activity.



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