Big Lou “Louie Lips”

  • Big Lou aka “Louie Lips” is a large, two year old tree walker hound (mix?) who weighs around 85 lbs. He’s a mellow sort and enjoys loping walks and lots of snoofs. He is being examined for possible hip displaysia and won’t be available for adoption until we can get him sorted. Until he goes through the medical processes however, he will be with us, living the prison life of a dog. This means lots of love and attention, short walks, plenty of training treats, and a soft comfy bed which he fills completely! His training will be kept to those skills that he’s physically comfortable doing.




Lou went to the doctor twice this week for check ups. Good news is that his hips are okay, but his poor little eye is going to need a surgery. Some plastic surgery, if you will. They are going to fix his droopy eye lid and fix his eye so he can see better. Lou has been doing this funny thing, when I tell him to sit, down or whatever he will feisty bark, like he doesn't want to do it, but then he does it anyway. He just wants his treat!


Big Lou, Sammy & Spudz went on a field trip to visit another block. At first Lou was a little hesitant about a new block and new people until he realized that there was going to be treat after treat, just for sitting and saying, 'Hi.' He got a lot of love and it was a good day for Lou, and all the dogs and inmates.


The honeymoon phase is over. Lou has developed and become more comfortable being himself. He is very nosy and wants to know what is going on outside the cell at all times. He will poke his head out the door and look all around. When he sees me, he is a bull in a China shop, and runs at me like we haven't seen each other in years. Then we enjoy the day room together. #MyBoyLou #LouieLips #LouKnowLouLouveHim


Big Lou enjoyed a lot of loose leash walking this week. He also had fun chasing another handler up and down the steps for dinner. Lol. Lous seems to do well with other people asking him to do commands too. There are a few things that haven't changed about Louie Lips; he loves to eat, he loves to sleep, and he's still stubborn. #HappyHound


Big Lou had a great week. He is getting a lot better on loose leash walking. We take a lot of walks to one of our dog yards being under construction. He gets bursts of energy and he starts to jump and do 360 turns, clomping all over my shoes. Lou's favorite past time is sleeping. He's hard to wake up in the morning. He's a great dog and so loveable!


This week Big Lou had to go on a little diet. This guy really loves him some food too, but we had to cut back just a bit on treats and peanut butter. He has become quite the vocal dog too. He lets everyone know that he's here and of course everyone on the block loves it when he starts to bark. (Ahem, they don't.) But at least his bark is deep and soulful. For training this week we polished up on the tricks he has already learned and I've been having other handlers give Lou the commands too, so he can transfer his skills to other people. He does very well.


Lou learned how to lay down this week. He also pulled a dog food heist! I went to use the phone and left him out of the crate. He was snoozing pretty good on the bunk, so I thought I'll be right back, no need to disturb him. Well, when I got back he was laying on the bed with drool everywhere and the food bin knocked over on the floor. Big Lou heisted about 10 cups of food that day! He pretty much went straight into a food coma for the rest of the night. #LouieLips #LouKnowLouLoveHim


Lou had a good week. He learned to give paw and be aware, cuz when he does it, it's a big paw! We also worked on auto sit and we did a lot of loose leash walking. It is very important to me that he doesn't pull and tug when walking. He is a strong dog! Lou is settling in and is a lot more comfortable here as time goes on. He loves to sleep in and will only wake up when he is good and ready to. Last week he was almost late for training because he didn't want to get out of bed! One thing to note, he is afraid of squeaky toys.


Big Lou had a great week of eating & eating & eating. His weight has come back slowly, but he looks and is acting like he's feeling better. Big Lou's favorite past time is sleep. We worked on touch and loose leash walking this week. Both are coming along well. When Big Lou gets bursts of energy and playfulness, he takes off running like a horse, galloping around a pasture.


Big Lou has had a great first week. He has learned 'sit' and we are working on down and paw. He needs to pack on a few pounds so we aren't counting his ribs all the time, but this shouldn't be a problem because he loves food! Lou is super duper big to try sharing a bed with, but he insists on it so now the bunk is 'our bed.' He spent most of this week sleeping and eating, just relaxing into his new digs. He is dog friendly and met some of his other HOPE mates. Spudz thought he wanted to play, but Big Lou just gave him a look. Spudz decided his new friend might just be a little too big for all that activity.



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