Big Boss

Big Boss is one cool little fella! He is such a spunky, fun guy, always ready to bring the party. But he’s not just a fly guy, he’s wicked smart too! This guy bounced into HOPE and started learning commands on his very first night. He’s also got some nice, strong abs and was already showing them off to his friends with a “Sit Pretty” on command.  I think I mentioned he’s quite social and it seems he has made friends with all the dogs on the block! Big Boss is a youngster, around a year and a half, and weighs in around 55 pounds.



Big Boss has had quite the eventful week. We worked on his sit/stay and his greetings with other dogs, both of which he got to put to use this past weekend. Boss was out on the town. First, he went to an event where he did an impressive three minute sit/stay. Even I was impressed with that. I have only worked with him for about 30 seconds or so, then one of his buddies shows up and it's over. He was sad on Saturday though. He came back from his event and his bestie Maxwell was leaving for his forever home. We are glad for Max, so it was a good time to meet the new guy, Tux. On Sunday, Boss went to Woofstock with Ribbit and Prilly. I'm not sure how it went, but when he got back he gave me a big hugh, drank a lot of water, climbed up on our bed and went right to sleep! He didn't even want to eat much at dinner, which is VERY unusual because he always seems to want to eat! Also, the Boss man is quickly becoming everyone's favorite around here. Give him a treat and two seconds to get to know you and you'll have a friend for life!


Well, I have discovered why this little man got his name. He thinks he is King of this castle! He has learned how to get what he wants and will let you know it. He lets me know when he wants to go outside or when he wants to play. He takes his nose and tries to push every body part off the bed to get you moving. What he hasn't figured out is that when you're in prison, you can't just go out whenever you feel like it. So, I usually turn this into a training game. He's a teenager and typically stubborn at times so this week we worked on focus using 1-2-3. He can be hard headed; I get how he earned the name Big Boss. He has learned which things are his, and which to leave alone though. He used to pull everything off of the top of the crate whenever I would leave the cell, just for a few minutes. Now he knows what he's allowed to climb on and what things he is meant to leave alone. He learns quickly, and because he's just a young man, he learns fastest when I turn everything into a game. Love this dog!


Boss has met a milestone this week. We have unique metal stairs here, almost like a grate, and they are intimidating for all of the dogs. Well, Big Boss put on his Boss pants and he showed those stairs who's Boss! This dog has a lot of heart and it is very easy to see where and how he got his name. He may be timid when initially facing a new situation, but he doesn't stay that way. Now that he's been up the big ole scary stairs, he wants to go up them every evening. It's a new place to explore! And speaking of exploring, Boss went out for a hike last week. It seems Boss loves water and he was soaked when he got back. I was informed that Boss was prancing through the crick, yes crick not creek, like a deer! He was also very inquisitive about everything around him. I know that when he sees a mole here he points it out. His whole body, including his tail goes straight and he picks up his right front paw, letting you know right where it's at. I am anxious to learn more and more from him as he opens up. He is already a cool dog. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for me.


Let me introduce you to Big Bosss, AKA El Jeffe Grande! You may ask yourself why he has an English and Spanish name? Well, Big Boss started his life in Puerto Rico and lucked out when Animal Rescue, Inc. brought him into rescue! From there Big Boss was evaluated for the HOPE program. Big Boss isn't just a cute, fun-loving perro that enjoys a good fiesta, but also a good boy who wants to learn! He's a bundle of sunshine and I am very happy that he has made his way to America and to me to work with. His first few hours in the prison were slightly scary and overwhelming for him, but once we got settled in and everything quieted down, we started bonding right away working on the basics and bonding. Ceasar Milan who? One thing I did find out the hard way was that Big Boss loves toes! We were winding down for the night and getting ready for bed. As soon as I laid down, it was on! He was all over my feet! I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! That just egged him on even more. I had to put my socks back on. He now has other toys to play with besides my toes. (Thanks donors! You guys are awesome!) Our boy Boss has a lot of energy. I keep him busy and I'm teaching him that it's not always play time. Of course when it is play time, he has already made lots of buddies, and Maxwell is his favorite. I'm really excited to watch this guy grow!



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