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Bear will be joining HOPE on 21 January 2022! He is being sponsored by Furry Friends Network, who saved Bear from an overcrowded shelter in West Virginia. Bear is a 6 year old Labrador Retriever/Beagle mix who was adopted as a puppy, then returned when the family moved into housing that didn’t allow pets. He may have had a home for half of his life, but he hasn’t had any training.  HOPE will help him be the best dog that he can be!

03/011/2022  My buddy, Bear, was adopted this week.  It was a rough week for me knowing that he was going to be leaving.  But I made sure to make the best of it for Bear.  We visited multiple blocks, met new people, went for walks, played in the mud, ate together, and watched movies.  He is so good at being a person’s best friend.  I will miss him.  Congratulations to my boy!  🙂

03/04/2022  Well, it looks likes I’m going to be saying good-bye to my little buddy, Bear.  I got the news this week that the adoption application for him was approved!  I am very happy for Bear, but boy, am I going to miss him.  He is a great dog that brings a smile to everyone he meets.  His cute, little face just melts my heart, and I really do love him.  I know he will make his new family very happy!

02/25/2022  Bear is doing great!  He is ready or his forever home!  He enjoyed the beautiful, warmer weather last week.  We went for a jog in the grass–he got so excited he started rolling around.  Bear visited the staff in the chow hall, and they all instantly fell in love with him.  He performed all of his tricks on command.  He’s such a great dog!

02/18/2022  Bear is doing great!  I love it when I come back from work and he is so glad to see me.  Bear really enjoys going for walks to the other cell blocks and meeting new people.  His obedience skills are great.  He is ready for his forever home!

02/11/2022  Bear had a great week and bounced back from his injury.  Bear went on several visits throughout the prison this week and met a lot of new people.  He did wonderfully!  Bear learned a new trick this week–playing dead.  Bear is so affectionate and a real cuddler.  He woke me up at 3 a.m. one morning just to climb in bed with me!  Bear knows all basic commands and some cute tricks and is ready for his forever home!

02/04/2022  Bear had a little bit of a tough week.  He was injured by one of the other dogs and has become a bit cautious since.  I’ve been spending more time with him in my cell letting him know everything will be okay and telling him that I love him.  Despite his injury (which was minor) Bear learned to play dead!  He continues to be such a sweet dog!

01/28/2022  Bear arrived at the prison one week ago and is adjusting well.  He is laid back and quiet.  Bear has proved to be a very fast learner! During our first week together, Bear has surprised me with how quick he can learn. He already has learned sit, down, stay, shake, roll over, bed, and time out.  I have also taught him to pray before he eats. Everyone on the block loves him!  He loves to cuddle and is very affectionate.   He is an all around great dog!



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