Bailey is a 5 year old Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix.  She was raised in a home with two kids and her littermate, Dozer.  She would fit in well in most any home, but she would prefer a home where she is not left alone more than 4-6 hours a day.  She joined HOPE on Friday, 22 April 2022.  She’s hoping to find an adoptive home with her brother, Dozer, who is currently awaiting a spot to also join HOPE.  Bailey is sponsored by Furry Friends Network,

When Dozer joins HOPE, we will add his journal entries here, but for now check out his PetFinder Profile:

05/06/2022  Bailey went over to the Medical Records Building this week and did very well interacting with the staff there.  Bailey was happy, tail wagging, and gave plenty of kisses to everyone.  Bailey is a total sweetheart.  She also did well with playing with Kane off leash this week.  She learned how to “give paw.”  Bailey is still a bit spooked by the movement and noises on the Unit, but we worked on her confidence this week, and she is doing a bit better.  I know she is probably missing her brother, and we are hoping that he will be able to join her in HOPE very soon!

04/29/2022 After a week in the Program, Bailey is starting to settle in.  This week she and her handler went on multiple walks around the prison and really enjoyed the nice weather.  They even started jogging together out in the yard.  She’s getting better on leash and listens pretty well off leash too!  Bailey LOVES giving kisses and getting cuddles too!  Bailey’s handler is focusing on shake/give paw and lay down this week.  She’s slowly being introduced to more and more people and she’s loving every minute of it.  She also seems to really enjoy spending time with the other friendly dogs too!

04/22/2022 Bailey was a little nervous joining the HOPE Program today, but by the time we left, she was settling in.  She met all the handlers and close staff members, even got to run around in the yard outside for a bit too.  It will be interesting watching this girl grow with the program.



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