Abbie is around 1 1/2 years old, perfectly freckled, and weighing in at a petite 45 lbs. This little girl is not only gorgeous, but she’s a delightful, playful pupper and enjoys entertaining both humans and other dogs alike. Don’t look too deeply in those amber pools of light… She’ll have you entranced!


Me and Abbie would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This little lady is quickly taking over my house, let alone my heart. She knows she is the queen too. It's funny because we share the bed at time to lay down and relax. She enjoys being close, even though we both have our own spots. This lady always wants to be in my spot, to include laying her head on my pillow, but let me lay in her spot just once. Oh hell no! She will come down and do everything she can to push me out of her spot. Also, she loves it when Skeeter comes over and they can 'tear up the place!' She'll kick Skeeter out of her spot too!
Abbie has had a big week. She is so easy to train. You all know about our infamous metal, grated stairs here. She conquered them this week. Her loose leash walking, to include the 'with me' command, has improved significantly. Her sit, down, touch, and shake were already pretty good. We worked on her focus, 'look at me,' and wait when I am placing her food bowl. I usually take my time and work on one or two things at that time, but I know she is not going to be around for long and I want whoever adopts her to get a well-trained little lady. We'll see you next week!


I think I've gone and lost my heart. It was love at first sight. Abbie is the 7th dog I've trained, but she's the first one to come up and give me hugs and kisses the moment we met. She is such a sweetheart! She's really friendly with everyone, including the other dogs. She was instantly friends with Skeeter. They played non-stop this afternoon. I try not to do too much with a dog on the first day they arrive and just let them acclimate, but she seems so at ease with everything that we could see she would be able to start integrating with some of the other dogs right away. She already knows sit, down, touch, and stand. We will work with her on not jumping up on people and teaching her to stay and wait. She'll also learn some advanced manners and trucks too. Someone is going to be so lucky to adopt her!



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