Become a Foster

Click here to apply to become a short term or long term foster!

Fosters supply the love, care, exercise and sometimes transportation. We supply pretty much everything else needed: food, treats, toys, leash, collar, harness, crate, bedding, medical care & heartworm/flea/tick preventatives. You can choose long term fostering (until the dog is adopted into a forever family) or short term, usually 1-5 days. Long term fosters are needed when a dog has completed the program, but hasn’t been adopted yet. Long term fosters will be provided the opportunity to work with a trainer to continue the dog’s education.

Simply put, it could take a couple of hours at the humane society, or it could take days to weeks with a volunteer-run rescue. Every single shelter, humane society, and rescue have their own rules and regulations when it comes to adopting a dog. So I can’t tell you it’s going to take 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

When a dog has separation anxiety due to loosing its family, he becomes visibly anxious when his owner is either preparing to leave the home, or when the owner actually departs, this is the only condition you may face which easily be cured with hemp medication you can read more here. Dogs with separation anxiety may bark or howl incessantly, pant or salivate excessively, urinate or defecate on the floor or on furniture, destroy household items (furniture, molding), or if crated escape from the crate, sometimes resulting in self-injury.

Short term fosters are needed when a dog is scheduled to come into the program, but needs vet care first or just a place to crash until clearances can be arranged.