With over 13 years of saving lives, HOPE was launched in March of 2005 in an effort to help more homeless dogs find their way into forever homes.

The HOPE Program


Shelters are overflowing with homeless dogs in desperate need of forever homes.


Create a program that pairs inmates with homeless dogs who need training by supporting them with professional trainers, volunteers, and prison staff.


Abandoned dogs are now trained and ready to be adopted into forever homes. Inmates are given a sense of meaning and purpose while being able to make a positive impact in society.

Why Adopt a HOPE Dog?

Dog Training Image

We offer free training for life for each HOPE dog. This means that at any point of time, adopters may contact us about behavioral issues and we will send a trainer to their home at no cost to them.

Our Featured Dog Inmate Blog

Neiko (3-13-19)

Neiko is loving the warmer weather. We spend the afternoon outside in the dog runs. Neiko and Tawny play together in the runs. He takes it easy on her compared to how he plays with Ace. They love to play rough together. Tawny will nudge him with her nose until Neiko plays with her, play bowing and running around.



Sponsorship Levels

The continued support of sponsors like you, not only allow our program to continue but provide the needed resources to make it better.
Play With Me

$10 - Purchases tennis balls, and other toys.

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Canine Chewy Fun

$20 - Purchases things like Kongs, peanut butter, Frisbees, etc.

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Healthy Heart

$30 - Purchases heart-worm preventatives and flea/tick medicine.

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Bow Wow Basics

$40 - Purchases leashes, harnesses, food/water bowls, blankets/beds, etc.

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Dog Gone Delicious

$50 - Purchases bag of food and training treats

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Training Fido

$100 - Purchases two weeks of professional training for HOPE dogs.

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Training Doggy Deluxe

$200 - Purchases four weeks of training for HOPE Dogs

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