Flicker is a 7-8 year old lab mix. She is dog and cat friendly. Flicker was found as a stray in a bad area. She loves to cuddle and be with her person as much as possible. 

For information on adopting Flicker, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"This week Flicker got introduced to two new dogs, Beau and Tiffany. Flicker doesn't seem too interested in Tiffany but was curious about Beau. There were no issues at all unlike she had at her meet and greet with her perspective foster family. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so Flicker won't be headed there. In the meantime, Flicker will continue to be content limping around as a fan favorite getting plenty of attention as everyone walks by us."

"There's not a lot to talk about this week given that nothing new is happening with her. The extremely cold days put a damper on our normal routine, but Flicker is more than content just laying around when that's the case."

"This week I tried having someone walk next to us without using another leash to see if Flicker would still react. She did. We weren't working on it beforehand so it couldn't have been that she was at her threshold. However, it was with someone who has helped before so she may have just associated them with the past exercises. Flicker's muzzle training still needs work. She seems to have associated it with getting her nails done. She'll let me put it on her, but she's more anxious with it on than she used to be."

"This week has been the same as others with our daily routine. Flicker loves her stuffed Hershey kiss that she was given for Christmas. She forgot all about her stuffed pumpkin. Work still needs done with muzzle training, but we did some work using double leashes. I was curious to see if afterwards, while only I held a leash, if she would still react to the other person as they walked with us. She did even though they didn't have a leash. I want to try to see if she'll do it before we use two leashes this week."

"This week has been a relatively lazy one for us as we spent it avoiding the cold and elements. Her limp seems more profound with this weather so I limit our time outside early in the morning. Flicker got a new toy that she absolutely loves and is more than content throwing her stuffed pumpkin around and carrying it through the cell. I have not begun desensitizing her with the muzzle outside yet, but I will this week."

"This week Flicker got some good news in that she doesn't need surgery for her physical ailments. She may limp around wherever she goes, but she is very happy and doesn't allow it to bring her down. She loves walking around and seeing her fans as they walk by and greet her every day. The use of multiple leashes isn't helping with her handling issues, but I am not sure that anything will. It's just who she is and as unfortunate as it may be in here, her loyalty is what's going to make her the great companion her forever home needs."

"This week we started working with Flicker using two leashes while walking around. She starts out fine, but you can see her anxiety build even though I am right there holding one of the leashes. After a few minutes, she will start going after the other person's ankles for no reason other than that they are there walking her. The two leashes are safe though. Flicker's new harness is working well for her and she has no issues with it."

"This week has been spent muzzle training Flicker, or at least trying to. Flicker is fine with the muzzle and will easily allow me to put it on her, but she is proving to not like being walked in it. She's okay in the cell and will take treats with it on, but she throws fits outside to the point when she'll just shut down. I'm going to continue the in cell work with her since she's relatively comfortable with it and give her more time before progressing... Other than that, everything is the same with her. There's not a whole lot to do with her at this point except keeping what she knows sharp. Generalizing her training is hard given her personality, but we'll think of something."

"Flicker has a new bed that she loves. She spends more time than ever laying in her cage and relaxing. Flicker is doing good with Trevor and she's fine with Winston. She is just too eager for him so she has to gradually be introduced as Winston gets more comfortable here."

"This week we enjoyed the weather and hung out in the dog runs playing some low intensity fetch. She loves her ball and it's definitely an all purpose tool for training and play. She is also doing good with the muzzle. It's a little too big though and tends to cover her eyes so I haven't used it out and about. Everything else is status quo with Flicker as far as her separation issues are concerned. Her vet visit went well though which is a good sign in my opinion. I was a little nervous about how she would behave, but I'm glad she was good."

"There's nothing new to speak on concerning Flicker this week. We've spent the week working on the basics while we walk around using the ball as an aide. It's turned into a really valuable tool for training, but I have to be careful so she doesn't depend on it too much. Flicker doesn't chew on it, just carries it around as if it's a pacifier. It's similar to how she was described to do with her kongs when she was in her foster home... She and Trevor are fine together. We hope to take them out to the dog yard soon. Her attachment issue is still like it was. She is very tolerant of the cell visits. She even allows Trevor to explore without reacting. Flicker is desensitized to the muzzle, if needed. She has no problem sticking her face in it for a treat."

"This week has been no different than others as we carry out our normal routine. Her new affinity with wanting to carry her ball around continues to help reinforce the basics in a new way. It's kind of fun actually... Flicker learned "bye" this week which is really just an extension from "paw" and "touching with her foot". When she learns something, she'll do it all the time no matter what you ask of her. I guess she's proud of it. But it can get shaped into different cues and tricks so I take advantage of it."

"This week Flicker has become infatuated with tennis balls. Like her purple kongs, she's now carrying her tennis ball around while we walk. It's actually a good thing because the focus now is the cues she knows, but ones she'll get even better at. I'll have her drop it, sit, then stay when I toss it. It's really good for her stays because the routine was getting mundane so this really helps... Flicker is better than before with visitors but more work is needed. Working on her issues with being away from me is a work in progress, but we'll try. It's pretty extreme though so a lot of luck will be needed for that. Ha ha."

"After teaching Flicker to touch objects with her paw, I was finally able to get her to shake. The cue to touch objects is "foot" so once she got that down, the object became my hand. She would only do it while she stood so I had to get her to do it while sitting before I changed "foot" to "paw". Flicker will now touch objects with her foot AND shake so I can stop taking her resistance personally. Haha. It's as if she needed desensitized with using her paws for anything other than walking. Flicker showed her attachment issues and subsequent barrier frustration this week. My biggest concern is how she'd act during a home visit so I'm hoping some time can be spent with her without me during training and/or with field trips outside of the prison. It may be a non-issue outside of here, but I don't know."

"This week has been fairly productive for Flicker and her in-cell issues. I've been having people walk by and toss treats to her and she is less reactive. She still has a LONG way to go, but she will eat the treats as they come instead of letting them accumulate until it is over... Approaching her is still an issue while she's in her cage. Even after walking by on a regular basis, she will react. The "bang" versus "back" confusion seems to have been straightened out. Ha ha. Now she thinks "down" is "bang". Ha ha... Flicker won't shake, but she is learning how to touch objects with her paws using the cue "foot". I don't know why "shake" is any different, but maybe I can transfer foot into it. We'll see..."

"The weather was not too cooperative this week, but we still were able to do some things. Flicker did great with visitors while I was in the cell but as expected, she needs a lot of work when I am away. With my cell door open, I had people walk by and toss treats in her cage. She was too busy reacting at first so she did not eat any of them, but after a few minutes she settled down a little. Flicker ended up cleaning up the treats and allowing people to walk by which is a start. Her reaction to people stomping and running is actually funny to me. She just looks me in the eyes and shows me her teeth. I can easily stop her with my voice when she does react and chase. I knelt down with her and you can tell she is scared so I feel bad working on this. Flicker also learned "back" when she's on my side. The problem now is that when I say "bang" she backs up because she thinks I'm saying back."

"Flicker can't shake or crawl well, but she learned two better tricks this week. She learned roll over and bang which doesn't make sense because they are harder to learn. Regardless, she finally learned something other than the basics. Flicker is also getting pretty good at differentiating a ball and rope on command. She still needs a little guidance, but she will get there soon enough. A lot more people are stopping by to see Flicker when we walk around and one person has expressed interest in potentially adopting her. He's looking for an older dog and Flicker caught his eye. She seemed to really like him too when he came on the block to see her."

"Flicker's cocktail of medication (Cosequin DS and dog aspirin) seems to have brought out the puppy in her again. She is much more active and spry when we're out and it's great to see. Flicker is also gaining a little fan club though no interest has been shown in adopting her yet... She was put to the ultimate test and passed it when I had her stay while I walked around with Denver. She wasn't happy about it and if looks could kill, I'd be dead but she did stay... Her "back" is good but only when facing her. I try to work on it with her by my side next to a fence, but she isn't going for it. I'm beginning "roll over" too."

"Flicker is improving with people stomping their feet, but it kills her not to react. She understands that she's not supposed to go at them though. She'll growl and take a few steps then come back. Other times, she'll stay with me and show her teeth because she's mad that she's not going at them. We do this in the dog runs so that she can be off leash yet the person is safe just in case... Flicker's doing great with her basics contrary to what she shows at training class. Her stays can be done while I'm the length of the front yard away from her while Rocky and Denver are walking around."

"Flicker's "drop it" is excellent as is her "leave it". She walks really good but will pull bad when she catches a scent. Her "crawls" aren't progressing, but her "back" is. Flicker's "stays" are better than what's normally seen but hopefully she'll show off one of these Wednesday's during training. She is not great with Coco, but we've walked them together without incident. They'll be fine in time."

"This week Flicker learned "leave it" and "drop it" really well. I can walk her around while she carries her tennis ball and have her drop it on cue. She tends to pick things up while we walk like orange peels so those commands are needed... Her stays are getting better by the week though they could just be because she's tired out. Trying to teach her "shake" is challenging because she doesn't really like having her paws grabbed. When I try to make it fun, she'll just flop down into an excited "bow" or "down". We'll see how it goes with that..."

"Flicker is doing really, really good with learning and is well on her way to becoming well trained. Her "stays" are getting better by the day even with a dog around. A lot of distractions are still an issue for a focus, but she knows "watch me" and "touch" to help pull her away... This week, I added "back" and she is getting there. Flicker won't do it when she's by my side yet, but when I'm facing her, she will. I've also put a lot of time into "leave it" since she's shown to be a scavenger at times. She's doing well with that, even with the verbal only approach... Flicker has had no issues with any of the other dogs or people. She likes socializing. All in all, Flicker is doing really good here. I'm curious to see how she'll be outside of the prison when she goeson a field trip because she is definitely very attached to me."

"Flicker is continuing to improve and learn her cues slowly but surely. Her "stays" still need to get better, but she is much better than last week. I was able to back up about 40 feet this week though not consistently... Her "watch me" cue is good too. Her "auto sit" is great and her verbal only "down" is really good as well. Flicker is getting "crawl" but only for a foot or so right now. Her recalls are good as expected. Flicker, like every living being, does not like the weather as of late. I discovered that she is really anxious during storms. She will just crawl up with me and pant until they pass... Stomping of feet and clapping of hands will trigger her even if it's from a distance. She is doing well with all of the dogs."

"This week Flicker settled in and became a little less curious of her new surroundings and a little more responsive. "Watch me" and "touch" are what I've been focusing on while we walk and she is doing well with those. Flicker is going really great with the "down" command and is nearly at the verbal only stage with it. Flicker isn't a quick study with the "stay" command though. She needs a lot of work with that, but she will learn soon enough... Flicker hasn't had any issues with other dogs. She likes to socialize which is a good thing but not when you're trying to get her to focus. Pepper really likes Flicker and I'm sure you will see that in training. She has been great with people with the exception of one person who was stomping dirt off his boots. She must have had a bad experience with boots before because she was very upset. Flicker just really wants to be with you and would prefer to be on you while you lay there. If she doesn't see my face, she will lay on my head."

"Flicker is adjusting well to her new environment which is great. She is very affectionate and needy as advertised on the write up that I was given about her, but that is not a bad thing. Flicker seems to only know sit so she will need to be taught everything. Everything in here is still too new for her so getting and keeping her attention is hard to do outside of the cell. She will settle in soon enough though so for now, I just let her explore the area as she wants to. Flicker is doing well with the other dogs including Rocky. They're not friends, but they co-exist well during walks."