Frankie is a 2-3 year old lab/feist mix. He may have Jack Russell or another breed mixed in there. Frankie weighs 35-40lbs. He was a stray dog who ended up at a shelter. Frankie is sweet, friendly, and the perfect size!

For information on adopting Frankie, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"This week we worked on the canine good citizenship test with hopes that we won't look foolish when the testing is done. Time will tell, but I think we'll do good. Frankie's "stays" are something that need work especially around distractions so that's a work in progress. Keeping his focus while we walk around while his friends play is something we do daily. I use the playtime as a reward, but he really wants to join them so it's the ultimate test."

"This week has been a lot like the rest with what we do. Frankie has finally become comfortable enough outside to the point where he isn't distracted and will obey the commands he's learned in the cell. He learned to fetch this week with a tennis ball in the dog runs. Frankie is approaching people who are sitting down for them to pet him which is good. He has become desensitized to the sliding gate out front that he used to run from. He learned, "Be frank with me," which is his unique version of speak."

"Frankie had his first field trip this week with HOPE dog volunteer, Danner. Everything went well which is good to hear. Frankie met the new dog, Lance, and they got along fine. His only nemesis is Reggie for some reason... Frankie is doing okay with training since it depends on whether or not he's too scared/frightened. This week he has a good understanding of sitting from a down position, but he is struggling with the stand command. Frankie should be good with "back" soon too."

"Frankie continues to get more comfortable around here and is showing more of his personality. He is much better outside with his cues, but he is also much more focused on playing with the other dogs instead. Frankie's focus needs work but "touch" helps redirect him most of the time. He is still timid in places he's not used to but he's getting better... Frankie learns best in the cell which is where I work most with him at first. He is slowly transferring it outside where the distractions are. He is beginning to grasp "speak" and is getting really good with "auto sit" and "leave it." Frankie still isn't a fan of Reggie, but it's getting better. He'll sniff Reggie briefly without reacting."

"Frankie is gradually getting more comfortable here, but he still has a ways to go. There's a lot of foreign sights and sounds that get to him when we are outside, but he'll get used to everything on his own time. With that said, he is comfortable in the cell where he is proving to be a fast learner. He learned sit, down, touch, shake, leave it, other, and crawl so far. Frankie likes most of the dogs except for Reggie & Rusty. He'll play with the rest and his favorite is Denver. While walking, when Frankie gets spooked by the gate that slides open he'll get close to Denver. Frankie is good with people and will not shy away from them, but he won't get excited by it either."

"Frankie is still a little uncertain of his new environment, but he is coming around with each day. He doesn't know anything yet, but he's getting to know "sit" in the cell where he is most comfortable. Frankie likes other dogs and will perk up when Ayla, Denver, or Katy is around. Pepper and Frankie are okay together too. Frankie is beginning to play with a rope toy and tennis balls. He loves laying in bed with me and demands attention while doing so. He also likes to hang out on my foot locker as if it were a perch. Frankie has no issues with being crated."