Ayla is a 1-2 year old lab/pit bull mix. She loves other dogs and is also kid friendly.

For information on adopting Ayla, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Ayla is a perfect dog who gets along with anyone or any dog. Even the biggest, loudest dog, she'll get along with and will be happy to play with. This week we slowly introduced her to Hank and she loved him right away. After just a few short minutes, Ayla was playing with Hank."

"The prison hosted an event this past week at Camp Hill called, "Family Night." Fortunately, some of the dogs got the opportunity to participate and from what we heard, Ayla did great! She got the chance to show off her "moves" while the tours were taking place and we believe this experience was beneficial for both the visitors and dogs."

"Ayla likes watching the wildlife around here and sometimes tries to chase whatever it is. She really enjoys being outside in nice weather. Here at Camp Hill, Ayla has earned herself the nickname of "Little Rhonda Rousey!" Usually when she plays with Denver or Lance, she'll try to pin her "opponent" to the ground. (This is play....there is no aggression.) So far, Ayla has a "good record" with only 1 loss! Ayla gets along with Katy, Pepper, and Reggie, but she seems to like being around Denver the most."

"This week we worked on fine tuning the tricks Ayla already knows. We let some of the other trainers in the program play and watch her while we walked away. She doesn't show any signs of separation anxiety. Ayla will run and play with whoever watches her. She's a really great dog."

"Ayla is a sweet pit bull mix...but lately she is thinking more like a bird dog! When we're outside walking, we'll see a bird and Ayla will want to try to sneak up on it. This is kind of funny! She'll crouch close to the ground, walk really slow, and then try to catch her feathered friend. Ayla never even comes close because the bird usually flies away before she even gets within 5 feet of it. I'm sure Ayla wouldn't hurt the bird and to be honest, I don't think either of us would know what she would do with it if she caught it! Ayla learned how to walk backwards this week and sometimes she walks backwards in a circle instead of straight so we're still working on it."

"Ayla really enjoys bouncing around with all of the other dogs especially Denver and Lance. Ayla seems to look for those 2 every time we are outside! She got to play in the yard a lot this week and wore off a bunch of energy which made training her all the more easy. She continues to do great with all of her commands. Ayla is very smart and deserves a home of her own."

"Ayla is an amazing dog who has tons of energy and is very smart. She's loving, playful, and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. All she wants is to be loved by an active family who will take the time to play with her. Ayla is the best dog I've had and she really deserves a family who will love her and give her the attention she needs."

"Ayla got creative this past Friday! While we were walking outside, she found a stick. She was so excited to play fetch with it until she eventually chewed it into a million pieces. Then she looked at me like why didn't you stop me. Ayla continues to do great with her tricks and commands. She met the new dog, Lance, and gets along great with him."

"This week we trained a lot with loose leash walking and training off leash. Ayla learned how to spin and picked it up pretty quickly. She isn't a big fan of the rain or cold, but Ayla loves to be outside when it's warm and sunny. Ayla loves everyone she meets, all canines included."

"This week Ayla had a blast playing and learning how to move backwards. We have been fine tuning her basic tricks as well. Ayla met the new dog, Frankie, and just wanted to play with him. She even looks for him when we are outside now! Ayla is and always will be a great dog."

"Ayla had an exciting week with the weather we had. She got to go to the yard to play with Katy and Denver. They all had so much fun and got more than enough exercise. We continue to practice all of her commands regularly and hope that someone will give Ayla her second chance."

"This past week Ayla met Denver! They get along really good and enjoy playing together. They'll play for hours. Usually, they'll run around chasing one another and/or a tennis ball. Ayla still plays with Katy a lot. Ayla doesn't have a mean bone in her body and would make a loving family very happy to have her."

"Ayla is a wonderful dog that gets along with everyone, human and dog. Even if a dog is aggressive, she doesn't get upset or mad and just wants to play. Ayla is very smart and loves to please. She knows all sorts of tricks even though sometimes she likes to be stubborn. We are always working with her and she will be the perfect dog for a loving family."

"Ayla is a high energy puppy who is sweet, lovable, and will make a loyal pet for whomever decides to adopt her. Since she is a younger dog, her focus and attention span needs improvement. We worked on this issue this past week by doing the "watch" command in the cell and by redirecting her attention when a bird, person, or another dog distracted her while we were walking outside. Ayla loves to run in circles in the snow and then stop and push her snout in it."

"Ayla is a sweet and lovable dog who is high energy, likes to play, and is friendly to all other dogs and humans. She met Katy and Jasmine this past week. She enjoys playing with them, but Jasmine seems to be her favorite ever since Wally was adopted. Ayla knows her basic commands and we'll keep working so she has mastered these and more."

"This past week Ayla did great with the challenges she faced! It recently snowed and at first, she was terrified. However, after a day or two, she learned to tolerate it and now likes to play in it. Ayla has learned touch, sit, down, up and paw. We're still working on a few others. One of Ayla's favorite activities is to go on "visits." She likes to see people and be petted."

"Ayla had another great week learning new skills, socializing with the other dogs, humans, and playing! She really enjoys her rope toy, playing fetch, and goofing off in the cell. We focused on loose leash walking this week. She's making progress, but we will still keep working. Ayla is a smart dog who picks up new tricks quickly."

"Ayla is a wonderful dog who loves to play and run around until she drops. She is a puppy who has plenty of energy and will play with any dog for hours. Ayla has made great progress over the past week. She's really started to come out of her shell and be comfortable here. Ayla is improving on her basic skills such as sit, paw, touch, crate, and up (up on a milk crate or my bunk for example). She really enjoys being petted, receiving treats, and playing fetch. She is well liked here!"

"This week we welcomed Ayla into the program! She is an 18 month old pit bull mix who is sweet, lovable, and high energy! Her behavior is quite good so far. Since day 1, Ayla has been very outgoing. She wants to meet everyone and has met Gracie, Chloe, Pepper, and Wally as well as a lot of inmates. Ayla gets along with all of the dogs and really enjoys playing with Wally. So far, we have worked on sit, crate, and paw commands. Ayla is doing great with these and hopefully by the end of the week, she will have them mastered."