Wally is a 3-5 year old mastiff mix. He weighs about 65lbs. Wally is a friendly dog who is learning the basics and slowly coming out of his shy shell. He's very sweet. We believe Wally was most likely an outside dog prior to ending up in a shelter.

For information on adopting Wally, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Wally has become super playful compared to when he first arrived. He continues to do well with his commands and meeting new people. He learns new things very quickly and is eager to please. Even though Wally is probably 75 pounds, he's a very sweet, gentle dog. He deserves a great home."

"Wally enjoys playing with the new dog, Ayla. We worked on parallel walking with Rusty and played tug of war with the basketball with me. Wally's sit and stay commands are very good. He's a smart and loving dog. Pepper and Wally had a few play dates in each other's cells. Wally knows sit, stay, down, touch, watch, left, right, and heel."

"Wally played with Gracie and Pepper a lot this week. He now really loves to play with toys especially balls and playing tug of war. Wally does so well when interacting with people and other dogs. He's much more confident now versus when he first arrived which is really good. He is a really great dog who just needs a loving home."

"Wally and Delaney played great together this past week. He played with a basketball and it's cool to finally see him figure out what to do with toys. Wally is doing well with all of his commands. He normally won't leave your side when he's off leash so it's hard to practice recalls sometimes. He's just such a good dog."

"I'm new in the HOPE program and moved into the cell where Wally lives. He's really warmed up to me quickly. I take him outside and we run around and play. He knows sit, stay, heel, paw, touch, and watch very well. Wally likes to play with Delaney, Rusty, Pepper, and Gracie. He gets along well with all dogs though. He started to paw at a ball this week outside and jumping around after it. It was funny to watch. He will be missed greatly when he's adopted."

"Wally learned leave it and started to work on desensitization of the cell block with loud noises and all of the hustle & bustle. He has gotten much better since he arrived but still needs some work. He just wants to be loved and petted. Hopefully, Wally will find a good home. He deserves it more than any dog."

"Wally is a really smart dog. He has learned sit stay, down stay, and started to learn to crawl. Wally already knows sit, stay, touch, down, stand, watch, and paw. He plays with Gracie and Delaney and we spent a lot of time with Pepper. Wally has started to learn how to chase the ball and run with it in his mouth. I don't think he ever had the opportunity to play before. Wally is a really good dog and whoever ends up adopting him will fall in love with him just as I have."

"This week Wally did a lot of running and chasing after me. He loves to be outside running, jumping, and playing. Wally does well with loose leash walking and we're working on heeling. Wally really likes the new dog, Chloe. He loves to be petted. He is a very sociable dog who likes to follow you around once he knows you. He's a fast learner."

"This week Wally spent some time still trying to get used to this place. He is still unsure about this place but give him some time and he will be running and hanging out just like the rest of the dogs. Wally met Gracie and hung out with Pepper. He is fine with them. He's met Delaney briefly and they're ok together. We're working on sit, down, touch, watch, and lots of loose leash walking. Wally is such a loving and sweet dog."

"This week was Wally's first week in jail. He has been scared of the new environment, but he is a good dog. Wally is an undernourished mastiff mix. He was probably an outside dog. Wally is a free old soul that just wants to enjoy the finer things in life like getting petted, eating, and sleeping. He's a very loving dog."