For information on adopting Clara, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489.

Clara is a very happy, sweet dog. She loves play time with male dogs as well as long walks and car rides. Sh
e was brought to Animal Rescue Inc. as a stray in July 2011. Clara received a lot of attention here at ARI with her beautiful brindle-y color and was adopted for a short time to a family where she showed herself to be a very loyal and affectionate dog to her Mom and Dad. Clara had a hard time sharing the attention of her new adopters with their son and so she was returned to us. Luckily for Clara she was chosen to go into the H.O.P.E. program and work towards becoming an even better dog. Clara entered HOPE February 27, 2014 and graduated from the program soon after with flying colors! Clara knows how to sit, give paw and lay down. True to her nature, Clara will chase small animals so a home with out cats or other small animals would be best for her...Why would you need anyone else if you had beautiful and affectionate Clara?


In October, Clara had a week where she wasn’t feeling well and it was decided to send her back to her rescue to be checked out by their veterinarian.

Clara has been checked by the vet, some tests were run, and she has a clean bill of health. She has learned about as much as she can from her inmate handler and has been so happy to see the volunteers at the rescue that it was decided she would stay at the rescue. Clara prefers to hang out with male dogs and she has already made some new friends. Animal Rescue Inc. is located in New Freedom, PA. Be on the lookout for her at events in that area in the future.

We wanted to let you know how far she has come in the HOPE Program and her handler reports that she can: sit, down, come, stay, shake (she will give you one paw, and if you say “other” she will give you the other paw), knee, touch, and leave it. Those of us involved with HOPE who have gotten to know Clara love her and have had so much fun watching her personality blossom. We hope that someone will want to make her a part of their family.

Week 15
Clara's new best friend is Dixon! She loves to play with him. Clara even left Dixon come in the cell and hang out with her. They get along great! Clara is a very sweet dog that loves to give kisses.

Week 14
Clara is working on learning a new trick "Knee" and she is doing really well. We are working on treating Clara when she meets new people and when she's around Madison.