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"Jack and Archer continue to play well and are best friends. They play daily and love rolling around together. It's funny how they lock eyes from a distance and fixate on one another until they're together. It's like a love story."

"Jack and I took long walks and and worked on basic cues this week. As far as his resource guarding is concerned, we have been working on a lot of "fetch." He is doing really well with it including releasing it to me then Jack will sit, shake, and touch before I throw a toy again. He really enjoys playing with some of the other dogs."

"Jack went on a field trip this weekend and did well during it, but not before or after though. Jack went to the softball field this week too. He did really well exploring a new area and had a lot of fun. He explored a soccer goal and had a moment in the net that was funny watching him figuring out how to get out."

"Jack is slowly improving with his obedience at his convenience. He hasn't thrown any tantrums in awhile which is a good thing. Jack and Archer are best friends and he seems to have kicked poor Humphrey to the curb! Leila and Jack will most likely become friends as well."

"This week, Jack got really close with Archer and may view him as his favorite over Humphrey. They play rough, but it is all play, all the time... Jack met Leila and I believe that they too will be friends. Jack doesn't like the heat too much which makes walking him easier depending on how you look at it."

"We had another week without a tantrum as we walked and walked some more all week. Jack is doing really well with commands "with me" and "touch" while on our walks. Jack is doing better with other dogs as they play around him with toys or in the pool. When he stiffens and is on the verge of reacting, he can be redirected easier than before. Jack continues to willingly leave his toys for treats. Jack and Archer still get along well and could eventually play off leash soon."

"It's been a positive week for Jack with no tantrums or guarding issues. His tantrums are what they are because of frustrations so they have to be managed when needed. The use of a toy is the plan so we'll see how that works. He has been doing well around other dogs playing close to him with toys. He responds well to humans approaching with treats and will leave his toys to see them. He still gets really, really excited to see his friends, but he is listening better and sitting even if it is only temporary... Jack likes Archer and they interact in a good way daily."

"This week, Jack spent the night with another handler in the program. Jack did well with the temporary change. Jack likes Archer and they may eventually be able to play together. Jack's "leave it" command is much improved and his "touch" command is really useful for redirection."

"Jack has been Jack this week which is mostly a good thing. He is getting there as far as his manners are concerned and he is doing great with his walking. I play tug with Jack while people are around. He will release the toy for others and walk to them for a treat. We will continue working on this for a while. Jack likes to get into the pool and needs no urging to do so. He likes to drink the water."

"This week was better than the last week given the lockdown. Jack has been doing really, really well with his walking. He has been walked by more than me and listens to others too. Jack's resource guarding is a work in progress and his only real barrier to adoption. Jack continues to play great with Humphrey and even Leo. Leo, at times, gets serious but Jack thinks he's a joke and treats it like a game."

Jack had a great week. He really is a big, 80 pound puppy. He's made huge progress with his manners and obedience skills since he's been in the prison. Jack would do very well with adopters who have an active lifestyle. He loves to exercise. We're all thrilled with the progress that he's made so far and he's definitely a staff favorite!

"This week, we're working on walking politely on a loose leash so we're practicing that daily. "Leave it" and "touch" are the cues I focused on the most this week. We are working on Jack's resource guarding towards other dogs over toys. With nothing to guard, Jack is great with dogs and people. He loves Humphrey and he enjoys teasing Leo..."

"Jack is very friendly and loves attention from anyone. He has manners when meeting people but needs to learn not to pull towards them. Jack hasn't shown any aggression towards other dogs and loves to play with Humphrey. Jack likes to play fetch with tennis balls and does so well. His "out" is improving and is fairly consistent. Jack has been walking much better and is grasping "with me". He will move to my left side on that cue more often than not. His tantrums have cut down in frequency, but they still occur. Redirection works to overcome them and switching up what's being done keeps him focused. Jack finally jumped on the bed this week. He was hesitant because of the top bunk and didn't know exactly how. It was obvious that he wanted to try though because he would cry then rest his head on the mattress while standing there in my face."

"Jack is fine with the dogs except Rebel. He loves playing with Humphrey and wants to play with the rest. Jack loves people so that isn't an issue. He's well mannered too. He hasn't resource guarded his food or toys, but he doesn't care for certain people approaching the cell. Jack is doing well with, "out" as we play fetch in the runs. Being stern with commands seems to break him from his stubbornness."

We'd like to welcome Jack to Camp Hill! Jack left Roxbury and will now be staying at Camp Hill to continue his training. "Jack has been great so far. He loves people and seeks attention. Thankfully, he does so politely without jumping. He hasn't shown any significant aggression towards the other dogs. He's not too fond of Rebel, but it can be managed. Jack and Humphrey hit it off on the first day. He submitted to Humphrey when introduced so we let them play a little bit. Jack seems to walk better by the day. He is treat motivated, but I found that this "tugga" rope toy is the most effective and versatile way to train him. It's a lure and a reward so I have to keep it intact. My goal is to never let him guard it and he hasn't tried to yet. Other handlers have been walking Jack in hopes of preventing any attachment issues he may have had in the past." Keep up the good work, Jack!

"This week we spent a lot of time playing fetch. Jack seems to like the new guy, Baxter. Everything is fine with their interaction and they seem to be getting along great. He's mastered his basic training - sit, down, wait, stay, leash, walking, etc... He's advanced with his obedience training, responding to cues, has good recall on things he's learned before, and is all around less of a handful. The 25- 45 minutes of exercise and recreation he gets each day keep him calm, and he's turned out to be a great dog with manners. He's passed his Canine Good Citizen test, and I believe he'd do best with a family with children 12 years or older. "

Jack had a great week! His handler describes him as being laid back and relaxed. Jack continues working daily on his commands and is a great all around dog.

Jack's training is coming along great. He accomplished mat training, basic training and some advanced and has passed his canine good citizen test. He loves running in the snow and eating it.

Jack had a great week! He passed his good citizen test! He loves tipping over his outside water bowl when it freezes and then plays with the ice! He doesn't seem to mind the cold, but doesn't like the wind blowing hard. He's doing well with his cues and commands. Jack does show some resource issues with other dogs and would probably do best as the only dog.

Jack's training is coming along great and he's showing great improvement. He does mat training and is very good with his cues: sitting, waiting, rolling, lay down and crate and can do a high five. He's working on his food resource guarding with other dogs but his food motivation helps with his training. Jack shouldn't have any trouble passing is Canine Good Citizen test.

"Great manners and a little lover. Gets excited when greeting," Jack's handler says. Good with his cues, sit down and wait. He loves to eat ice!