For information on adopting Baxter, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Baxter is still doing well with his cues. He met a dog who came into the prison to visit and Baxter was good. He likes to play fetch and is a very well behaved dog. He's more than ready to be adopted and just needs a home now."

"Baxter met some new people this week and he was great with them. He was a little shy at first and then was good. We did the agility course. Baxter's perfect home would have no other pets. He'd adjust easier if that were the case."

"Baxter listens so well that he won't touch his treats until you say, "all done!" He loves to play fetch and is crate trained. Baxter loves to be petted. He's a great dog who does so well with people."

"Baxter is super ready to go into a home and be adopted. He had a vet visit this week and did really well there. He's a calm, semi-shy dog who would prefer to be the only pet. He obeys all his commands very well."

"Baxter stays by my side and walks attentively when he's off leash. We played fetch for a while and he really liked that. His connection with people is very good and he has no issues with his cues. Baxter is a well trained dog who needs to find a family to become attached to."

"Baxter is doing well for the most part. He is very shy towards some people. I don't stress him out by forcing him to meet people. He's great with all of his cues and is staying more focused now. Baxter is much more of a loner and doesn't like to be bothered by other dogs. He does so extremely well with people and loves to be the center of attention."

"Baxter has returned to the program and seems to be very happy to be back. Baxter remembers all of the handlers and others he has met during his stay at RCI. He still knows all of his commands and seems to be comfortable here."

"Baxter does well with all of his commands and his recall is very good. He can pull sometimes on a leash, but he's very receptive to correction. He doesn't like other dogs to jump on his back or try to get on top of him. He does great with dogs otherwise."

"When it's really hot outside, we've learned that Baxter prefers to be inside and he loves the fan. He can be leery of some strangers, but it's not all the time. He is a loving dog."

"This week, Baxter has been working on loose leash walking and he's doing much better in this area. He does well with submissive dogs, but his dominant behaviors around other dogs are improving. He responds to commands excellently when treats are involved and he continues to work on his cues when food isn't involved."

"Baxter is doing well with his commands and is responding to them even when treats aren't involved. He likes to play fetch and will bring the ball back. He would do well with a laid back dog."

"Baxter has been coming along very well as of late. He has been a lot less reactive to the other dogs even when they overcrowd his space. He's a very good, affectionate dog. I believe that with a little more time, Baxter can overcome any issues in regards to other dogs."

"Baxter has been doing pretty well in the agility course and he's been getting better and better in regards to obeying his commands. He is good with other dogs as long as they do not over step their boundaries with him. He is very smart and would be an extremely good companion dog for any owner who decides to adopt him."

"Baxter has been doing a very good job of being calmer around other dogs. I still believe that he can use a little more work with the other dogs, but he is without a doubt headed in the right direction. Baxter is extremely affectionate. He loves to be rubbed and played with. He is a very good dog and would make any home much better."

"This week, I've been assisting in helping with Baxter's reactivity to other dogs. Baxter is a very good dog and he is very people friendly. He does have the tendency to loose his patience with other dogs. He does not like dogs barking at or around him which sometimes leads to him getting upset. We've been working on the obstacle course and he has made great progress with the jump bar, jumping over, and going under by command."

"Baxter is doing very well this week. He is becoming more open towards everyone. Baxter is a warm hearted dog. Everyone can pet him. I see no barriers to adoption. Baxter's manners are great."

Baxter is settling into the prison and coming out of his shell. He is doing very well on his manners and is working on sit and stay. He barks and also gives paw on que. He loves to play catch with the tennis ball!

"Baxter is doing very well here this week. He is starting to walk around the unit with his tail up. He loves being petted. One of the nurses visits him every day. He's a nice dog and plays with the other dogs. I see no food or people aggression or resource guarding. Baxter is doing well walking beside you and off leash. He knows sit, stay, and wait. We're working on down." Keep up the great work, Baxter!

Week 1
"Baxter is very shy right now. This is his first week, but he is warming up to people and all he is looking for is love. He's not reactive to people, and he's not guarding resources - he does eat by himself, but will show another dog his teeth and back away if they try to mount him. Other than that, he just walks away. He's learning good manners and he's doing great walking off a leash. We are working on Sit and Stay. As I introduced myself to Baxter while feeding him treats, he was very receptive and calm. His tail was swinging and his gaze was easy. He follows commands and cues to sit, stay, down, etc... He still needs patience and to learn to focus.

He's very open to playing with other dogs. When we play, he enjoys playing fetch with the tennis ball. Overall, his interaction with people is good. He passed his Canine Good Citizen test, and I recommend he be adopted by an active adult or an active family without small children. He does become anxious if he's crowded or if there's too much traffic around him. I spent a lot of time with Baxter this week. He's great on and off leash. He enjoys walking around outside. He's really a wonderful dog with no food aggression so far - and that's the first thing we look for."