For information on adopting Madison, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Madison met Gabbie this week and didn't even pay attention really. Madison just shies away from her. We did her usual---play with the ball. We worked on moon walking. She's such a smart girl!"

"Madison spent time around Rusty this week and wasn't even bothered by him. Madison can climb up and sit on multiple stacked milk crates now. She's really good at it. She's working on learning how to weave through legs now too. She is such a loving and happy dog."

"Madison saw both new dogs and remained relaxed and happy. She would just continue about her business as if they weren't really there. Madison spent a lot of time in the pool. She really likes to swim. We played with her ball a lot. It's her favorite thing to do."

Madison has been living at the Camp Hill prison for almost 2 years. She is very well mannered and knows countless commands. She is 3-4 years old and is more than ready to be paroled. Madison needs to be the only pet. She's come a long way with learning to tolerate other dogs and now mostly just ignores them. Madison is the perfect fit for someone who only wants to shower one pet with love. We desperately need everyone's help in sharing Madison so we can find her a home. Thanks for your support!

"Madison has done really well with Humphrey this week. She gets pretty close to him and even has been walking close to Jack too. She likes to jump in the pool and get her head wet when it's really hot outside. She is such a good dog and she will be missed when she goes."

"Madison went to the softball field and ran around for at least 45 minutes until she was tired. Madison had a field trip this week and had a great time. She met some new people and saw some dogs and didn't react at all. She walked past them with no issues at all." Yay Madison!

"Madison worked on "beg" and "lay on your back" this week. Madison did a lot of sniffing around Humphrey and some of the other dogs. She is really getting better with the more exposure that she gets from the new dogs. Madison played with her favorite balls and found a rope toy that she loves too."

"Madison did really well watching the other dogs play this week. She is learning how to lay on her back on command as well as beg. She's really starting to catch on. Madison doesn't react towards Leila at all even the times that Leila has barked at her excitedly. Madison did a lot of playing with her favorite ball too."

"Madison learned how to roll onto her back and stay on her back this week. She met the new dog, Leila. Madison got pretty close to her before she decided to back up. She also got super close to Pepper. I really hope she'll get close enough to meet one of the dogs officially soon and not back away at the last second. We practiced jumping over the milk crates this week too."

"Madison learned to jump up on things this week like the toilet, the foot locker, and a milk crate. She is getting really good at this. Madison is very tolerable with the smaller dogs especially Humphrey. She's made so much progress."

Madison went for a sleepover! As you can see, she loved every minute of it!

"Madison spent time getting pretty close to Leo and Humphrey this week. She has been very curious and sniffs the air when Archer and Jack walks by. She loves to lay on you when you watch TV. She is such a good dog."

"Madison met the new dog, Archer this week. She did not react when she saw him at all and behaved perfectly. She spent some time in the pool, but isn't a huge fan of the water. Madison also followed Humphrey and Leo around a lot this week. I can't believe she hasn't been adopted yet."

"Madison went on a two mile walk with one of the volunteers this week. Madison saw other dogs and behaved perfectly. She just ignored them and did her own thing. She really wants to sniff Humphrey's butt, but he's not a big fan of having anyone near his butt. Madison likes to watch Jack and Humphrey play, but she does so from a distance. She is such a people dog. She just loves to lay around and be with you. Madison is such a loving and caring dog. She just wants your undivided attention. I hope someone will love her as much as I do."

"Madison spent a lot of time in the dog yard playing ball and running. She laid down and watched Humphrey and Jack play for a while. Madison has learned to jump over milk crates and she's so good at it. Besides Humphrey, Madison is able to get close to Leo and Pepper without any problems. She doesn't want to play with them, but she's comfortable with being close to them. She has come a long way since being here." Good job, Madison!!!

Madison is doing great in the prison. She's perfected just about every trick possible. Her handler has done an excellent job with her. We all just want Madison to find a home now. She would be an excellent dog for a family with kids, a couple, or single person. She needs to be the only pet, but that doesn't make her any less deserving of a home. Please help us spread the word about Madison!

"Madison went to the softball field this week and played ball. She kept trying to sneak off with the softball glove to chew it. It was so funny. She has been really interested in Humphrey lately. Madison has sniffed him a couple of times and has been really close to his face. This is huge progress for her! She is such a good dog and I hope someone will see her for the good dog that she is."

"Madison learned a new trick this week. She will walk behind me and sit on my right. Madison loves to play tug of war. She does not stop playing until she's exhausted. Madison is a very fun and loving dog when we are in the cell. She curls up to sleep and puts her head on my chest. Madison has been super curious about Leo lately. She tries to sniff him, but when he looks at her she runs away. It's really funny to watch." Madison was a model this week in CPAA's Compassion with Fashion event. Her performance was great! She loved walking the runway and even licked a camera lens! We can't believe this sweet girl hasn't found a home yet!!

"Madison did a lot of loose leash walking this week. She loves to play with her tennis ball and basketball. Madison met Pepper and did not get upset or worked up. She has been doing well with all the dogs and mostly just ignores them and does her own thing. Madison is doing great with the new handler in the program. She is a really good dog and she will be missed when she gets her new home, but until then she can stay with us."

Madison spent some time just relaxing on her bed outside this week. She met the new dog, Jack. She tries hard to ignore him because she's scared of him probably due to his large size. He cries out because he'd like to meet her, but Miss Madison just isn't fond of the big boy! "She has been doing really well when other dogs growl and act out towards her. She has come a long way with her training. Madison is a really good dog and she just needs a chance with a family to love her as much as I do."

Madison visited the activities building and saw many geese. She didn't try to chase the geese or react to them at all. She jumped into an office chair while at the activities building and curled up into a ball to sleep. Madison listens very well even when off leash. She knows almost 30 commands. Way to go girl!

Madison did very well with the other dogs this week. She played off leash in a large field for hours chasing her ball. Madison was featured on Good Day PA and had a great time meeting new people at abc27's studio. Everyone there absolutely loved her! Her handler can't believe she hasn't found a home yet!

"Madison spent a lot of time relaxing with Leo and Buddy and getting comfortable with them. She doesn't want to play with them, but she's fine if they get close to her. Madison loved playing fetch with her ball off leash." Madison went to a park this week and had a great time playing on the playground. She listened very well and had a wonderful time meeting some children.

"Madison got to just run her little heart out this week when all the snow melted. She has a basketball that she chases and plays tug of war with. She is so happy just to run and play. Madison has been getting really close to Buddy and even tried to sniff Leo and Haley. When Ivy barks at her, Madison just ignores her. She will do many of her commands with no treats. She is such a smart dog and she's come a long ways."

Madison enjoys Buddy's company the most out of all of the dogs. She and Buddy sit side by side very close together. Madison doesn't react or get upset if any of the other dogs act out. She just watches and remains calm. "This week, Madison learned to pray so she says her prayers before she goes to bed each night." She loves the sun and got to catch some rays outside. "She is such a sweetheart and she will be hugely missed. Till then, she can stay with me."

Madison learned a new trick called, "paws up," quickly and practiced her "crawl" and "bow." She had a vet visit this week and behaved wonderfully for the vet. Madison did get upset when she saw another dog, but it wasn't too difficult to distract her attention elsewhere. She is very used to the dogs in the prison, but Madison is not as thrilled to see new, unfamiliar dogs. Madison's handler has taught her 17+ commands. This girl is ready for her new home!

Madison spent a good amount of time working on "bow" and "crawl" this week. She has perfected "bow" and is still working hard at "crawl". She had a great time playing in the snow again and secretly hopes that winter will never end! Madison's handler said, "She is doing really good with all of the other dogs and it seems like she gets more comfortable with the dogs every day." We keep promising Maddie that her forever home will come along soon!

This week Maddie got to do one of the things she loves most…play in the snow. She loves to run and spin in the snow. But nothing is better than eating the ice she finds under the snow. When she wasn’t playing in the snow, she worked on her new command “crawl”. She also spent some time with Buddy. She hasn’t been reacting to the other dogs in the program. She has come a long way in dealing with her issues with other dogs.

This week Maddie has seen and been really close with the new dogs. She has not reacted to Buddy or Ivy. She has spent a lot of time watching Humphrey play. In the outside runs, she and Humphrey run back and forth. When Humphrey barks, Maddie gets happy and spins and gets goofy. When not around the other dogs, she is really laid back and all she wants to do is play with her ball. When she is in the cell, all she wants to do is cuddle and lay on her handler. This week she added to her bag of tricks. She learned “crawl” and sharpened her “back” command.

“This week Maddie has improved in her dog issues. She did a little playing with Humphrey. When she saw him, she started to do some spins next to me, and then she ran back and forth and did some play bows. On another day, she actually touched him face to face, and then she was done. They were both so happy. She also saw the new dog and didn’t pay any attention to her. Maddie has made some very big jumps in her attitude with the other dogs. She has also spent some time with the other handlers and they have fallen in love with her because she is such a good dog.” We are proud of you Maddie! You are really coming out of your comfort zone around other dogs.

This week Madison did a lot of one on one with Humphrey and did really well. She also worked with Leo and that went OK. Madison had a great week due to the weather. She loves the snow. She runs and jumps and when her handler called her, she came back with her face all full of snow. She also loves to eat the snow. “I think it’s one of her favorite things to do besides taking long walks on the beach and watching the sun set.” We also think that Madison would have a great time on the beach and hope that someone will give her the chance to find out very soon. We love this girl and she will be so missed, but we want her to have her very own family to love her and give her the home and family she deserves.

This week Maddie did a lot of sniffing the other dogs. She also got sniffed by Dixon and Hailey. Madison went to the dog yard on Saturday and had so much fun. She was running and chasing the ball and she ran so fast that she did a somersault. Good news is that she wasn’t hurt and she got the ball. Maddie has made a lot of progress in the past few months with the other dogs.

Maddie also went on an outing to a volunteer’s house. She was the perfect house guest. She knew there were other dogs in the house, but only acknowledged them if they barked. She would bark back, but was easily redirected. She loved chewing on bones stuffed with peanut butter. She went into the crate on her own and lay there. She also had couch privileges. She practiced some of her commands and aced them. She went for walks and even though she was tired, she was too excited to close her eyes. She also thinks the Price is Right is an awesome show. She’s a very snuggly little girl, just waiting for that one person to step up and take her home.

This week Maddie has been doing really well with the other dogs. She did some parallel walking with Hailey and they were within six inches of each other. She also allowed Dixon to sniff her and she has been really close with Leo. She did a little on leash playing with Humphrey. She also has been working one-on-one with Queen. Neither of them paid much attention to the other, but it’s still a big step for Maddie. After training, Maddie and her handler relax by playing fetch on the block. The floors are slippery and Maddie slides all over the place chasing the ball. She loves being outside and discovered that she loves ice. She loves to chase it when thrown and even eat it. She does very well with all her commands and tricks.

This week Madison spent a lot of time with Dixon in the dog yard. Dixon’s energy was a little much for her, but they have been getting closer each time. She also spent some time with Leo. Madison loves the snow! She had so much fun chasing snow balls and then eating them.

This week Maddie did a lot of parallel walking with Dixon. She’s been spending time around Leo but they both ignore each other for the most part. The best way for dogs to get to know one another is for them to sniff each other. Maddie has been doing that with Hailey and Dixon and she even let Humphrey sniff her. “Maddie got a new toy for Christmas that she loves. When I throw it she chases it till it stops rolling then she picks it up and runs with it.” Maddie handler also says that she loves to take long walks on the beach and watch the sun set and then retire to her bed. We’re not sure how he knows this, but doesn’t Maddie sound like she would be the dog for you?

This week Maddie went out in the real word and did some parallel walking with dogs she never saw before. This is a big step for our sweet girl. She’s been getting close enough to Dixon to smell him and has been doing some parallel walking with him. She does like to go into Dixon’s space and grab his food when he’s not looking. If the other dogs bark at her, she scampers backward. Her favorite thing is hanging out with her handler.

This week Madison went out to get her picture taken. She did really well. Stay tuned for new pics. Madison has been getting close to the other dogs and sniffing them and if the other dog barks, she jumps back without any other reaction. She is very smart and knows all her commands. At training this week, she went to her place (a towel on the floor) and was able to settle with the other dogs around. She has found a new favorite toy – a tennis ball. She loves to tear them up. But her favorite is still her tug toy.

Note from volunteer: Madison has been in the program over a year. She is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Yes, she is a pit bull and that’s not a bad thing. We believe her first interactions with humans are what made her fearful of other dogs. If you are looking for your new best friend, it should be Maddie. The only thing you can’t do with her is take her to the dog park or have her up close and personal with other dogs. And what’s wrong with that? We as humans do not like all other humans. Why do we expect that all dogs have to like every other dog? If you have been following Maddie’s story and think she may be the one, ask to meet her. You will fall in love.

This week we had Madison spend a lot of time just hanging out around Leo. She usually ignores him, but is getting used to him being around. She does like to watch Humphrey and Dixon play and she gets excited and will jump around. She has been getting close to and sniffing Queen and Hailey. She is gaining courage, but is still unsure around the other dogs. Madison loves to chase her ball and play tug.

This week Maddie had a good week and enjoyed playing with both her handlers. She has been doing a lot of parallel walking with the other dogs and has had no problems. She is even getting along well with Leo. She walked very close to him and didn’t react. She has also been walking around on the block and goes to her handler when she is called. This week she also sniffed Queen!

Note from volunteer: Maddie is a sweet girl. We believe she had bad experiences with dogs before she came into rescue. She is fearful of other dogs and reacts negatively. She is looking for a home with no other dogs or cats. She is so loving. If you meet her, you would fall in love immediately. She loves to have her belly rubbed and she gets so excited, that her muzzle and belly turn pink. With the training that she has received, she can be taken out on field trips and usually doesn’t react to other dogs. If she does react, redirecting works well with her. This girl so deserves a chance. She’s been in the prison over a year and is more than ready for a home. If you are looking for a dog to be your new best friend, Maddie is the girl for you.

This week Maddie met the new dog, Leo, on several occasions and she seems to be afraid of him, all 10 pounds of him (actually Leo weighs about 30 pounds). She has been doing really well with Humphrey. They run back and forth in the dog runs. She’s also been chasing her ball. She can do it for hours. Maddie is not a big fan of the cold, but she does love to eat ice. She went on a field trip with some volunteers and they say she did really well. Maddie got to walk the riverfront in Harrisburg and also explore City Island. She did not react to any of the dogs she saw.

This week Madison has made a lot of progress. She went out with one of the volunteers and did really well. She walked past a couple of dogs and she did not react. In the prison, she saw the new dog and did not react. She also was in the kennel run and saw Humphrey and was doing everything to get him to play. She bowed, rolled over and bounced around. She loves to chase her ball and play tug of war. She can do that for hours. She also just loves to cuddle when she is in the cell. She is such a loving and affectionate dog. She will make someone’s home complete one day. But until then, she can stay here and fill our lives full of joy.

“This week Madison spent a lot of time just hanging out around the other dogs. She also has been running back and forth in the kennels with Humphrey. She seems to not mind most of the other dogs. She loves to watch the other dogs play. She loves to play soccer with her ball. She’ll chase the ball for an hour. She also loves to just lay around in the grass and try to pop the ball. She can’t, but she still tries. She also knows all of her commands. She’s a very good dog and will be missed when she gets adopted. She just needs a chance.”

This week Madison worked on just being around other dogs. She likes to watch the other dogs play, but gets upset if they get too close. The new ball that she found is her new favorite toy. She loves to chase it and will lay around chewing it, trying to pop it.

Week 47
Madison went out with one of the volunteers and did really well at the dog park. Madison also met the new dog Dixon this week. She was rubbing up and down the fence and seemed really friendly with him. She has come such a long way!

Week 46 
Madison spent a lot of time this week outside thanks to the great weather we are having. She chases the frisbee for about 10 minutes then falls down where she is standing, it's the funniest thing! When she comes inside she likes to lay on the cool, concreate floor and then gets belly rubs from all the people on the block. She is loved by many, if not all the people on the block!

Week 45
This week Madison celebrated her 1 year anniversary. Madison also discovered a new favorite toy, the frisbee! Madison's favorite past time is playing keep away with the ball. Her handlers are lucky that she gets tired pretty quick.

Week 44
This week Maddie played back and forth in the kennels with Hope. She was very happy and playful. This is a big step for our sweet little girl. Maddie’s handlers had a lot of fun with her this week. They played soccer in the back yard and were worn out from her chasing them. She also went to the park with one of the volunteers and was very relaxed and had a great time.

Week 43
“This week Madison has been doing a lot of running and laying in the grass. She has also been hanging around some of the other dogs around the back of the kennels. She will run after the ball and flip and play keep away. She is a big lap dog.” Maddie is learning to be around other dogs without reacting.

Week 42
Madison got to meet a bunch of new people this week. She loves meeting people! We spend a lot of time in front of the block in the shade. Madison lies down for the whole time. She likes to watch all of the people walk by the block. She is a loving dog that likes to be with her people.

Week 41 
One of Maddie's favorite past time is relaxing, except when she can chew on her favorite raw hide bone or chase her big red ball. She likes to sit in her handlers lap like she's a small dog. Maddie really wants a home of her own but does enjoy her time in prison because she gets all the attention she wants.

Week 40
This week Maddie ran the yard with me and my cellie. She did lots of tricks and played soccer. Maddie is really starting to listen to me well and has grown quite fond of me. Maddie is very smart and loves to play with her red ball. I will throw the ball and she will bring it back to me. She is such a loving dog, I pray she finds a home soon with a loving family.

Week 39
Madison received gold stars this week on her loose leash walking. She loves to lay in the grass outside and take in the sunlight. This week she was chasing the ball so fast that she actually flipped over the ball!

Week 38
This week Madison did a lot of parellel walking with Hunter and Jack. Madison will walk right beside me while she is off leash. She is a really lvoing dog and brings me and the rest of the block a lot of joy!

Week 37
This week Madison played a lot of soccer outside. She loves chasing the big, red ball. This allows us to reinforce her come recall. Madison and her new handler have become good friends.

Week 36
Madison went to the dog yard and played football. She is making great strides in meeting the other dogs.

Week 35
This week Madison spent a lot of time with her new handler. They went outside to play tug-a-war and spent a lot of time together on the block. Madison also has been going outside and playing soccer with her favorite red ball. She loves chasing the ball, running up and down the yard. She has been doing a lot of sleeping because of all the fun she has been having.

Week 34
Madison spent this week working on getting closer to Bear. She spends every night running on the tier. Madison found a big, red ball that she loves to chase and carry around with her. When Madison is not playing she likes to lay around the house, dreaming of one day of having her very own big, back yard.

Week 33
This week, Madison got gold stars for meeting Clara. “She was ok with her. Now, she just kind of ignores her. She is also very happy to be back in her house. She has started to settle in very FAST and she also has been more upbeat when we play with the ball and the rope. Hopefully, SOON she will find a new permanent home.”

Week 32
This week Madison got used to being in her new cell and the new side. “She has been getting a lot of attention from everybody. They really love her presence. She has been hanging out a little with Bear and Wallace and not reacting so much. She has also been playing with Angel just a little.” In fact, Madison received gold stars from her handler this week for staying calm when other dogs are barking at one another! “Madison has been chasing the ball and the rope in the morning. She is really a good dog and she will be missed when she finds her new home. But until then, she can stay here for now or forever whatever comes first.”

Week 31
This week Madison got gold stars for getting comfortable with moving the other side of the block [with all of the other HOPE dogs and handlers] and to her new cell. “She just started playing with her rope and hanging out on the tier. The people over here love her as much as the people on the other side did. She has been doing really well with Wallace being close to her. She is really a good dog. Madison She would like a home with a big back yard, but until then she can hang out here.”

Week 30
"This week besides playing with her rope and ball, Madison has been getting closer to some of the other dogs. She play bowed with Wallace and gave Guardian a friendly sniff. She loves to run in the snow. Maddie caught a little cold later in the week, so she just wanted to sleep all day and be lazy. She really is a good dog. She will be missed when she goes, but until then, she can stay around as long as she wants."

Week 29
“This week I reinforced all of Madison’s commands. She has been running the tier playing with her ball and rope. She also played with Angel for like between 3-5 minutes and it was left on a good note. Madison has just been really laid back and calm. She is not a fan of cold weather so we don’t stay out long. But, she still loves to eat the snow. I have to stop her from eating the yellow snow HA HA. Madison is really a people dog.”

Week 28
"This week as not very interesting. Madison just did a lot of laying around and hanging out on the block meeting new people. She also played with the ball on the block and played tug a war with me. She still gets really excited when she sees Angel. Every time she sees her, she gets all excited, runs in circles and does this spin thing. Maddie also play bows with some of the other dogs.” This pup also got gold stars for being more playful in the snow this week! Paws crossed that a family falls in love with you as much as your handler has, Madison!

Week 27
"This week was really snowy and Madison started to like playing in it. She used to be like a diva, not wanting to walk in it. But this week, she ran in it and she loved eating it. She also ran with the her ball and her rope on the tier. Maddie was so funny slipping and sliding on the concrete. She looked like a cartoon character. She also went to the day room. Everybody loved her, and were always petting her. Madison is really a good dog."

Week 26
Madison’s handler reports that this pup is getting over her diversion to snow. “The last couple of weeks, she has been getting used to it. She loves to eat it and run in it. She has also been playing with Angel here and there and playing buddy and getting more comfortable with some of the other dogs in the program. Madison has also been on the block and everybody loves her so much. She is consistently being approached by everybody ~ even people who are scared of dogs like her. She is very friendly and loves to play with the ball out on the tier. She is a very loving and caring dog.” Although no one has put in an application for Madison yet, we HOPE that she will be able to be loving and caring in her forever home in 2014!

Week 25 
Madison doesn’t like snow. “In fact, she hates it.” So, her handler came up with a unique way of handling potty time. Maddy learned how to use the toilet. “She is really starting to get the hang of it, and she even learned how to flush. She is the perfect dog. She also thinks she is a 50 pound lap dog. She will sleep on my lap for hours except my legs keep going to sleep. Madison is a very loving dog. She will be missed by all the inmates here at Camp Hill when she finds that new home.”

Week 24
“This week Madison got to experience snow. She likes to eat it but does not like it. She has also been wearing a thunder vest, and she has been more relaxed. Madison also went to the dog yard and got to chase her ball. She loves that. She also found a rope toy and loves to play tug a war. The only barrier to her adoption is that she hasn’t received any applications. She is such a good dog and she will be missed very much when she finds her new home.”

Week 23
This week Madison went out with Miss Margie. She said that she did really well with her commands and did pretty good with one dog she met through a cage. When she was back at the prison, she went to the dog yard and ran for like an hour. She loves to play with the soft ball and she loves to do sit/stays and some parallel walking with Lonny. She is doing really well. She is a happy dog. She loves her treats and her ball. She will always greet you at the door looking so happy to see you. Madison is a loving and happy dog. I will miss her when she finds that new home. I think she would love a dog yard to run in.”

Week 22
This week, Madison went to the dog yard and did sit stays and down stays across the yard. She also chased her ball and laid around when she got tired. Her handler also took her to the day room for a little bit, and everybody wanted to pet her. As you have read, Madison doesn't always do well with other dogs, "but she is getting a little better." In fact, she received gold stars from her handler this week for play bowing when she met Lonny! Good girl! "She is a very loving and good dog. She loves to sleep when in she's in the cell, but when she's out of it, she loves to play. My only concern about Madison is that she is so sweet and she still hasn't found a home."

Week 21
Madison's handler reports this week that "she is getting more patience, but she still has a lot of puppy in her. She loves to play out in the dog yard and chase the ball and the frisbee. She got this new orange ball. She also loves to play with that. She spends time running and chasing it up and down the dog run. Madison also got to run around the tier and visit with everybody. She is such a sweet dog. She had a chance to play with Angel a little bit. She seems to be back to her normal self. I will miss her so much when she gets her new home."

Week 20
This week Madison and her handler just honed her basic commands, as well as going outside for some fun in the doggie area over the weekend. They also went out on the block and watched the people pass by. "She really is a people person. She misses me when I leave, so I have been working with her on that. She seems to love everybody. Hopefully, she finds a good home."

Week 19 
Madison worked on her patience and approaching people calmly this week. In fact, she received kudos from her handler for walking up to and not jumping when meeting people! Madison is also doing well not paying attention to the other dogs. “She is getting better and she has also been playing with them a little bit. She loves to chase the football out back.” Madison’s handler can’t understand why she’s still at the prison. “We are really close and I love her so much.” We HOPE you find forever family members to become close to you and love you too, Maddie!

Field Trip Alert - HOPE volunteer Jason took Madison out for a short field trip to his home this weekend. She had a great time as you can see in the pictures! Keep up the great work Madison--paws crossed your furever home will find you soon!

Week 18
Madison’s handler worked on her patience and her exuberance when she meets people this week. “She is good and loves to jump.” This pup also doesn’t like playing outside when it’s cold, so she and her handler had fun on the block. “We have been playing with the ball inside. She loves to play fetch, and she is so funny slipping and sliding all over the place. Madison is so loving and caring. Hopefully she will get a new home soon.”

Week 17
Madison’s handler is happy to report that she is back to normal. “She has been running jumping and playing. She has also been doing really well with Angel.” Although she likes to play, “Angel really loves to lay next to you and just cuddle. Everybody loves her so much they just want to pet her. She is definitely a people person, and loves chasing her red ball up and down the block. Hopefully, whoever adopts her will love and enjoy her company. She will be missed.”

Week 16 
Madison helped her handler write his journal this week. “Hello my name is Madison. I like to take long walks on the beach, watch the sunset and lay around all day. I know all of my commands. I have also been taking it easy since I had my surgery. I love to be petted by everyone. I also still run around, but not as much because of my medical restrictions. But come Sunday, I’ll have a green light, so I will be running and playing with my handler. Hopefully, one day I will find a more permanent Mom & Dad and make a new addition to their home [smiley face].”

Week 15
As some of you who have been following Madison’s story on our Facebook page, she had to have emergency surgery. Her handler reports that “she came back on Sunday, and is on the road to recovery. Everyone on the block was happy to see her back and seeing that she’s doing better. Madison is such a good dog. I was very worried about her, but she’s been strong. Hopefully, she will find a loving home. Someone who will love and care for her the way I do.”

Week 14
This week Madison was running and playing in the block and in the dog runs. “She has also been playing with Angel more every day. She has also been getting better with some of the other dogs. It's so funny how she plays with Angel. She jumps, rolls and bows with her. Every time she sees her, she wants to play. She is a fun loving dog, and I will miss her so much.”