For information on adopting Leila, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"Leila had her wishes answered this past week! Not only did she get the privilege to go out to meet new people, but she got adopted! It was great being able to work with Leila while she was enrolled in the program and she would always find a way to make us smile during playtime. We all will definitely miss her! Best wishes, Leila, and remember the swimming pools only get bigger from here on out!"

"Leila had yet another great week here at Camp Hill! Once again, she visited the baseball field and had a blast. She spent most of her time running around chasing softballs. One of her favorite activities is playing fetch. We visited the dog yard and she tried to hide in the grass which was funny because it was pretty short. She had fun so that's what counts! Leila is a very good dog!"

"Leila is an awesome dog that will make a great companion once adopted. She is very friendly, likes to stay active, and is eager to please. She had a blast this past week while she spent some time in the baseball field playing fetch and running around! While we're in the cell, Leila likes to hang out and enjoy some down time. Her usual favorite thing to do while she is inside is to lay next to you and sometimes on you."

"Leila is an amazing dog that will provide you with plenty of smiles and laughter every day! She is a very happy dog who loves to play and have fun. Some of the commands that she has started to learn throughout the past week are as followed... sit, down, touch, leave it, and crate. Leila loves to please and will be more than happy to just snuggle after play time."

"Leila definitely falls victim to a false and negative perception of pit bulls being a mean and aggressive breed of dogs. She is the total opposite because she is very friendly and affectionate. Leila is a happy dog who is always in a good mood and really enjoys her life! Given the fact that she was previously abused, she has no human or dog aggression issues. She likes to spend her time outside playing fetch, swimming, and playing with her friends. Leila has met most of the other dogs and plays with Jack, Humphrey, and Archer. We look forward to working with Leila and hope she finds her second chance to be happy with a family soon!"

Leila had a great first day at Camp Hill. She made sure to make a grand entrance by alerting everyone she met with adorable barks and wet kisses! Leila is about 1 year old and loves other dogs and people. Check back for updates regarding her progress next week!