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"Buddy had a blast this week. With the weather getting nicer every day, he is playing more and more. He knows the basics and is continuing to learn every day. Buddy likes to watch other dogs and tries to learn off of them too." Buddy had fun playing with Leo and Humphrey.

"This week was new and exciting for Buddy. We spent some time in the dog yard and Buddy really enjoyed running around off leash! We tried to play fetch and Buddy has the chasing part of this mastered, however he didn't understand that he was supposed to bring the ball back." We're confident you'll start bringing that ball back soon, Buddy!

Buddy had an exciting week. "For the first time, we shook hands and paw!" Buddy has only done both commands once so far, but we're confident that he'll add them to his list of mastered tricks soon. He meets new people every day and loves to visit with the people he already knows. Buddy walks so nicely on a leash and would make a great addition to any family!

Buddy worked with an additional handler this week besides his main handler. Buddy is very bonded to his main handler, but he was attentive and listened well to the other handler. Buddy has mastered the "watch me" command. He's working hard on "down" and almost has perfected it. Buddy is building his confidence each day by slowly meeting new people and new dogs. His dog buddies are Haley, Leo, and Humphrey.

Buddy has shown big improvements this week. He is adapting to "prison" life well and is much more comfortable this week versus week one. Buddy is meeting a few new people every day and has quickly learned tricks. Buddy sits on command and takes treats nicely. He visited Petsmart this week and was great with the children that he met. "Rumor has it that the sales clerks thought he was cute and gave Buddy a bone and squeaky toy!"

Buddy is settling in more and more. He is getting comfortable with his current living arrangements and is friendly with people. This week Buddy’s handler worked with him on his basic commands, including “sit”, “down” and “touch”.   He also worked on Buddy’s recall and reports that he has a very good recall.

Buddy has met Leo, Haley and Humphrey and has done well with them. It won’t be long before he is running around and playing with them.

Buddy is a Chihuahua/Australian Shepherd mix and is new to the program. This week he got familiar with prison life and is adjusting well. He has met a lot of people and does well with greetings. Buddy is a bit of a barker and he is learning the “quiet” command.   Buddy has been working on “sit” and “down” and he’s a fast learner. He also is quite the cuddler and likes to lie next to his handler and will lay his head on his arm or feet. Some of the handlers have nick-named Buddy “chupacabra” because of his looks. We volunteers think that he looks nothing like a chupacabra and is quite the handsome boy. Check him out! What do you think?

Meet Buddy, our newest HOPE dog in Camp Hill SCI. He’s a two-year old Australian Shepherd/Chihuahua mix. He came into rescue from a hoarding situation. He’s been in a foster home for a while and is good with people, most other dogs and lived with cats. His handler will be working on building up his confidence as well as the basics.  Stay tuned!