For information on adopting Oliver, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling (717) 602-3489You can complete an application online by clicking here.

Week 9
Oliver has been working on not barking at the Corrections Officers when they come around to his cell. He usually will listen to his “Quiet” command, but sometimes he needs to be redirected. We can only wonder what made this big, beautiful lab afraid of people. Oliver’s handler reports that he is ready to be tested with the commands he needs to pass the Canine Good Citizenship test. Oliver plays well with the other dogs and people as long as they are not wearing uniforms.

Week 8
Oliver is the class clown. When someone comes to the cell door, he grabs his ball and is ready to meet the visitor and play ball. He no longer rushes at the door when someone visits, as his handler can place him in a sit or down position. His reward is a pat or rub behind the ears. Oliver gets gold stars for obeying cues from others and meeting and greeting others.

Week 7
“Oliver is doing extremely well interacting with other dogs. He plays politely and allows other dogs to play with his ball, if and when they get it first. Oliver’s ball can be used as a calming tool when Oliver gets excited. For entertainment, he will place the ball different places, fall back and wait until the ball is thrown in the air to catch. He is the all-time short stop or end receiver. He is just that good! Oliver did very well with a meet and greet this week. He was less fearful and accepted treats sitting down.”

Week 6
“Oliver continues to play well with all dogs and more often than not invites other dogs to play. He was extremely fearful going through the tunnel and quickly conquered the task when going after his ball. Now he goes through the tunnel without his ball but is rewarded with the ball. He continues to do well with his basic behaviors.”

Week 5
“Oliver continues to warm people’s hearts with his playfulness. His motivation is squeaky toys and balls. He can be a little stubborn at time but for the most part, he is very obedient. Oliver plays extremely well with all the dogs. He loves to lead the chase in wonderful play.” Scooby gets gold start for all his behavior cues.

Week 4
“Oliver and I were playing catch and fetch. Suddenly Oliver deliberately placed the ball right beside his water bowl. Unbeknownst to me, his water bowl was empty. So I told him to get the ball. He would approach the ball, but would not bring it to me. This went on for a few times. So I went to see why he wasn’t bringing the ball back to me as he normally does. I quickly noticed that Oliver was telling me that his water bowl was empty. Smart dog, huh?” Oliver is working on his loose leash walking with front and heel position and also his basic cues and recall.

Week 3
Oliver is definitly a "player" and not a "fighter".  He avoids hostile confrontations with other dogs.  Oliver's most calming factor is his ball.  When he is overwhelmed the ball will quickly redirect him.  Everybody loves Oliver and he loves everyones affection.

Week 2
Lots of exercise and play this week.  Utilizing Oliver's ball for sit, stay, and down.  His focus is very intense when working with the ball.  Oliver loves to play catch and fetch.  He sits by the door waiting for someone to come play catch with him.

Week 1 
Oliver will do almost anything for his ball!  He did well meeting some of the dogs but did react to others.  He was easily redirected to sit and he immediately would calm down.  Oliver enjoys being outside and almost seems more confident.  He has great self control by not running after the ball until cued to "Go Get It".

For information on adopting Oliver, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE or calling(717) 602-3489. You can complete an application online by clicking here.