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Jan. 9, 2014
We are happy to report that Moe is in a permanent foster home.  He is settling in nicely and we are so happy that he has found his happily ever after! 

Jan. 5, 2014
Mo has completed all training and is ready for his forever home!  He is officially a member of the Lab Rescue LRCP and being moved to a foster home.  Mo is still available for adoption and would make a great addition to most any family who can give him the love he deserves, especially since he's a Hurricane Katrina survivor.

Jan. 3, 2015 
It's been another great week for the beloved Mo. He worked on sit, stay and loose leash walking and has really improved.  He's still looking for his forever home and would make a great addition to any family.

Dec. 26, 2014
Mo had a great Christmas and spent it getting rubs from everyone.  He has such great manners with everyone he meets and loves people.   Mo knows sit and down and will speak for food!  Mo does well with his stay inside, but is still working on stay when he's outside. Mo is a great guy and ready for his forever home!

Dec. 20, 2014
Mo had another great week!  His handler says he hopes Mo gets adopted soon, and he can tell he's ready for his forever, you can see it in his face.

The building case manager took time out of her day to play with Mo and he loved the extra attention!  Mo is a tier favorite and loves making the rounds to visit everyone.

Mo would do well with most anyone, including children and other dogs.

Dec. 13, 2014
Mo had a great week.  He was being his playful self, enjoying life and the other dog.  His handler says "We still have almost 2 weeks until Christmas and I'm hoping Mo will get adopted before the holidays.  It still can happen, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and everybody wants Mo to be adopted."

Mo is doing great with his training and will do commands without treats.  He was really excited to see Domino back!

Dec. 6, 2014
Mo continues to do well and was playing tug of war with a rope this week. His handler hopes he gets his forever home before Christmas! 

Nov 28, 2014
Mo went to the vet today, as he hadn't been feeling well, and received a clean bill of health!   Other than having a little age on him, and taking medicine to help him keep from getting stiff, he's doing very well and has been getting regular exercise. 

Nov 21, 2014
Mo's handler says he "enjoyes being around people and playing with other dogs. He really enjoys everyday life." He's very intriguing and isn't just a dog - he is a very smart dog. Mo would enjoy having a family and a big back yard.   Mo knows the word 'chicken' and will perk up and get excited when you mention it!   He still looks beyond the fence in the yard looking for his forever home!

Nov 14, 2014
Mo had a great week!  This will be his first Thanksgiving in the HOPE program and hopefully he'll have a family by Christmas, as he's still looking 'beyond the fence'. He's a great boy with wonderful manners.

Nov. 2-15, 2014
Mo loves his daily walks but takes some time in this colder weather to get his legs loosened up.  He's loved by everyone and loves the constant attention!  He knows sit, stay and will speak for a treat. Moe is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to hug him; Moe has no issues with people or dogs; he would do best with a medium to low energy family due to his age and his old leg injury.

Week 12
Mo’s handler reports that Mo takes it one day at a time. He’s been through a lot in his lifetime. This week, due to the rain, Mo’s been spending a lot of time walking on the top tier of the cell block. Walking the steps to the top tier used to be an issue for Mo, but not anymore. The handlers are also working on Mo’s basic training. If you didn’t know, Mo is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. He came up from Louisiana in 2005 after the hurricane. He was adopted once, but returned after a year. He’s been at the rescue for seven years waiting for his second chance.

Week 11
Mo continues to enjoy his daily walks and trying to keep up with Pepper and Oliver. A big task for an older gentledog.  He likes to be outside and find a spot of sun to lie in. His handler reports “Mo really enjoys the outdoors. Every day he treats it like a new experience. He walks around the tier without fear or anxiety.”

Week 10
“Mo has come a long way with this program and being around new people. Everybody loves Mo. He still loves his daily rubs from everyone. Mo is very active to be up there in age.”

Week 9
“This past week we got a few new surprises from Mo! He playfully barked and bounced around trying to keep up with Oliver and Pepper. He no longer fears the rec hall, instead he runs toward it. He struggles with the “stay” command outside of the cell. We are still doing our daily walks, which Mo does with confidence.

Week 8
“This past week I worked on getting Mo to understand sit, down and stay verbal cues without having to point or indicate. Mo has shown improvement. We are still loose leash walking daily.”

Week 7
Mo is starting to become more comfortable with the down, sit and stay commands. He is still getting his daily walks and rubdowns. Mo is doing a lot better with walking on the crowded tier. He will occasionally become nervous and his handIers will distract him with treats and walking in a circular motion.

Week 6
Mo continues to walk with confidence outside and also on the tier.  However, Mo does not like the washing machine.  Mo likes playing with Oliver and Pepper.

Week 5
Mo is starting to play a lot with Pepper.  We did a lot of walking this week and working on Mo's recall.

Week 4
Another great work week for Mo. Mo did a lot of interacting with people on the tier and in the rec hall.  He seems less stressed and fearful when we bring him out.  We walk daily laps and he seems most excited when walking. Mo just loves enjoying life and everyone enjoy's being around Mo.

Week 3
Moselle gets along well with all of the other dogs.  Mo just loves enjoying life.    We worked on Mo interacting with people on the tier as well as being in the rec hall.  Everyone enjoys Mo's company!

Week 2
Mo is doing very well and his confidence is getting better as every day goes by.  He is a great dog!  Mo loves walking up to people and loves for them to rub him.  Everybody loves Mo!

Week 1
Mo first week went well. He is a very shy dog.  He doesn't like to work on his crate training or the crate.  Mo walks very well on leash.  We are looking forward to getting to know him better.

UPDATE 3-9-14
Moselle also known by his friends as Mo headed to the big house this week. Mo just needs some help with basic obedience and manners.  He is a handsome, ten year old Lab mix who is available for adoption through Animal Rescue, Inc. Stay tuned for next weeks update!