Week 12
One of Lexi’s handlers wrote that “I am having a difficult time understanding why she is still here.  She is cute, tiny and not too energetic. Lexi is the perfect balance.”  The good news is our little spitfire left the big house for her forever home this past weekend! Congratulations, Lexi and continue being the cute, loveable dog we’ve come to know and love!

Week 11
Lexi is not only cute, she continues to make progress each week!  “She has been doing much better with the crate command lately.  She also has gotten better with her loose-leash walking, and she does pretty good with her verbal corrections as well.  Lexi is a playful, excited dog who loves to show and receive affection from almost everyone.”

Week 10
"Lexi is a good little dog who demands your attention with her cuteness.  She has been here for a while and has come out of her shell. When focused, there is almost nothing she won’t do for you.  She now enjoys meeting new people, as well as seeing the ones she already knows.  The way she greets people is too cute.  She sort of jumps around and raises both paws in the air as if saying ‘come get me.’ She is a great pint-sized dog.”

Week 9
Her handlers report that Lexi, although she has come a long way during her prison term, she continues to grow.  They admit that she is still working on her leave-it command, and she sometimes still barks at rapid movements.  The good news is that when she came into the program she had guarding issues.  “Now they’re non-existent.  I have tested her quite often by putting a treat directly in her face and saying leave it.  She obeys immediately.  Of course, I mark it and treat her, but it appears that the guarding issue has been resolved.  Lexi is ready to go.  She is a playful little dog who loves attention.  With the right patience and time, she will be a good addition to a family.”

Week 8
Lexi continues to enamor herself to her handlers with her personality!  “Sometimes when she’s over-excited, she wants to pull while on-leash, but most of the time a strong verbal ‘heel’ will work.  Still at times, Lexi will want to be given a high-value treat, but it is always out of the cell.  She is a little ball of energy who enjoys meeting new people, as well as seeing the people she already knows.  People just gravitate towards her, and she loves it.  Lexi will jump, twist and put her paws up just so she gets from attention.  People seem to want to just cuddle her like a little puppy.  Lexi is always adorable. ”

Week 7
Lexi’s handlers tell us that she continues to make improvements each week!   She is doing well with most of all her basic commands, but the biggest improvement “is her letting her guard down and being willing to show her playful side.  She enjoys meeting new people, and makes you feel really good how excited she gets when she sees you.  Lexi is a good, well-behaved dog.  She is definitely the type that would fit in with the kind of person who wants a cute, hand-held dog.  She loves attention, but not in a spoiled way.  For instance, if you leave her alone for a couple of hours, when you return, she excitedly greets you without being overly anxious.  She’ll allow you to pet her, give her ‘her love’ time for a few moments, then she’ll happily trot away.  If a man adopts her, believe me when I say, he will get attention from all of the women.”

Week 6
Lexi’s handlers report that she likes meeting new people now, and loves to see the folks she already knows.  She gets so excited, that it makes you feel good that she’s so happy to see you.  Lexi is a playful little dog.  At first she was reluctant to learn new things, but now she will do just about anything for treats. “I have been working with her on jumping the hurdle post on the obstacle course.  She does it with ease and higher than most people would think she could jump.  Lexi is a cute, lady magnet.  Whether she is outside hopping around in grass that is almost as tall as she is or prancing around on the tier with an air of confidence, she draws people to her.  Lexi is a little dog with a big heart.” 

Week 5
Lexi has come a long way since her first day here.  She has gotten a lot better with loose-leash walking, and her sit command has improved as well.  What’s funny is how she sits.  Because she is so small, it looks as if she is just leaning backwards, not completely sitting. She also has been working on her bark command.  It’s hilarious.  She sounds like a little toy. Lexi always greets me with excited leaps in the air followed by a puppy pet me look.  She is an energetic little dog that is very playful.  She loves seeing the people she has already met, and enjoys meeting new people as well.”  You’re doing great, little girl!

Week 4
“Lexi is still getting used to some of the sounds in here, but she is much better at meeting new people now.”  As for her training, this pup does her sit cue well, is beginning to wait when entering a room and waiting for her food.  She is a dog that does things at her own pace, but once she is comfortable with you, she listens pretty good and will show you her love with over-excited jumps and puppy bows.”

Week 3
Lexi’s handlers report that “she is coming along well.  She is getting more comfortable here.  She is getting good at sitting, goes into her crate, listens good to verbal correction and is walking well on a loose leash.  Lexi loves to be petted and shown affection once she has gotten to know you.  Her barks are adorable and her shyness draws you in.   She is a friendly, playful little dog with a big heart.”

Week 2
“Lexi is coming along slowly but surely.”  Although she is still getting used to her surroundings, this pup is doing good with her sit command, and her recall is improving as well!  She is also good with verbal correction.  “Lexi is a pocket pooch.  Both men and women are drawn towards her.  I have not seen any dog in the program get as much attention as Lexi does.  What makes it even more adorable is the air of confidence she displays in just walking around the tier. She has great potential, and with some consistency and patience, I know she will reach her full potential and be a wonderful addition to the right family.”

Week 1
Even though Lexi just arrived at the prison, it’s reported that “she is definitely a cute lady magnet.”  Her handlers are waiting until she gets comfortable with her surroundings before starting her training in earnest.  Stay tuned!  

UPDATE 7-27-13
Lexi headed to the big house this week.  Stay tuned for updates on her     progress!