Week 19 
Ruby had some ups and downs this week.  She went on a field trip to Home Depot and her handlers were happy to hear that she “did well walking around and gaining confidence meeting new people.”  This pup also worked hard on her “leave it,” “out,” “drop it,” and “watch me” commands, and received kudos from her handlers for her ability to quickly learn them.  “She sometimes focuses too long on one person or thing, so the “watch me” command is wonderful to get her attention.  Ruby is an energetic, playful puppy and knows all of her commands.  She just needs the right environment.”  This pup has come such a long way with the guidance and training she has received from our handlers over the past several weeks.  Sometimes, however, no matter what care one of our dogs receives, the sights and sounds of prison life may bring back memories of life before rescue.  Ruby is one of those dogs, and she has left the program to continue her training in a quieter place.  Keep being you, Ruby!  We’re all rooting for you, sweet girl!

Week 18 
Ruby concentrated on being calm this week, especially when she’s around a Corrections Officer (“Co”).   Her handlers have enlisted the help of the Cos to help her overcome her fears, and “we are seeing baby-step progress.  She has some days better than others, but she’s slowly chilling out.”  Her handlers report that not only is she getting better with meeting and greeting the Cos, she is “doing well when she is in the care of other handlers in the program.  Ruby loves her play time and her favorite toy is “this hard, orange ball, about as tall as she is.  She pushes it around with her muzzle, running it this way and that way.  She also tries to bite it, even though it’s so big. We are working on a new trick where she puts her front paw up on the ball and walks forward or backward with it.  We’re still coming up with a name for it (‘walk’, or ‘paws up’ are two possibilities) but it was a good week for Ruby!”


Week 17 
Ruby’s handlers are proud to report that she’s barking less at strangers and the corrections officers!  “She is calmer and can go for longer periods without constant attention.”  They also report that “Ruby is our first dog that likes to pretend the space under the bed is a cavern to explore.  Whenever she loses a toy, or she’s just bored, away she goes over shoes and behind boxes, only to pop out somewhere else in the cell.”  Here’s to exploring in your forever home, silly girl!

Week 16 
Ruby’s handlers worked on bonding a relationship with her by using confidence-based commands like “come,” “sit,” “with me” and “knee.”  Once they had her attention with the “watch me” command, she did her commands just with hand signals!  In fact, this pup received gold stars on her report card this week for her ability to gain familiarity with her new cellies.  They commented again on her energy level this week.  “She is always looking for someone or something to play with (she got to spend some time with her best friend Thunder out in the yard this week).  She acts like a puppy and is very cuddly.  Ruby is also a quick thinker and doesn’t miss a detail, including anyone trying to sneak by our cell.  She detects them every time.”  Of course, Miss Ruby has already been granted bed privileges.  “She loves sleeping in the bed and tucking herself right in, but she also listens to the “off” command when we give it to her.”  Her handlers know that they have some work ahead of them to route Ruby’s energy into positive activities, but they are up to the task.

RubyWeek 15 
Sometimes, we feel it best for a dog to experience prison life and training with new handlers to interact and be used to other people in their lives.  This is by no means a reflection on the care and training that they received from their former handlers.  Rather, it’s a chance for them to interact and be handled by as many people as possible as they wend their way down the road to their forever families.  Ruby was one of those dogs this week.  “She’s been snuffling around like she’s searching for truffles.  She has an overabundance of energy, and she doesn’t like it when she wants play and the other dogs don’t want to play.  But, she already knows a lot of her commands and she’s adjusting well.”   Keep adjusting, sweet Ruby! 

Week 14 
“Ruby made a new friend this week.  His name is Thunder.  Wow, I never knew that she would be so dog friendly.  Ruby plays with Thunder like she knew him when there were pups!”   Her handler also reports that she’s a star when it comes to her commands!   Some of Ruby’s repertoire includes all of the basics like sit and stay, but she’s also doing very well with her long distance downs, and getting her ball or toy when her handler gives her the signal to do so. In fact, he says that “Ruby has made a 360 degree turnaround with everything.  She is such a better dog since she has been here.”

Week 13 
Ruby showed improvement this week with her pulling when she meets another dog.  She also improved with meeting new people.  “At first she reacts, but as soon as the stranger goes up to her, she’s cool with it.”  Ruby continues to love the dog days of summer so that she can swim in her doggy pool, and she also loves her toys.  Of course, one of her favorite things is to lay in bed with her handler, but she always asks for his permission before joining him on the bunk.  As those of you know if you’ve been following the dogs’ stories over the last few days/weeks/months or years, bed privileges are quickly granted, but it’s sweet that Ruby doesn’t assume that she won’t be sleeping in her crate at night!  This pup started something new this week.  “She will sit and stare at me until I ask her why she’s staring.  If I don’t ask the question, she starts to bark and do tricks just to get my attention.  As soon as I do ask her, Ruby’s tail wags almost like it’s going to come off of her body!”   Keep up your enthusiasm, little girl!

Week 12 
Ruby’s handler reports that she still barks at some people when they approach her, but he’s working with them to help her find her comfort zone when meeting them.  He reports that “Ruby was a little better about it this week.”  Of course this girl loves to play!  “She loves playing with a ball, flipping it and catching it in mid-air.  She also likes running around with one of the big plastic balls in the yard.”  We know your handlers will help you find your comfort zone so that comfort zone is your forever family, Ruby!

Week 11 
Ruby’s handlers gave her gold stars for “doing great” with her sit, lay down, give paw, watch me, stay and leave it” commands this week!  She’s still working on not jumping up on folks to tell them how happy she is to see them, so her handlers will continue to work on this.   They report that “Ruby is a very energetic dog.  When we take her out to play, she runs the whole time.  She never tires out.  She loves attention, and is always excited to see us.  Ruby shakes her tail so fast that she almost falls over!”   Keep up the good work, and keep wagging your tail, Ruby!

Week 10 
Ruby continued to make progress this week accepting all of the people and dogs in her world.  “She has been good with people when they approach her.  They tell her to sit, and that she’s nice.  Ruby also has come a long way with other dogs when she is in the dog runs.”  This pup also loved romping around the doggy yard chasing and playing “soccer” with the big orange ball.  We know you have some more to learn, Ruby, but you are doing so well, little girl!

Week 9 
Ruby’s handlers report that she continued to make improvements this week.  She does well with her basic commands, and is starting to tolerate the other dogs a little more.  She also is “very slowly” coming around to more people on the block!  One of her handlers reports that “Ruby started something new with me this week.  When I’m laying on my bed, she’ll bring her ball over to the edge of it and stare at me for a while.  If I ignore her, she’ll bark a couple times and start wagging her tail.  Ruby is a very playful dog!”  Keep coming out of your shell, little girl!

Week 8 
In the last two months, Ruby has working her happy, little tail off. Well, not really. Her taill is still there and she'll happily wag it at you all day long if you give her the pleasure of being her playmate. Ruby has energy to spare and loves any game that invovles you playing it along with her. Ruby is easy to please and eager to learn. She has mastered her sit, down, roll over and shake commands and she's learning more every day. She has a little trouble with the stay command. She tends to wander around instead of waiting for her handler to yell for her to come to him. But, no doubt she'll get the hang of it before too long. Ruby loves the water and likes to spend a lot of time in the doggie pool - as you can see. When it's hot outside, she alternates between training and pool and playing and pool and training and pool and wandering and pool. You get the idea. Yyou can make her the happiest girl in the world by committing to be her best friend and spring for theeight bucks it will cost to give her a pool of her very own.

 rubyWeek 7 
Ruby wasn’t feeling quite herself at the beginning of this week.  “She wanted to be right by our sides everywhere we went.”  She continued to do well with her commands, and she tolerated Harley and Rambo more!  “It didn’t take long for her to get back to being her playful self.  She wanted to play every chance she got.”  We’re glad that you’re feeling better, sweet Ruby!

Week 6 
Ruby continued to show progress with being around Kelsey, Jackie, Rambo and Elliott this week!  She also got gold stars from her handlers for her grasp of the sit, stay, leave it, down, paw (with both of them), watch me, roll over, crawl and stand commands.  Ruby also loved meeting new people on the block this week (as long as they didn’t stare at her).  Her handlers instructed the strangers not to stare, and to put their hand out so she could sniff them. Of course, treats also helped with the process, but we’re proud of the fact that Ruby is allowing other folks in her life.  This pup also brought some amusement to her handlers this week.  “She started this new thing by play bowing and then running around in circles while trying to sneak-attack you.  It’s funny, and she only does it indoors.  When she’s outdoors, Ruby still loves to eat bumble bees.  I don’t know why, but she loves to do it.”  You’re doing great, little girl!

Week 5 
Ruby’s handlers still have some bumps to even out on the road map, but this pup continues to do well with her basic skills!  She’s also learning that she can tolerate Rambo and Harley in her life.  “She is as energetic as ever, and she loves to try to eat every bee that she sees.  Ruby has also been playing with a squeaky ball in our cell.  She doesn’t like when it squeaks, though, so she paws at it and just pushes it around with her nose.  She is a comical dog, but she also just loves to lay with you and chill.”

Ruby is a natural when it comes to her obedience training. During this week's class, she worked with her handler to chain seven different skills together. She watched him intently and followed all of his commands and hand signals. What a girl - all her good looks and brains too!

Week 4 
Ruby continues to be a joy to her handlers.  “She is very energetic and playful, and she always brings us toys so we can play with her.”  This pup “does good” with her basic commands, and she’s doing well overall listening to her handlers. Ruby is also very playful.  “Every time we take her outside, she chases the bumble bees.  As soon as she catches one, she’s not sure what to do with it.”  Keep adapting to the new things in your life, sweet girl!

Week 3 
Although Ruby is still adjusting to “a lot of men in one spot huddled around her,” she has really warmed up to her handlers.  As for training, “Ruby is very good with her sit/down, paw and watch me commands, and she rolls over when we have a treat.”  If you’re looking for a cute bug-catcher, Ruby is your girl!  “She chased every bug that came close to her.”  Ruby still tends to bark at the other dogs in her pack, “but it seems that all she wants to do is play with most of them.”  This pup also showed her handlers that “she can be funny by staring at us and then running around in circles around us, play-bowing every time she stops at our feet.”  Keep up the good work, Ruby

Week 2 
Week two, and her handlers say that “Ruby is a fun loving, very energetic dog”   Since she already knows all of her basic commands, her handlers are working on her tendency to jump on people when greeting them, and her tendency to chew on things in their cell. They also are working on her becoming a member of the pack.  “Ruby seems like she’ll do well with Checkers sometime down the road.”  This pup, for all of her energy, “loves to just lay in bed with you and she’s always looking for attention.  Ruby is very smart and she picks up on things very quickly.”  You’re doing fine, sweet pup!

Week 1 
Her handlers report that Ruby was a handful during her first week at the prison, because she has a lot of energy.  “At first she showed some stress with her new environment, but “she is starting to come around and open up to us…pretty much letting us know that she’s a princess.”  Ruby went into the prison knowing commands such as sit, down, both paws, watch me, stay stand, sit pretty and roll over.  This pup also “is very smart and knows when to use her intellect.  Ruby loves to play with her toys, and she loves to cuddle at night.  In fact, she likes it so much, her handlers say that “‘she would cuddle all day if she could.”  What a great first report, Ruby!

UPDATE 5-29-12
Ruby is heading to the big house this Wednesday. This little sweetheart just needs a crash course in manners, some lessons in self confidence and a class in pack manners. She is a beautiful, two year old Pit Bull/Boxer mix who is available for adoption through CPAA.  Stay tuned for next week's update.