Week 11
Sparkles’ handlers really concentrated on her training this week to prepare her for the rally event next weekend. “She’s going great with the ‘come front’command and will come to a heel position when led by a treat.” One of her handlers worked with Sparkles on her continuing issue of jumping up on people by telling her “no,” redirecting her and walking away. As a result, this pup didn’t jump on him! “I was very proud of her and from then on, I had people approach her and treat her for sitting.” One evening, Sparkles followed one of her handlers into his cell and “instantly went to sleep. This time was different, because she was kind of sitting up, leaning against the crate. I thought she was awake, but she was out of it and snoring. She looked so cute!” We’re looking forward to hearing about your adventures at the rally, Sparkles!

Week 10
Although it was cold again this week, her handlers made sure she got “plenty of attention and exercise. I took Sparkles for walks around the tier and up and down the steps, doing some sitting exercises here and there. She stops at all doors until I walk through first. Everyone on the tier loves her, and she loves the attention!” Sparkles also got to play in the snow again, but this time “she had a partner in crime. Her buddy, Sheila likes to get just as wet and wild as Sparkles does. Two wet dogs make for muddy everything, but they had a ball. Sparkles is so cute when she chases snowflakes falling from the sky.” We think you’re cute doing anything, sweet pup, and HOPE someone reading this does as well!

Week 9
“This week Sparkles brings hope to me that she’ll find a good home.” This pup and her handlers “worked on so many things” this week. She is doing very well giving her right paw then left paw and doing high-fives! She also loves going for walks. Sparkles is not a fair-weather dog! “She seems to love all weather…I mean all weather!” This week, Sparkles got to play in the snow. “She loves it. Every few steps, she is licking the ground to get snow in her mouth, and then she rolls around in it.” One of her handlers reports that Sparkles is a very confident dog “and she shows it when she walks. She loves to shake her tail literally all of the time, and she looks cute doing it. There is also not a dog who loves their KONG ball more than Sparkles. Once she has it, all you hear is squeak, squeak while she chews on it. You can do anything around her, and her focus is on her KONG ball. Here’s to taking walks and playing in the snow at your forever home soon, Sparkles!

Week 8
Sparkles’ handlers report that is was a strong week for her. She’s much better at keeping all four paws on the ground, which is a major improvement for her. “There are still some small kinks that need to be worked out,” but her handlers have set personal goals to get this pup to the point that she no longer jumps up on people. Sparkles also got a refresher course on her basic training, as well as some time on the agility course. “She loves the tunnel. She will go through it and jump the jump at almost any height. Sparkles has enough energy for everyone to play with her and get some love. After a nice walk, Sparkles loves to have her belly rubbed and will fall asleep on you. She would be great at a dog park considering she loves to run and play with dogs. Plus, she will come whenever you call her.” What a great report, little girl!

Week 7
“This week has been good for Sparkles. She’s been at the top of her game. Whenever I pull out a treat, she will automatically go into a sit. If I wait awhile, she’ll go to a down, wondering what she has to do to get a treat.” One of her handlers also reports that when he goes out of their cell, Sparkles will wait for him to leave before she goes out of the cell. “She’s one of the few dogs that can be off-leash and not leave you. Her recall is also good. We’re down to what we consider her last hurdle, and that is her jumping on people. That will be our next focus.” Training aside, this Sparkles continues to endear herself to her handlers with her feisty, yet sweet personality. “When she’s bored, she will chase her tail making a whirly-wind out in the yard. If you’re looking for some cuddling, Sparkles loves to be petted and be close to you.” We know someone will appreciate you as much as your handlers do, sweet girl!

Field Trip Pics! 
Sparkles    Sparkles Sparkles

Week 6
Sparkles’ handlers reviewed her basic training with her this week by going over all of the commands she has learned in the past while around distractions. “She’s been taking cues/commands from anyone and listens to the ‘T”!! She has done an outstanding job, especially with her resource guarding. I am very proud of her. Her new thing is catching food/treats with her mouth. Sparkles will do a thousand roll-overs just for one treat.” Aside from training, this pup spent time meeting and greeting people on the tier. “Being the only girl dog, she enjoys the attention. Everywhere around her, there is someone calling her name, or just simply saying ‘Hey, Sparkles.’ For anyone needing a true companion, she is the perfect best friend!! Sparkles is just wonderful is all I can say.”

Week 5 
Sparkles continues to do well under her handlers’ guidance. When she entered the program,she had some issues with others being around her bone and toys. One of her handlers writes that he’s “proud to report that she is doing great with sharing, and it’s amazing.” She also learned her crawl command and did “like 10 roll-overs” while her handlers lured her with a treat. Sparkles’ favorite time is when she’s out in the dog yard. True to her breed, she runs around at full-tilt,but her “recall is great. If you set boundaries for her, she’ll follow them.” Sparkles also loves to chase and fetch a ball. “She uses her front paw to catch the ball in her mouth.” For all of her energy, this pup also likes her quiet time in the cell. “She’ll jump up on the bed or couch because all she wants to do is chill. Sparkles is the most loveable pet. She is very loyal and is one of the smartest dogs I’ve had the opportunity to help to get adopted.”

Week 4 
Sparkles’ handlers tell us that she continues to do very well with her basic commands.  She is also sitting before going through doorways, and has excellent crate manners.  Her handlers are guiding her to realize that her toys are hers and it’s okay for people and other dogs to share them with her.  Sparkles is also learning that Reno could be her friend.  “They walk and run in the yard together” under their handlers’ supervision.”  This pup “loves everybody and always enjoys being petted.  She also loves her tug toy and playing fetch.  Sparkles is a good dog!!”

Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Kelly) - Sparkles greeted her public this weekend and boy did they love her! She did an incredible jo of keeping all of her paws on the ground while saying hello and was quite a little lady with all of her manners on display. Sparkles thoroughly enjoyed meeting all kinds of new people. She especially like to show off her tricks and get rewards in the form of string cheese - a very special treat. Sparkles charmed everyone who stopped to visit with her and everyone commented on how soft her fur is. She was more than happy to soak up all the attention and petting and was thoroughly wiped out by the time she headed back to the jail. Her first day out on the town was a great success. Good job, Sparkles!

Week 3 
Sparkles had a good third week in the program!  Her handlers report that she’s “a smart dog and is easy to train.” This pup already knows her sit, stay, down, heel, out, come and other basic commands.  Although she’s still not too sure about Reno, she got gold stars for her behavior toward him because “she’s getting better at ignoring him and just turning away from him.”  Her handlers are still concentrating to help her tendency to jump on people to greet them.  “We’ll continue to work with her until she gets it.  She mainly jumps when she meets a new person or she’s very happy.  Sparkles hasn’t done anything out of line. We’re just keeping her at the top of her game to prepare her for a new family.” Since it was another wet week, Sparkles was in her glory playing in the snow and jumping in rain puddles.  She also had a bath.  “She takes well to water.” This pup loves to run around the yard with the other dogs.  “At least the ones who can keep up with her because she’ll run the yard like there’s no tomorrow.” One of her handlers also noted this week that Sparkles “has excellent table manners.  She doesn’t stare nor beg when there is food being eaten around her.  That can be a very good thing.”  For all of the energy we’ve read about, this pup has also has a very gentle side to her personality.  “She loves to be petted so much that she’ll nudge your hand with her nose for a pet.  She’ll even lick your hand or wait to get your attention.  When she sleeps, you’ll know it by her deep, big dog snores. Sparkles is a wonderful dog.”

Week 2 
Sparkles’ handlers concentrated her training indoors because of the extreme cold weather this week.  “It’s exactly what she needed.  She gets distracted easily and there are all kinds of distractions inside, but overall, she listens very well.”   Sparkles amused one of her handlers when he was teaching her the crawl command.  “Instead of doing it, she rolled on her back and reached with all of her might for the treat ahead of her.  She is funny!”  For some reason, Sparkles has taken exception to Reno being a part of her pack.  As a result, Reno has now become a part of her training. Both sets of handlers are using various walking techniques to help her accept him as her friend.  We know that with patience, peace will be restored on the tier.  Except for this setback, her handlers report that Sparkles’ overall personality continues to shine.  One of them reports that “last week, I told you about her playing in the rain.  Well, this week, it was all about snow.  She would jump in the air to taste it.  Then she would run, stop and do it all over again.  If she couldn’t catch enough snow, she would drag her tongue across the ground and collect as much as she could.  Rain, snow, puddles and baths…Sparkles and water go together like white on rice.”  Her other handler tells us that “she is truly one of a kind.  She literally has taken her doggie bone or ball and dug a hole in the yard to bury it.  Considering I don’t allow her to complete the action, I don’t know if she’ll come back to get them back!!  Sparkles loves to be petted and seeks a lot of attention.  She loves her belly rubbed and will eventually go to sleep while I’m doing it.”

Week 1 
Sparkles’ handlers report that she has “done extremely well in her first week in the program.”  Although both commented on her high energy level, they also commented on her ability to learn commands and adjusting to her new environment. “She did well settling into her crate. We put some toys into it to help her relax.” Sparkles already knows her sit command, but her lay down and enthusiasm for greeting people still needs some work. That’s okay…it’s week one!  This pup has already warmed her handlers’ hearts with some of her antics.  “She loves to chase her tail and a ball.  She also loves to get wet.  When Sparkles was out in the yard…how can I put it...splash, splash, splash, without a toy, another dog or a bone.  She created her own fun, and very much enjoyed herself!”  Sparkles also may have a little Diva in her because “in the most beautiful way, she loves to be the center of attention.  One of the best things about her is with all of that energy when she’s outside, she’s a totally different dog inside. She goes to her crate, listens, and is so laid back, you don’t know that she’s there. Sparkles is one of the most adorable dogs you’d ever want to meet.”

UPDATE 1-12-13
Sparkles is heading to the big house today. This little sweetheart may as well be nicknamed "boomerang." She has had four homes in her short life. She keeps bouncing back becasue she has "too much energy." We don't think that's her fault...she is a cattle dog after all. But, we can definitely help her find some ways to channel that energy and learn some new things in the process. Sparkles is a beautiful, one and a half year old Australian Cattle Dog mix who is available for adoption through Diamond Dog Rescue.  Stay tuned for next week's update.