Week 10
“Micah is one of those dogs you never see become overly excited. Of course, like most dogs, he becomes a little more attentive if you wave food over his head. He doesn’t get hyper like most dogs would because he is ‘too cool.’” Micah’s handlers comment that he doesn’t exhibit regular hound qualities. “He doesn’t chase birds. He doesn’t sniff around searching for stuff. He is nonchalant about everything except squeaky toys. I have never in my life witnessed a dog that was fearful of squeaky toys. I wonder what happened in his past for him to have such a reaction. Micah is self-sufficient. While the other dogs are chasing each other or a ball, he just trots (like a horse) around the yard with complete confidence.” As you can see, this sweet boy has been adopted, and will be leaving the prison for his forever home very soon! We know that he’s going to love his new Mom, Dad, three human and three feline siblings!

Week 9 
Micah’s handler confirmed again this week what a great improvement this pup has made from when he first came to the program. “He is a shy, quiet dog who has to be approached with gentleness and ease when meeting him for the first time. But once he’s past that initial meet and greet, he will open up and let you see his playful, loyal and obedient side. Micah is the type of dog who has to feel comfortable with his surroundings before you can see the real him. Since he has been here, he is a totally different dog. Now, he will stroll around the tier and enter a crowded rec hall like it is nothing at all.” We’re proud of you for your new confidence, Micah!

Week 8 
“Micah continues to make great progress. “He is doing well with several milestones. He has mastered most of his commands. Micah will even trot around the tier with more confidence. His also no longer pulls while loose-leash walking. In fact, “if he walks too far ahead [of his handler], he now corrects himself. He has come a long way.” As his handlers have reported in the past, Micah is mild-mannered, but he also loves to play. “Micah, like most dogs loves to run around outside. It’s like he’s a new dog.” One day, one of his handlers took his pup out for a run around the yard. He left Micah off-leash during the exercise, and “to my surprise, he actually jogged with me for a couple of laps. I randomly switched directions just to see what he would do, and to my surprise again, he continued to follow me. His size makes him look like a goofy giraffe trying to keep up with me. It’s funny to watch. Micah is loyal and loveable, and he’s ready for adoption.”

Micah attended the Adoption Event at PetSmart in Hagerstown, and this handsome boy received a lot of attention! He was nervous, but did very well,and he even approached people for a pet. He sometimes had a look on his face like “I’m just sitting here, why is everybody making such a fuss over me?” After the event, Micah spread out for a short snooze on the way back to the prison. Once we got there, he seemed happy to be back at his temporary home. Now, this “loyal and loveable” pup needs a home to call his own.

Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Cindy) - from Saturday’s Adoption Event at PetSmart in Hagerstown. Micah was nervous but did very well. After being there an hour, he started going up to people. He wasn’t looking for too much from the person other than a pet. Micah did very well meeting other dogs and he was very good when young kids came up to pet him.

Week 7 
Micah’s handlers tell us that “he has completely settled in, and has made a lot of progress.  He is out of his shell 100%.”   Although he still has his favorite people on the tier, “Micah now walks up to complete strangers to sniff them.  He also allows people to approach him in order to pet him.  If a loud sound comes out of nowhere, he’ll just look towards the sound. In other words, he has come a long, long way.”  Micah “does exceptionally well obeying his crate and basic commands.  He gets along with all of the other dogs in a playful way. He also has a new bounce in his trot when he is outside in the dog yard.”  Congratulations on your progress, Micah!

 Field Trip Alert (as told by HOPE volunteer Kelly) - Micah went to his first meet & greet this weekend at Petsmart in Hagerstown. As usual, he was an absolutely perfect passenger. He loved the car ride over to the store and behaved beautifully. He was a little nervous at the store, but eventually settled in nicely. He was very sweet to all the people - big and small - who came over to say hello to him. Everyone commented on how goregous his big, brown eyes are and how soft his handsome, red fur is. Micah is one of those dogs you can pet for hours and neither one of you will ever tire of it. Way to go, Micah!

Week 6 
Micah’s handlers report that he has adjusted so well to his new surroundings that “he is always willing to learn more.  When we have his attention focused on us, there’s nothing he won’t do.  He’s very obedient.  His sit and down commands are more consistent.  His stay command still needs small improvement from distances, but it’s a non-issue in his training.  Micah has become a lot more confident since entering the program.”  Although there are some people on the tier he’s not too sure of, for the most part, this pup likes to meet new people and to see the folks that he has already met.  Micah also enjoys his time in the dog yard (especially with his pal, Rusty). “It’s funny because when he runs, I always imagine him running with small horses.”  His handlers sum up his personality by saying that “Micah is a quiet to-himself kind of dog, but he has a silly playful side both with people and other dogs as well.“

Week 5 
Both of Micah’s handlers relayed that he has settled into his life at the prison.  “He no longer shows fear or anxiety.  The noises that are ever so persistent on the tier no longer affect him.  Before, when he heard a loud bang (particularly from the ice machine), he would crouch.  That no longer happens.”  Micah obeys most basic commands such as sit and stay.  He is still struggling with his leash manners so his handlers are concentrating on this skill.  “He is a good, quiet dog who can take a bit to warm up, but he does have a playful side.  When Micah feels comfortable, he opens up, runs around with some of the other handlers and dogs.”  We’re proud of your bravery, Micah!

Week 4 
Micah’s handlers report that he continues to make progress each week.  “Sometimes his hound side shows with his stubbornness, but when he’s focused on you, he will do what you ask of him.”  Even though he can be stubborn, this pup’s handlers gave him gold stars for his verbal correction this week.  His sit and crate commands are very good, and his loose-leash walking skills are improving! Micah continues to come out of his shell.  In fact, one of his handlers concentrated on Micah’s “leave-it” training by putting a bowl of yummy dog treats by his front paws out on the tier.  Although it took some time (Micah had temptation in his eyes) and at times, it seemed like he was chasing his handler around the bowl, this pup “mastered” the drill, and was treated with a tasty morsel for his efforts!   He also surprised one of Sparkles’ handlers by giving him a lick when they were out playing in the yard!  “He got me right on the lips.  I wasn’t expecting that!” Keep up the good work, little boy!

Week 3 
Micah’s handlers report that he’s “coming along very well, and he is learning quicker.”  This pup is starting to sit and stay on command (although not on the first pass).  His loose-leash walking skills also still need some work, but when he pulls, he’s easily corrected.  Micah is finding his niche at the prison.    “He is a lot more social.  Although it’s slow progress around strangers, he’s showing some more confidence and is much better than when he first entered the program.”  Micah has even summoned up the courage to bark every now and again. One of his handlers compares his bark to “Barry White’s voice in a human.”  He was a bit taken aback the first time he heard it, but he reports that “it’s another demonstration that he’s gaining confidence.”  You’re doing great, Micah!

Week 2 
Micah’s handlers report that he’s starting to come out of his shell “slowly but surely.”  This pup is willing to meet new people in the rec hall with all of the noises going on around him without jumping or trying to run for cover. Sometimes, he may get spooked when a sound catches him off-guard, “but the for the most part, he’s getting better.”  Micah is also easing into his training program.  “He has really good recall and he listens pretty well to verbal corrections.  He goes into his crate and stays there when told with no problems.”   They also report that this pup “is a big baby.  He may be a bigger dog, but he is one of the most submissive dogs I’ve ever encountered.  There’s a difference between that and fear.  I give him a bear hug, and instead of trying to run in fear, he’ll just put his head down submissively.  It’s cute.”  Keep building your confidence, Micah!

Week 1 
Micah spent his first week getting used to life at the big house. After just a few short days, this pup is listening to corrections and is going to his crate on command.  Although there understandably is a lot of work to be done with this shy boy, his handlers tell us that “he’s starting to relax a little while he’s out in the rec hall.  He still gets nervous, but he is willing to meet new people sometimes.  We don’t force him.  We tell the person to let him come to them.  We sit in the rec hall for a little bit, then walk around the tier to try to get him used to his new surroundings.  We don’t want to overwhelm Micah, so he gets time in the rec hall in small doses.”  You’re off to a great start, sweet boy!

UPDATE 12-22-12
Micah is a beautful boy who is a wonderful houseguest. He enjoys the company of other dogs and also likes his human friends. Micah is a shy boy who definitely needs a boost in his self confidence. We can't wait to see him blossom once he gets his paws under him at doggie school.   He is a handsome, two year old Redbone Coonhound who is available for adoption through Furry Friends Network.  Stay tuned for next week's update.