Reggie is an Affectionate Ball Fetcher who won’t turn down a belly rub! He's 3-4 years old. 

For information on adopting Reggie, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"This week Reggie played with Brownie, Ozzie, and Tango. Reggie went to the softball game this weekend and did very well. Reggie loves my boss and get so excited when he sees him. Reggie was connected to my boss at the hip everywhere he went. My boss had to open a bunch of doors and when he would get to each door to put the key in, Reggie would sit down and wait for the door to open and then run to the next one once it opened. It's very good to see Reggie really bond and show his love and affection with the people he's built trust and love for over the course of time."

"This week Reggie played with Ozzie and Brownie. He did well with meeting Tango. Brownie and Reggie played with a jolly ball together. They shared a bowl of water afterwards and then Reggie passed out in the sun with his belly in the air and head cocked to one side."

"This week Reggie played with Ozzie, Tango, and Brownie. He had a play date with Brownie like always in her cell and they played until they were exhausted. Brownie did something really funny when she and Reggie were outside playing fetch. Reggie was looking for a ball when they first got out there and he couldn't find one. Brownie found one, picked it up, and came over to Reggie. She dropped the ball and rolled it over to him with her nose and sat down. Reggie ran over to the ball, looked at it, and gave Brownie some kisses on her face as if to say thank you then ran off to play fetch. All we could do was laugh."

"Reggie went to work with me and had fun like always. He played fetch and ran around the office including up and down the steps. He spent a lot of time this week learning how to roll over which he is getting better at as the days go by."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie and Ozzie. He went to the big yard with Angel and they both ran off and did their own thing. He played fetch with Brownie and they had fun chasing the ball like always. Then Reggie did his famous sunbathing thing where he stops playing, gets a drink, and then rolls over on his back. He lays with his head to the side and enjoys the sunshine on his belly. I just shake my head and laugh. Everyone always asks me if he's OK when he does that because he falls asleep and looks dead."

"Reggie went to the softball game this past weekend and did very well. For the first few innings, Reggie walked around the track with me and he was occupied by all of the mole holes running from one hole to the next sniffing them. Suddenly a ball rolled by Reggie and he ran over and picked it up. He walked out to left field and laid down with the ball between his paws and watched the rest of the game with me. When it was over, we took Reggie up to the office and he laid down to cool off in the air-conditioning. He took a nap. Then Reggie came back with me and jumped up in the bed and took another nap. Reggie really enjoyed himself!"

"This week Reggie met Ozzie and did very well. He also played with Tegan and Brownie and had a lot of fun. While Reggie and Brownie were playing fetch, Reggie did something really funny. Brownie was standing sideways in Reggie's path to get the ball and just as we thought he was going to run into Brownie, he jumped right over her like she was a hurdle and continued on his way to get the ball. He brought it back like it was nothing. #ReggieLovesHisBall"

"This week Reggie played with Tegan and Brownie. Reggie went to the big yard and played fetch running from one end of the field to the other having a lot of fun. When he was tired of playing fetch, he played soccer with us chasing everyone and the ball around. Then he trotted off and started rolling back-and-forth on his back and laid there with his head to the side and all his legs in the air like he was playing dead. What he was really doing was playing us because he stayed like that until we sat next to him to scratch and rub his belly while he looked at us like I knew this would work!!!"

"Reggie played with Tegan and Brownie this week. Reggie and Brownie went to the softball field together and had lots of fun chasing the ball and Brownie chasing the frisbee. When we got to the field, Reggie saw geese off in the distance so we took him over towards the geese on his leash to scare them away. When we got close, he didn't bark or growl, Reggie went into a play bow and ran back-and-forth in an attempt as to what I can only guess was to try and play with the geese. The geese calmly walked away on their own and weren't scared of Reggie at all. It was so funny."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie and Tegan in the dog yard. He also had a play date with Brownie and they had a lot of fun playing with each other. They played until they were exhausted and shared bowls of water and food. It was funny to see the way they were sharing the water and food. One would drink water and the other ate from the bowl then they stopped and looked at each other as if to say let's switch and then they would trade bowls. Then they both went into a crate and took a nap together which is always cute to see."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie and Tegan. It was funny to see Reggie play bowing and chasing little Tegan around, but they had fun doing so and myself and Tegan's handler just laughed. Brownie and Reggie played with the jolly balls together. Reggie figured out how to get me to rub his belly when we are laying on the bed watching TV. He lays on his side and puts his paw on my chest as if to say, "Here I am." Then, when he sees I am looking at him, he rolls onto his back letting me know it's time to rub his belly. This has turned into his new nightly routine until he falls asleep."

"Reggie and Brownie got to go to the big yard this week and played fetch running from one end of the field to the other until he decided he wanted to play soccer with us. Reggie chased us and the ball around until it was time to go back. He was very tired and happy with himself after that. The other night when Reggie went outside for his last bathroom break, he was walking around and all of a sudden he looked up in the sky and started barking at the moon. Myself and another handler just looked at each other and couldn't stop laughing."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie at Brownie's house and they had a lot of fun chasing each other. He also went to the softball field and had fun playing fetch and chasing the soccer ball around. Reggie was also at the softball game and he was a big help in warm-ups because he would stand in the outfield and chase down any ball the infield or outfield missed and bring it back. When the game started, he stood behind the fence at home plate and watched the game. He went and chased down any foul ball or out of play ball and brought it back to us. It was great to see Reggie having so much fun."

"This week Reggie and Brownie went to the football field together. They played fetch and chased the balls from one end of the field to the other. When they were done playing fetch, they played with each other and chased one another around. When they got tired, they laid down next to each other and took a break. When they got up, they decided to take a walk together and walked with Brownie's handler and myself around the track next to us until it was time to go inside."

"Reggie played with Brownie outside and they had fun with each other. They chased the ball and played tug of war with each other. Reggie also got to go to the big yard and had fun playing soccer. He would run from one end of the field to the other chasing the ball until he was exhausted. He laid down and just watched us as he was wagging his tail once he was too tired to keep playing. Reggie is full of energy, loves to play, cuddle, watch TV, take naps with you, and give you tons of kisses."

"This week Reggie went to the softball field to run around and play for the first time in about six months. He was so excited to see me pack his bag with all of his balls, his bowl, and water jug that he was running around the cell wagging his tail like crazy. When he saw my boss was here, he ran up to him and started to rub his head on his leg as if to tell him, "What's up? Pet me please."
Then, he went to the field and chased the ball from one fence to the other fence as another guy and myself threw the ball to each end and the only break he took was to get a drink of water and then went right back to playing fetch. It was good to see Reggie have so much fun and be so excited to go play. The best part was that he knew exactly how to get where we were going and when we got to the yard fence, he sat down and looked at us like OK open the gate now please."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie in the dog cage outside and they also played with each other off leash. They are funny to watch play and it's very cute to see them share toys, especially when they share bowls of water. One will take a drink, then back up and let the other one drink from the bowl. Brownie's handlers and myself both shake our heads and laugh when they do this."

"This week Reggie went to the gym and had a lot of fun playing tug of war, chasing the balls, and chasing the soccer ball all over the place. He went from person to person with his rope. He would tire one person out and then move onto the next so by the time he was done, he was totally exhausted. It was great to see him have so much fun and playing with everybody."

"Reggie and Brownie had fun chasing moles together this week. Even though they do their best and team up, they never actually manage to catch a single mole. They run back and forth from hole to hole. It's interesting to watch. Reggie is a very loving, energetic dog who loves to cuddle, watch TV, give you tons of kisses, and take naps with you."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie and they had a lot of fun playing together. They played fetch and chased the balls until they were exhausted. Then they came inside and shared bowls of water together and took a nap in the crate. When they woke up, it was time for Brownie to go back to her home. Reggie loves playing in the snow. He jumps in it and all you can see is his head going up and down in the deep parts. He had a great time. He couldn't wait to jump around in the snow every time we went outside."

"Reggie played with Brownie this week like always. We've been working on Reggie's muzzle training and it's going well. He had a ton of fun playing in the snow. All you could see was Reggie's head as he jumped around in the snow."

"Reggie played with Brownie this week and they had a lot of fun chasing each other around. They shared a bowl of water and food before curling up to take a nap together on the bed. They went back to playing when they woke up. Reggie had fun outside in the snow too. He would catch the snowflakes with his mouth open."

"This week Reggie played with Coco & Brownie. He played fetch with Brownie and they had a lot of fun chasing the ball around. Reggie did something funny..all of a sudden he started running in a big circle really fast and barking. Then he stopped and Reggie and Brownie were both barking and looking up into the air. We looked up to see a hawk sitting on top of the building. This lasted for a few minutes until the hawk had enough and flew off. Reggie and Brownie were proud of themselves. They were wagging their tails and barking until the hawk was no longer in sight."

"This week Reggie played with Coco, Brownie, and Winston. Since it has been nice out, he has been able to play fetch with Brownie and they really enjoy themselves. They also had a play date and had fun together like always. Reggie played with Winston and did something funny. They were playing and all of a sudden, Reggie laid on his back with his paws in the air and started squirming back and forth. Winston just started running in circles around him. It was funny to see."

"This week Reggie played with Winston, Coco, and Brownie. He had a lot of fun playing in the snow. He ran around chasing it and would stop to put his face in the snow and then shake his head around trying to catch it. He played fetch with Brownie outside and they had a play date where they had tons of fun together. Reggie loves to play, cuddle, take naps, and watch TV with you and give you tons of kisses."

"Reggie has come a really long way with his training since he first arrived. It was impossible to get him to drop a ball or any kind of toy at first. Now he will drop whatever he has on command so you can take it. He also knows the leave it command very well. If you tell him to leave it, you can then place a ball in front of him and he won't touch it until you tell him it's okay to get."

"Reggie played with Winston and Brownie this week. He and Brownie played tug of war outside with a big, rope toy. When they came inside, they shared a bowl of food and water together. They jumped around and played for a few more minutes inside the cell before going into the crate together to take a nap, curled up against each other. It is so cute to see when they do this."

"Reggie played with Coco, Winston, and Brownie this week. Brownie came over like usual and they played until they were tired. They played fetch outside and had a lot of fun chasing each other. The funniest thing Reggie did when I had him outside walking with me was how he noticed himself in the window. He started to bark and walked up to the window trying to play with himself by jumping up and touching the window. Reggie kept looking back at me when he wouldn't get a response from his reflection. He did this a couple of times and then let out a deep breath, looked back at the window, and then ran the other way giving up."

"Reggie played with Coco, Winston, and Brownie this week. He and Brownie played off leash like normal. Their favorite game is when Brownie's handler and I each get a ball and throw both balls for them. When they bring the balls back, sometimes Brownie will come to me and Reggie will go to Brownie's handler. Reggie loves to watch TV and cuddle when we are inside the cell."

"Reggie played with Winston, Coco, and Brownie this week. He played fetch with Brownie and they chased the balls together. They came inside and played with each other for a while. They like to play tug of war together. After drinking a bowl of water, things died down and Reggie went into his crate to take a nap. A few minutes later, Brownie decided to go in and lay with Reggie. I went to get Brownie's handler to show him how Brownie was cuddling with Reggie. They were cuddled up together and it was cute to see."

"Reggie did something really funny this week when I took him to work with me. The nurses came out of their office and called for Reggie. He stopped what he was doing and ran for the nurses. When he got there, his favorite nurse wasn't there so he stopped and looked at the ones who were. He jumped up and put his paws on the office door next to look in and see if his favorite nurse was in there and then went to look through both windows doing the same thing. Then he realized she wasn't there and looks at the other two ladies, back at the door, back at the ladies, and let's out this deep breath. Reggie runs back to what he was doing before he ran over to the nurses. It was as if he was saying, "Sorry, I thought you were somebody else and I've gotta go!" We all just laughed."

"Reggie and Pepper both went to work with me this week and had a lot of fun together. They chased the ball and squeaky bone around the gym until the basketball came out. Pepper ran to the side as Reggie chased the basketball around and just watched. At one point, Reggie pushed the basketball towards Pepper and stopped in front of him as if to say, "Go ahead little man play with the ball." Reggie started to chew on the basketball and pepper put his front paws on top of the ball just holding it there. It was funny to see. Reggie's favorite nurse came out to see him and gave him treats and was petting him. She tried to do the same with Pepper, but he wasn't having it. I think Pepper was trying to tell the nurse in his own way that he's fine and doesn't need any medical attention I guess. Haha"

"I took Reggie to work this week and he had fun trying to get the basketball while we played. We had two teams playing against each other and then there's Reggie or should I say team Reggie because he is on his own team with the main goal being to get the ball from us and chew it before we steal it back. He has a great time and likes to sleep by the bleachers when he gets tired."

"Reggie had fun playing in the snow flurries this week. It was funny to see because he was trying to run away from the snow at first. Once he realized he could not out run the snow, he started to run and jump up into the air to catch the snowflakes as they were falling. Reggie did this for a while and seemed to have a lot of fun doing so."

"This week Reggie went to work with me and did something that we all thought was funny. Reggie was running around, playing with everything and everybody. When we started to play basketball, he was doing his usual knocking the ball out of your hand when you dribble and chasing the ball all over the court. Then, he stopped, walked over to the bleachers, sat down, and he was looking at us. Reggie ran to my boss next and started to push his legs with his head out of the gym and towards the door. He ran down the steps then and sat in front of the door and would look back up the steps at us. Finally, he ran back into the gym to grab his kong ball, went back down the steps, dropped it, and sat down as if to tell us I'm done with basketball and just want to go outside to play fetch you dummies! We all just looked at each other and laughed."

"Reggie went to the football field with me and played fetch, running from one end zone to the other until he was exhausted. Then, he came to work with me and had fun running up and down the steps. He tried to chase the guys around who were playing basketball because he wanted to steal their ball. Reggie took a nap after that next to the desk where I was working. He's an energetic dog who loves to give you tons of kisses."

"Reggie played with Pepper, Coco, Trevor, and Brownie. When he played fetch with Brownie, Reggie would get the ball, run back to us, then drop it so Brownie could pick it up and run away with the ball. Then, we would throw another ball and the same thing would happen. Then, we threw another ball and Reggie brought it back but before he dropped it, he stopped to look at Brownie and took off running in the other way as if to say, "Not this time Brownie." Brownie's handler and I just laughed because Brownie stood there looking at us like Reggie got me!!!"

"Reggie played with Brownie, Coco, Trevor, and Pepper this week. He went to the soccer field and played fetch until he was exhausted. Reggie played with Pepper outside while Pepper's handler and I cut the grass. Reggie would chase a ball barking and Pepper would run behind him barking like crazy. At one point, they both stopped and looked at each other as if to say, "I don't know why we are barking, but it's fun, right?" Then they continued to chase each other without a care in the world totally enjoying themselves."

"Reggie and Brownie had another play date this week. They played for almost 2 hours and then went into Reggie's crate together and curled up to take a nap. It was so cute to see them sleeping together in the crate. Reggie went to work with me this week and ran from one end of the football field to the other until he was exhausted. Then, he came into the office area and took a nap under my boss's desk while my boss worked on his computer. Reggie has came a long way and continues to do so. He loves to lay with you, take naps, watch TV, and give you kisses."

"This week Reggie played with Coco, Pepper, and of course, Brownie. Reggie has continued to play with Brownie in his house until they both get tired and share a bowl of water together before going right back to playing. I also get both dogs to sit and get treats together. They wait their turns for the treats. Reggie and Brownie play great together off leash and sometimes Reggie slows down to let Brownie get the ball."

"This week Reggie played with Coco, Pepper, and especially Brownie. This week Brownie's handler brought Brownie over to have a play date with Reggie. They played very well and they had a lot of fun. I had both dogs sit and shake and they gave me their paws at the same time. It was cute to see. Reggie loves Brownie so much that when they play off leash, he even shares his tennis ball with her. Reggie is a great dog who loves to play, cuddle, and share his love with you."

"We had Reggie and Pepper off leash playing outside this week since they get along well. We were throwing the ball for them. Since Pepper is smaller and faster than Reggie, he naturally beat Reggie to the ball. Then, Reggie figured out if he waited for Pepper to get the ball, he could run straight at Pepper as fast as he can and Pepper would drop the ball. The funny part was Pepper trying to run away at first and then he'd turn around and drop the ball. He'd look at Reggie then like he was thinking, "Easy, you can have it." It was so funny to see because Pepper is so little compared to Reggie. I looked at Pepper's handler and said, "I think Reggie just bullied Pepper, huh?? Haha."

"This week Reggie played with Pepper, Coco, Denver, and Brownie. Reggie went to work with me again and played fetch since he couldn't play soccer. He also went to the offices and had fun exploring the whole place. Reggie really enjoyed getting treats from the nurses as well. He loves to go to work with me and enjoys all of the attention he gets. Reggie runs from person to person to be petted, get treats, and play. He of course gives tons of kisses. Reggie is a very sweet, loving, and energetic dog that needs a good home to share all of this with."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie, Pepper, and Coco. He went to work with me again and did very well playing with the guys who have disabilities. He also behaved very well for the nurses. He let them pet him, feed him apple slices, play fetch, and of course he gave them tons of kisses. He did not get to play soccer because of the weather, but he still got to run around and play. Reggie seems to really like Coco. He loves to play with her and always does the funniest thing when he sees her. He lays on his back with his paws in the air and squirms back and forth. Then he throws his head from side to side while Coco looks at him like he is crazy. It is funny to see."

"This week Reggie played with Pepper, Brownie, Denver, and Coco. When he was playing with Coco, they were chasing each other around having a ball. When Reggie stopped and play bowed, he rolled over onto his back and started squirming back and forth with his tongue hanging out. Then, Reggie started making a squealing noise like a pig. It was the funniest thing. The other handler and I couldn't stop laughing. Reggie also went to work with me and had fun playing with everybody. He was running around in the offices upstairs. Reggie needs a good home to share all of his love and energy with."

"This week Reggie played with Pepper, Coco, and Brownie. He also went to work with me again and played very well with the guys who came to the big yard who have some mental disabilities. He lets them pet him, give him treats, plays fetch, and he even plays soccer with them. The only problem is that Reggie is a ball hog and won't pass the ball to his teammates. Typical Reggie with the ball! It's very funny to watch though."

"This week Reggie played with Brownie, Coco, and Pepper. When he played with Coco, they were running back and forth chasing each other. Coco bulldozed him a couple of times and Reggie would fall over and look at us like what the heck just happened. Reggie went to work with me a few times which he loves because the gym is full of balls and people who play with him. He runs from person to person carrying medicine balls until it's time to leave. Reggie is like a kid at Christmas time when we go to the gym. It's great to watch and see him interact with everybody. Reggie is a very energetic, loving dog, who enjoys cuddling, watching TV, taking naps with you, and giving tons of kisses."

"Reggie went to the big softball yard this week and enjoyed running around playing with a soccer ball. He also went up and down the stairs on his own and it was funny to watch. I had just brought Reggie in from outside and he stopped to let another handler pet him by the steps. He then looked at both of us and back at the steps. Reggie went straight up the stairs then while we both cheered him on since he is usually scared of these steps because you can see through them. Now, he goes up the steps whenever he wants to and is all happy once he gets to the top."

"This week we worked on dropping the rope when being told. Reggie is doing pretty well with this, but he will get better over time. Reggie met 2 people who work here and he did really good meeting them. They petted him and gave him treats. Reggie went to work with me one day and raced up and down steps chasing a soccer ball. He played with everyone he met and liked exploring the offices. He was having so much fun that he didn't want to leave when it was time to go. Reggie enjoys watching TV when we are in the cell. He also likes to hoard things like the TV remote, my shoes, and whatever else he can find. I finally realized that one of his favorite hiding places is in his crate under the blankets. The other day we almost ended up watching golf all morning because Reggie wouldn't show me where he put the remote. He keeps me on my toes."

"Reggie did something funny this week when we went outside at night. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at the full moon and started barking. He would stop every time the clouds covered the moon, but would start back up as soon as the moon came out again. It was comical to see. He played with Pepper and Brownie this week. Reggie loves to have his belly rubbed, cuddle, and give kisses. If you say, "Reggie, you don't love me," he will run up and give you tons of kisses. Reggie needs a good home to share all of his good qualities with."

"Reggie had his first interaction with a grasshopper this week. We went outside at night so he could use the bathroom and Reggie found one while sniffing the grass. When the grasshopper jumped, it scared Reggie so much that he jumped straight up in the air on all fours. He tried to chase it then and use his paws to whack it, but he missed. It makes me laugh at the simple things that entertain Reggie."

"This week Reggie went to the big yard where he met new people and did really well. He was able to play fetch in a much larger area. He let myself and other people throw the ball for him and would drop it on command. He ran back and forth the whole length of the football field a couple of times too. I am very proud of Reggie and all of the growth he has made since he's been here. Later in the week, Reggie and Pepper were playing like they usually do but Pepper must have been having a bad day. He snapped at Reggie which never happens and Reggie didn't react at all. He just play bowed and waited for Pepper to play again."

"This week Reggie played with Pepper, Katy, and Brownie. Reggie and Brownie have become very good friends. They play together every chance they get until they are completely exhausted. Then, they lay next to each other face to face and lick each other until they catch their breath and go back to playing. It's so cute to see. He also worked on dropping the ball and backing up so I can get it. Reggie has become quite well at doing this and he has made great progress. He loves to cuddle, play, and take naps with you."

"Reggie met Brownie this week and they played together. Reggie played a game with Pepper that we learned in training class where we work on recall skills. I got Pepper's handler to put Reggie and Pepper in a sit and stay position on separate sides with the ultimate goal being both dogs race towards us on the opposite end of the tier so the first dog to their handler wins. Well, I call Reggie and he calls Pepper, both of us waiting for bragging rights, only neither of us wins. Reggie runs for the door that leads outside because he wanted to go play fetch which is what we were doing right before this and Pepper runs up the stairs to a cell door where he had just gotten cookies a few minutes before. We both just looked at each other, shook our heads, and laughed because it turned out to be a game gone wrong."

"Reggie has gotten so much better playing ball. I can now play fetch with one ball and not multiple balls. He will go get the ball, bring it back, drop it, and back up so you can get the ball to throw it again. This is a huge success. Reggie is still chasing the groundhogs and never seems to grow tired of this game."

"Reggie and Pepper went mole and groundhog hunting this week together. The funniest part is that they don't realize that they have already chased the groundhog away and aren't going to catch it. Reggie has made enormous strides since entering the HOPE program. At times, Reggie is startled by things, but he quickly recovers from his fear especially with a little reassurance from the humans around him. Reggie really just wants to hug and cuddle once he knows you. He needs a good home to share all of his great qualities with."

"Reggie had a pretty good week. He played a lot with Katy and Pepper again. We played fetch with his favorite ball. He would play for hours if I let him. Reggie wears an easy walk harness and it's really helped with his loose leash walking. We still have his frog blanket... It just has some serious holes in it now."

"Reggie played with Katy and Pepper this week. He even went to Pepper's house and got along well with him there. I worked on loose leash walking with Reggie and he's doing really well with dropping his ball with the use of a treat. Reggie got a blanket with frogs on it and he likes to attack them. He tears little holes in the center of the frogs. Reggie doesn't chew up or mess with any of blankets except this frog one. He's a really smart dog."

"Reggie decided to walk up a few of the see through stairs this week which is a big deal for him. He was so scared of the stairs at first. Reggie worked on dropping the ball he was playing with by using a treat as a lure and he is doing very well exchanging the ball for a treat."

"This week Reggie worked on loose leash walking and dropping his ball with a lure which is coming along well. He briefly met Rocky and played with him for a few seconds and they did well. Reggie played with Denver, Katy, and Pepper too. He spent a lot of time chasing Katy around and he did a funny jump & kicked his back legs out. It looked like he was trying a wrestling move on her."

"This week Reggie went to a park with one of the HOPE volunteers. He was scared and hesitant at the new environment, but we are hopeful with time that he'll get better. He also passed his canine good citizenship test. I was really happy that Reggie passed. Besides Reggie's love of playing with balls, he really enjoys sleeping with you or rather trying to sleep on top of you so I hope he finds a home with someone who will let him cuddle."

"Reggie worked on loose leash walking which is getting better this week. He enjoyed playing with Ayla, Denver, Katy, and Pepper. He got to leave the prison for a field trip and was a little nervous, but we hope the nervousness will go away after he's been on a few trips outside of the gates."

"This week Reggie worked on leaving the ball and dropping the ball while playing fetch. This weekend he went out back and played with Pepper off leash. They had a great time together. They're partners in crime when it comes to chasing the moles."

"Reggie overcame a big hurdle this week by walking up 6 steps. He's scared of the stairs here so it was very surprising that he did 6 at one time. He's still chasing the moles which is part of his every day routine now. Reggie is starting to grasp the concept of only being able to play with one ball at a time because he would play with multiple balls at once if he could. Reggie is a very loving dog needs a good home."

"This week Reggie and I worked on loose leashing walking which is getting better. He and Pepper had a great time digging holes and then putting their faces in the holes searching for moles. One of them would put their face in the hole and the other one would chase the mole when it ran out of the hole and into another hole. They worked as a great team trying to catch the moles but never caught one, at least not yet. It was funny to watch Reggie and little Pepper trying to catch them."

"Reggie and I worked a lot this week on "leave it" especially with the ball. He is getting a lot better and shows improvement as the days go by. Reggie enjoys playing with all of the dogs. He just needs a good home with someone who would love to cuddle with him."

"Reggie enjoyed chasing balls around with Katy this week. They play very well together. Reggie played fetch off leash and came back with the ball every time without any problems. He played until he was exhausted and would have kept going if I let him. Reggie did something very funny when I was walking him the other day. He started trying to catch gnats in his mouth, chasing them everywhere he saw them."

"Reggie had his first interaction with a groundhog here this week. When he first saw it, he was startled initially and then decided to run to one of the many holes to try and dig the hole deeper to see where it went. Reggie isn't a big fan of food. He's much easier to train if you use a ball as the reward instead of treats. Reggie will always choose a ball over food. His loose leash walking is getting better and we'll continue to keep working on it."

"Reggie practiced loose leash walking next to Lance this past week. We still need to work on the pulling a bit. We also worked on watch, touch, sit, down, down stay, sit stay, and recall from a distance. Reggie enjoys playing with Ayla, Katy, Lance, and Denver. He loves to cuddle and needs a good home."

"This week Reggie played with Pepper, Ayla, Denver, and Katy. He went to the big dog yard and played fetch and of course soccer with his favorite ball. He never gets tired playing with it and makes the funniest sounds trying to get the ball in his mouth because it's so large and he can't. We worked on sit, stay, down, touch, paw, and leave it. Reggie is a very energetic, loving dog who needs a caring home to share his love with and cuddle up next to."

"Reggie played with Denver, Ayla, and Katy this week. He chased around his favorite giant ball for hours. We worked on sit, stay, touch, and down. He loves getting belly rubs and will roll over on his back for one. Reggie likes to curl up next to you and fall asleep."

"Reggie went to the dog yard and played with Ayla & Katy a lot this week. Reggie's favorite thing to do is play with a giant ball and chase it around. He will play with it for hours if you let him and completely entertains himself. We worked on sit, touch, shake, and off. He is a very energetic, loving dog."

"This week Reggie spent a lot of time getting used to his new surroundings. He met and played with Ayla, Katy, and seems to be doing very well with the other dogs. He loves to play with his squeaky toys and chew bones. Reggie is a very sweet and loving dog who loves to show affection. He will curl up and lay his head on your legs when he goes to sleep. Reggie also started to learn sit & stay. He's a smart dog. All Reggie needs is a loving and affectionate home to share his love with."