Jarvis is an incredibly handsome guy. He’s approximately 6 years old and weighs about 55lbs. Sadly, Jarvis was diagnosed with a cancer in his rear leg earlier this year resulting in an amputation of the leg. He recovered like a champ and has a wonderful prognosis. 3 legs doesn't slow this guy down. He walks and runs without any issues and has adapted to his 'new normal' without missing a beat. Jarvis would love to be your only child. 

For information on adopting Jarvis, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

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"Jarvis absolutely loves to play 'Tug of War.' He has a semi-deflated soccer ball that he’ll offer up in order to get you to play. He recently got a new guy to play with him and they went at it for a good 20 minutes. The guy was picking up the ball and Jarvis was dangling from it; the Jarvis let go. The guy punched himself right in the face! I don’t know if dogs can laugh, but the rest of us did. I’m pretty sure I saw Jarvis smile!"

Jarvis is not a morning man. Every morning I have to coax him out of bed with gentle tickling and a little sweet talk. Maybe he just likes attention first thing in the morning. He is a bit spoiled. Once he’s up, he likes to make the rounds, visiting all his friends to get more attention. Then, and only then, is he ready to go out. Jarvis knows sit, stay, down, come, off, house, shake, foot, chin, out and wait."

“Jarvis the three-legged wonder dog surprised me this week. I’ve written before about going on ‘mole patrol’ and how he isn’t fast enough to catch them. Well, this week a goose had the audacity to invade ‘his’ yard and Jarvis demonstrated his amazing turn of speed. He thundered off in pursuit of Mr. Goose and let him know it’s a dog yard, no geese allowed. After Mr. Goose flapped off, Jarvis turned and looked at me. He was so proud of himself. Silly boy!
Jarvis continues to go to group and meet new people with me. His fan base just keeps growing."

“Did you ever try to figure out why your dog does certain things? Like why they circle three times before lying down? Things like that make you wonder, don’t they? Jarvis has this thing about laying on my clothes. Even if he’s comfortable in bed, if I throw my shirt down, he’ll get up and lay on it. He’s such a weirdo, but an adorable weirdo. Jarvis knows sit, stay, down, come, off, house, shake, foot, chin, out and wait.”

“Jarvis likes snow! Who would have thought!? Short haired? Check! Couch potato? Check! Jarvis enjoying snow wouldn’t have been my first guess, but there it is. Perhaps it helps him hunt the moles. He enjoys going on mole patrol. Fortunately, he isn’t fast enough to catch them. Three weeks ago, I don’t know who was more surprised when he scared one up! Jarvis? The mole? Or was it me?”

“It’s difficult to find enough superlatives for this dog! He’s so good-natured, and well behaved, and has been since he arrived. Someone out there is missing out on a great companion.”

"Evidently Jarvis is an Eagles fan. When the Eagles won this past week there was a lot of cheering and some trash talk that Jarvis participated in. It was noisy! Aside from that, Jarvis is an absolute sweetheart and is ready for a home!" P.S. Jarvis wil be at the Pet Valu in Mechanicsburg, February 11th on work release from 12:30-2:30. Treat yourself to a high-five from this three-legged wonder boy!

“Jarvis has become the block teddy bear, getting hugs and pets from everyone. He goes from person to person saying hello. He is so calm and so friendly that even people who aren’t ‘dog people’ interact with him.”

"Jarvis continues to be an absolute sweetheart. He is well-mannered and effortless to train. With this cold spell he has been content spending more time inside, but when we venture outside he gets frisky, romping in the snow. He looks like a wild, bucking bronco!"

“Jarvis has a happy dance. This entails hopping left to right, wiggling in the middle, and wagging his tail furiously. All at the same time and on three legs. It’s incredibly silly and always makes me laugh. “Want to go out?” Happy dance! “Want your dinner?” Happy dance!”

“When Jarvis arrived, I was told that he resource guards his toys. After a few days to get used to one another, I decided to see for myself. Yup. In fact, he resource guarded so well that I decided I didn’t really want that tennis ball anyway. This went on for about a week until one day I put my hand on his back while he was growling. The growl’s intensity increased, but he made no attempt to bite me. The closer to the ball the scarier the growl, but no bite. Finally screwing up my nerve, I reached for the ball. No bite. He was bluffing. Whew! Since then we’ve been working desensitization and have progressed to the point where he’ll bring me the ball for a game of tug of war. We’re still working on what “out” means.”

“What an incredible gift this dog is! Jarvis is so sweet and affectionate that I can only view him as a gift. He’s so popular here that even people who aren’t normally “dog people” stop and pet him. He may be missing a leg but more than makes up for it with heart.”

“This is one big sweetheart of a dog. Jarvis has proven to be wonderful company and is willing to go anywhere. He loves people and has good manners. Someone needs to adopt him quickly before I grow too attached to him.”

“Say hello to Jarvis—the newest member of our little doggy family. Jarvis is a 6 year old, mixed breed who is brown and white. He is 50+ pounds and built like a tank. He is pretty calm and people friendly. Jarvis lost a leg to cancer but doesn’t seem to have lost a step. He loves to chase the ball. Even more so, he loves to be chased to get the ball back. We’re working on “drop it” which will make the game easier on me.”