Trevor is a 5-6 year old shepherd/lab mix who possibly has some other breeds in there as well. Trevor was found in a rural area 2 years ago and it was quickly determined that he was a semi-feral dog. He has made wonderful progress in the past 2 years in his foster home, but Trevor needs some extra help with his human socialization skills to get him ready to be adopted. Trevor likes other dogs and has lived with numerous dogs since being in foster care. He even seems to be okay with cats. Trevor seems to be more scared of them than anything else.

For information on adopting Trevor, please contact the HOPE Program by CLICKING HERE. You can complete an application online by clicking here.

"This week Trevor was exposed to heat and he is not a fan of it. I can't blame him though. He enjoys chasing balls, but it doesn't last too long in this weather even in the mornings… Playing fetch is something fun for him to do and it's also an opportunity for me to reinforce his cues. He is doing really well with all of them. Trevor met the newest dog in the program, Ozzie, and he did well as expected. Trevor is great with the dogs here and is easy to introduce. He continues to socialize when he feels like it and remains curious enough to approach but will keep his distance most times. He will allow some to pet him and prefers for it not to be on his head."

"This week has been like the others but with better weather. Trevor has been enjoying his time outside and also his time with his old handler who has been working with him more. Trevor and his new friend, Tegan, have been playing well together, but she could never replace his best friend, Tiffany. Trevor loves chasing balls around and does really well with the commands associated with playing fetch. He is surprisingly good at actually catching the balls too."

"This week Trevor was introduced to two ducks who decided to hang out where we walk around. I wasn't sure how he'd react to them, but he did really well though. He was obviously curious and they had his attention, but he wasn't fixated on them beyond the point of not being able to redirect him. Trevor also played with Tegan off leash in the dog yard where she would antagonize and provoke him to chase her around. Trevor continues to show interest in people but remains hesitant for pets. He has his days were he seeks more attention than others so everything is at his pace under his terms."

"This week has been much like the rest of the weeks with what we do so there isn't much to speak on in that regard. Trevor has shown interest in soccer balls, but he really doesn't know what to do with them though. He will chase it around and move it with his nose into the corner, but struggles to pick it up in his mouth even though it's half flat. It's funny to watch. For some reason, there is someone that he doesn't even know who he always tries to hump which is beyond strange because it's completely out of character for him…Other than that, Trevor is Trevor and he's moving at his own pace with everything concerning people and seeking attention on his own terms."

"The most interesting thing that happened this week was giving Trevor a bath. He is not fond of it, but he really loves getting dried off with a towel though. He continues to show interest in people but will not let them touch him. When we walk around outside, he will go towards people on the other side of the fence to check them out but will most likely just bark at them. I don't know what he's trying to tell them, but it's not aggressive. It's more out of frustration which doesn't make sense because it's not like he lets them pet him anyways."

"There isn't anything new to speak on this week given that everything has been the same as last week. Trevor continues to be a little more curious of people but won't allow strangers to pet him. He will reluctantly take treats from them but not from their hand at first. He has to be lured closer and closer before eventually taking something from an open palm."

"This week has been just like the last few and there is really nothing new to add. Trevor is Trevor and he is progressing at his own pace with everything. He is definitely becoming more receptive to people and often approaches curiously to sniff. He is still hesitant to receive pets from most, but he is getting better though. Trevor's favorite thing to do is playing with Tiffany and they do so often. I believe that helps him with his confidence and is what is really helping him come along."

"This week has been much like the previous with Trevor being Trevor and how he is selective with his curiosity as well as seeking out attention. He is beginning to be more willing to do things and is learning how to crawl and roll over which is an improvement. He and Tiffany enjoy going out to the dog yard together and do so on a regular basis. Trevor is a little much at times with how he tries to hump her, but she doesn't let it get to her though."

"The weather allowed us to spend a lot of time outside this week, although Trevor tires quickly. He loves going out to the dog yard and playing with Tiffany and enjoys playing with tennis balls. Trevor continues to show interest in being petted and is seeking me out more and more in the cell. He is not the rough house, playing kind of dog that for him, he's been play for in his own way this week. He seemed to like me "picking" on him playfully and even play bowed while I did so."

"This week we found out that Trevor is not a huge fan of warm weather. When he decides that enough is enough, he'll wait until we get into a shady area then just plop down and lay there. Haha... Trevor and Tiffany have been playing off leash in the dog yard together and are doing great. Sometimes, Trevor is too much and Tiffany does a great job correcting him. Trevor is also seeking more attention and is beginning to put his front paws up on the bed for me to pet him."

"This week was a great week for Trevor. He has been seeking more and more attention/affection and his new thing is to come up to me while I am laying down for pets. If I stop, he will give me his paw to let me know that he is not done yet. Haha. When he is done, he's done though and will just walk away making me feel used. Trevor also played with Tiffany off leash in the dog yard this week and had a lot of fun playing. They are great together and play fairly rough without incident."

"This week has been a lot like last with Trevor doing really well with everything. Trevor loves playing with Angel and Tiffany and we look forward to having Tiffany and Trevor off leash together in the softball field. We don't know when we will be able to do that yet, but it should be soon though. Trevor still has his little moments with his old handler and Beau where he will react, but they are not nearly as bad as they were. He is doing really good with that... Finally!"

"Trevor had a really good week and has shown significant improvement with everything. I believe his 2 new friends, Angel and Tiffany, have really helped him along. He loves playing with them. Trevor isn't much for affection, but this week he actually put his 2 front paws on my bed for me to pet him which is something he's never done before."

"This week Trevor did much better when we were outside because of his new best friend, Angel. He still has his moments, but he is really fixated on Angela and she is too. We haven't had them off leash yet, but they play really well together on leash. Trevor tries to hump her which she doesn't like, but she just checks him and they continue on... Trevor is also friends with Tiffany as well. Trevor loves the snow so he's happy about the storm that came through."

"Trevor continues to get a little better with adjusting and accepting what's happening. He still has a while to go though. He did really good this week with not barking at people through the fence as we walked. He still will, but it's much better. Trevor has 2 new friends in Angel and Tiffany. He has the perfect demeanor for them and they really like dancing around and playing with him. He does too."

"There's nothing new to really talk about with Trevor. He still has issues with his old handler/dog so our days are spent dealing with that. Introducing them stops it, but then as soon as Beau does something like use the bathroom, Trevor reacts again."

"Trevor is still struggling to adjust here, but he has shown some progress over the past two days though. He is still very reactive but his outbursts are shorter and more manageable. He still has a long way to go, but hopefully he continues to improve. Trevor is fine in the cell and is comfortable so he is definitely adjusted in that aspect. Being out and seeing his old handler and his dog is the trigger that makes everything challenging. Trevor is not too treat motivated so I can't bribe him."

"Trevor's second week back has been just like his first week as he tries to get used to what is going on. He is fine in the cell but struggles outside. We have switched dogs and even introduced them without incident, but Trevor is very reactive at a distance towards Beau. Trevor just needs time because he is obviously stressed and frustrated by the change."

"Trevor's first week back has been spent mostly adjusting to me and getting over his old handler. He's doing really well and is getting comfortable, but I felt like a step-dad he resented initially. Trevor still reacts when he sees him but not as bad as it was the first few days. He will still sometimes go to his old cell too, but he's better with that now as well. Trevor went about a day without eating but ended up giving in and eating his dry food."

Trevor's adoption did not work out unfortunately and he is back in our program. He is able to go to a foster home or be adopted. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're interested in Trevor.

"This is my final journal entry for Trevor as he is adopted and leaving this week. While I will miss him...Hurray! Another HOPE dog finds a forever home. I'm sure that the family will be very happy with him as he turned out to be affectionate and playful with no bad habits. He just needed kindness and affection. Don't we all?"

"Trevor has found his voice. He's decided that it's his job to let me know when someone is at the door. Not vicious, just excited. He also lets me know when it's time to throw the ball. "Hurry! Throw the ball! Hurry!" It's nice to see him not afraid---just being a dog."

"The week was a push as far as training and we just cruised through. Trevor was content with long walks, chasing the ball, and binge-eating Christmas cookies. He did offer up a paw which we quickly exploited into shake. This was notable as he is squeamish about having his feet touched. Another small step along the trust road."

"Trevor has made such great progress in overcoming his fearfulness that I've been using him to help another of our fearful dogs. The other dog gains confidence when they're together and is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, this makes obedience training more difficult, so Trevor is a little behind where I'd like to see him. To be honest, though, this is partially my fault as I find that with his goofy smile and good nature it's hard to be strict. Frequently training time devolves into play time. Mea culpa."

"Trevor is learning basic obedience skills...sit, stay, come, with me, etc. He's such a sweetheart that it's difficult for ME to stay on task. "What's that? You'd rather chase the tennis ball? Oh, okay."

"The change in this dog is amazing. From panic to calm. Fearful to affectionate. The trust he has in me is such a gift. This is why I do this."

"This dog is so sweet and good natured that it's hard to believe how painfully shy he was a month ago. He's such good company---willing to walk for hours, play ball, or just hang out."

"Trevor has transformed from timid and fearful to affectionate and playful. This week we've been working on leash manners, sit, and stay. He absolutely loves frisbee."

"Trevor is gaining trust and confidence with each day--it's wonderful to see. We've been working on leash manners and the meaning of, "Hey you, get off my bed!" He has discovered the joy of chasing a tennis ball as well as the indignity of having me kiss his face."

"Trevor is a 5 year old (+-) shepherd/lab mix who was feral in a southern state. He is a beautiful dog with a calm and gentle disposition--sweet and affectionate. We're going to work on his self confidence and obedience skills, but the first week or two is for settling in."